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Best rice fields in bali

A great many people who have visited Bali say that the genuine Bali can be discovered where the rice develops. Bali rice fields can be discovered all over, and the Balinese individuals have relied upon this strategy for agribusiness for right around 2000 years.

Imagine yourself watching the sun ascend through the fog over a rice field or getting out through their lavish greenness.

It is an unquestionable requirement activity in Bali to visit no less than one of the various rice paddies, and to settle on your choice somewhat simpler I've incorporated a guide on which ones are the most delightful rice fields in Bali.

West Bali


Jatiluwih territory is extremely acclaimed of its rice fields and subak, the balinese water system framework, which are viewed as an UNESCO World Heritage site.

The rice patios here are dazzling, giving another significance to the word green. They slither up the sides of the slopes like stairs driving you towards the sky.

This is something everybody visiting the zone ought to do: The rice paddies range a gigantic region where you'll get the opportunity to investigate not simply the diverse parts of the green wonders yet additionally hop over streams and make the most of your lunch staying there amidst everything.

How to get there: Jatiluwih rice patios are situated in Tabanan rule, around a 2 hour drive from Kuta. They are best come to by heading up the West drift for a bit and after that turning towards North Bali.

Time to visit in day: It is prescribed to visit Jatiluwih rice fields somewhere in the range of 8AM and 5PM, when you'll additionally have an opportunity to observe the exercises of the agriculturists.

Because of overwhelming precipitation in the locale it is prudent to carry an umbrella or a waterproof shell with you, or pick multi day for which the climate figure looks great.

When to visit: Month-wise February to April will give the lushest landscape.


Belimbing town is one of the conventional Balinese towns arranged 600 meters above ocean level in Tabanan rule.

The town is encompassed by brilliant nature, including some extremely wonderful rice patios. The land is exceptionally ripe and numerous ranches, for example, durian, espresso, clove, rambutan and mangosteen, flourish there.

The glorious perspective of the rice paddies with Mount Batukaru as a scenery has just begun to attract travelers to the region. Rice field trekking is the primary movement in which to enjoy, as it won't simply allow you to appreciate the magnificence of the rice patios yet additionally whatever remains of the pristine nature.

Try not to pass up on the opportunity to visit a gathering of monkeys at Mekori Forest or the cascades Sing, Sing Sade and Bemben.

How to get there: In transit towards Jatiluwih. The drive from Kuta to there takes around 60 minutes.

Best time in day: The best time for a rice field trek at Belimbing is early morning or late evening on a sunny morning. Amid the blustery season the entire town is in some cases shrouded in mist.


There each rice paddy has a joining crease, which both associates and isolates them. Throughout the years the slants in the zone have transformed into incredibly excellent rice patios, and in the end been joined by espresso manors and plantations. Off the fundamental street you can discover tropical timberland with cascades and even a shrouded temple.

The agriculturists here offer a private association with nature: At collect time the ranchers cut the rice paddies with a conventional hardware called anggapan (a customary blade). Remaining in columns, they sing while they gather the reap. Such an astounding knowledge to have the capacity to see it!

Best time to visit in day: The rice fields in Pupuan are best delighted in on a crisp morning either at a young hour early in the day or late toward the evening. At the point when it's stormy, the mist can darken the entire town.

How to get there: On the off chance that you proceed with your trip from Belimbing by driving 1 more hour northwards on Jl. Antosari, you will achieve Pupuan town.

Central Bali


The cool and blustery zone has a vista that spreads out before you as rice patios everywhere throughout the inclines over the immortal valley. Which conveys me to the one minor disadvantage Tegallalang has.

Contrasted with a portion of the other rice fields in Bali, Tegallalang has turned out to be exceptionally touristy. The region is presently entire with stopping and extra charges and slows down pitching everything from sustenance to gifts.

You can book a visit with one of the numerous organizations offering rice field visits or go out for a stroll alone. By meandering somewhat facilitate along the tracks in the wake of coming to the "best" of the valley you can achieve the following valley, which has better perspectives and less groups.

Best time to visit in day: The best occasions to visit are early morning and late evening, as it can get extremely hot amid the day.

How to get there: The emerald-green rice porches in the stream pig out north of Tegallalang town (once in a while likewise spelled as Tegalalang), around 9 kilometers from Ubud focus, are photography-wise presumably the most acclaimed rice fields in Bali. From Kuta it is only a 1,5 hour head out.


Only west of Ubud, Sayan town is minimal in excess of an edge. Perspectives of a delectable gorge and manicured patios have pulled in numerous expats to pick Sayan as their new home.

The means from the rice fields lead down to a waterway where you can take a dip. Payangan town is another of Ubud's neighboring towns known for its uncommon rice patios that progression down to the waterway Ayung beneath.

There are wonderful rice fields additionally around Pujung, Penestanan and Pengosekan towns. Campuhan Ridge Walk in the town of Campuhan is a famous trail taking you