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Partha Sarathi Bhowal
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Published: Oct 04, 2018 | 74 Views

Bali's unexplored gem: why you should spend a day at denpasar city

The capital of one of the most essential out tourist destinations in the world, Bali, Denpasar is an assorted mix of modern facilities and traditional beauty. A major example of this is the fact that Denpasar has state-of-the-art diving opportunities right next to centuries-old temples. There's just the right mix of urban and rustic to ensure that all travelers will find exactly what's right for their vacation in Bali.

Listed below are the top things to do in Denpasar, Bali.

Bajra Sandhi Monument

Situated in the center of Denpasar city, the Bajra Sandhi Monument gives importance to the struggle faced by the Balinese people. Built in 1987, the monument conserves various cultural aspects of Bali and passes on the passage, history, and spirit of the Balinese people for present and future generations to appreciate.

Bajra Sandhi consists of 33 dioramas portraying stories from history. The name bajra represents the shape of a bell worn in religious ceremonies, and the monument is one of the most significant places of interest in Bali. Facilities like Parking area, public toilets, shuttle bus, food stalls and many more are available.

Contact: Jalan Raya Puputan, Niti Mandala Renon, Denpasar Timur, Kota Denpasar, Bali 80234, Indonesia, Phone: +62-361-264-517

Bali Provincial Public Museum

The Bali Provincial Public State Museum, locally recognized as Negeri Propinsi Bali, gives visitors superb insight into Bali and its people, history, culture, and traditions. The museum can be discovered right in the heart of the provincial capital, Denpasar. The island's major museum and the oldest attraction there is, the museum houses over 10,000 exhibits.

The architecture itself is constructed in a style common in Balinese history, complete with stone carvings. Adjacent to the museums, visitors will locate tropical gardens where there are many statues representing art and history from the island. The Jaganatha Temple is also close, so visitors can visit both of these cultural hotspots in one visit.

Contact: Jl. Mayor Wisnu No.1, Bali 80232, Indonesia, Phone: +62-361-222-680

Le Mayeur Museum

Devoted to preserving the life and works of the wonderful painter, Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, the Le Mayeur Museum is a monument of art and history. Le Mayeur, who was born in 1880, had a very unconventional style and brilliant technique. The museum itself is the very house where the artist and his beloved wife, Ni Pollok, resided. Pollok dedicated the magnificently well-crafted house to the people after the artist's death in 1958.

Apart from the remarkable artwork and heritage you see in the displayed pieces of work, visitors will find that the building itself is eye-catching. Classical Balinese elements such as sculpted stone walls and red terrazzo floor tiles noiselessly reflect the love Le Mayeur had for his art. The museum is named after the luminous artist as a way of respecting and preserving his talent for the world to witness.

Contact: Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur,

Phone: +62-361-286-201

Academy of Indonesian Dance

The Academy of Indonesian Dance is a branch of one of the most powerful dance organizations in the world, RAD Dance School. The Dance school has been established around 1920s and is headquartered in Battersea, London. Other than in Indonesia, the dance school has a existence in 84 other countries with more than a million students following their syllabus.

The experts at the Academy of Indonesian Dance are trained by RAD professionals and present a full timetable of courses to people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. Whether you're looking to expand technique, have a little fun, take part in a healthy activity, or dance for professional development, the Academy of Indonesian Dance has something for everyone.

Contact: Lala Salendu, Yayasan Royal Academy of Dance Indonesia, Jl.Angur III no: 1 Cipete, Jakarta Selatan 12410, Indonesia,

Phone: +62-217-590-9363

Aroma Spa Retreat, Denpasar, Bali

Everyone needs a little time to themselves, and the Aroma Spa Retreat offers a spa experience that will relax and revitalize its guests. Located within the Prama Sanur Beach Hotel, the spa offers an wide-ranging list of treatments ranging from anti-ageing treatments, treatments to ease back or other body pains, and treatments to simply spoil yourself and unwind.

The experts at the spa unite skillful technique with organic products, and your experience will be totally replenishing. A day at Aroma Spa Retreat isn't just for massages and wraps – guests can indulge in a vigorous, refreshing meal or drink to complete the experience.

Contact: Prama Sanur Beach Hotel, Jalan Cemara Sanur Bali,

Phone: +62-818-0538-0854

Atlantis International Bali

Since its opening in 1996, Atlantis International has become one of the most winning diving centers in Bali. Being a five-star PADI certified center registered with the FFESSM, Atlantis offers you an unforgettable experience with tailored safari dive trips all around the whole island. Atlantis pays individual attention to customer satisfaction, safety, and sensitivity to the marine environment.

Expert trainers who decide the best dive sites and train visitors based on their skill level lead the courses in English. Visitors can travel around the incredible marine life of Indonesia with underwater photography, wreck diving, deep diving, nitrox diving, and many other themed dives with Atlantis international Bali.

Contact: Jl.By Pass Ngurah Rai, #96E Sanur Bali Indonesia,

Phone: +62-361-284-131

Sakenan Temple, Denpasar, Bali

Many local people who visit this amazing temple know this as Pura Sakenan. Sakenan Temple plays a very significant role in Hindu-Balinese culture. People would travel far and extensive on traditional wooden boat or by foot to the temple as a pilgrimage throughout the 210-day celebration of the piodalan temple anniversary.

There are processions leading to Serangan Island where the temple can be observed perched on the northwestern shore. Though little things about the pilgrimage have changed over the years, the whole event still holds a very important part in Balinese culture. Visitors will enjoy the dramatic views and architecture of the temple as well as the surrounding island.

Contact: Serangan Island, Southern Denpasar

Shark Island, Denpasar, Bali

For a maritime adventure like no other, visitors can head to Shark Island, a place filled with – you guessed it – sharks! Amusing and family-friendly, Shark Island offers a safe place for visitors of all ages to carefully intermingle with sharks.

The conservation nursery gives you a three-hour eco tour that allows you to feed sharks, swim with them in a guarded environment, and visit the adjoining turtle conservation and education center. The experience is grand for all ages, including little ones, as well as for those who can't swim. The up-close encounter with the sharks is one that most will find most unforgettable during their vacation!

Contact: Agus Bar & Restaurant, Jl. Tukad Punggawa, Serangan, Bali,

Phone: +62-361-996-5101

Cemara Beach

Situated on the east of Bali, Lambok is known for its amazing beaches. Amongst them lies the popular and sought out Cemara Beach, a place famed for its tranquil beauty. The clean white sand blending into shades of turquoise from the cobalt sea is nothing to be missed. Lumps of red corals add a extraordinary touch to the beach, giving visitors a wonderful view.

A few traditional boats and houses can be seen in the passive and tranquil environment surrounding the beach. The unique sparkling white sands of Cemara Beach make it the perfect place to spend the day sunbathing, partaking in water activities, or spending time with friends and family all while enjoying a spectacular view.

Contact: Praya, Nusa Tenggara Bar., Indonesia

Gili Getaway

Known for its rapid and speedy service in transporting passengers from Indonesia's many islands, Gili Getaway is the leading boat service in and around the Gili Islands. With well-organized and secure boats such as the Gili Gateway III or The Bullet, Gili Getaway can get visitors where they need to be promptly, comfortably, and safely.

Even better are the superb packages and tours they offer for vacationers to discover the many islands and take advantage of stunning views of Indonesia's beauty, including everything from day trips to fishing. Facilities such as chilled towels and refreshments on board are offered.

Contact: Bali Reservations, Serangan Harbor, Jl. Tukad Punggawa No 25 Serangan, Turtle Island, Denpasar - Balo,

Phone: +62-081-337-074-147

Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest

Much of Indonesia's startling coasts are home to mangroves, and the Ngurah Rai Mangrove Forest in Denpasar may be one of the most excellent examples of that. The forest covers a monumental 1,373.05-hectare of land and includes over 7,700 square meters of nursery plots devoted to educational and conservation purposes.

Among the illustrious species and specimens found on the island of Bali and Lambok, this mangrove forest has the rarest varieties such as 13 different types of major mangroves, 28 categories of associated mangrove, 62 varieties of birds, and 10 types of reptiles.

Pasar Badung Market, Denpasar, Bali

The biggest market in Denpasar, the Pasar Badung Market is filled with a hefty range of groceries and goods. The market is only a kilometer away from the city center, and locals and tourists visit on a regular basis – and rightly so! They have a massive variety of clothes and fabric, handicrafts, accessories, homeware, and produce, which is great for travelers wandering to get their hands on some great souvenirs and gifts to take back home.

The four-story building established in traditional Balinese architecture is commendable of exploration, even if visitors aren't scheduling on shipping. The vivacity of Pasar Badung Market makes a trip there memorable.


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Partha Sarathi Bhowal

A passionate explorer from the bottom of my heart loving every moment of life
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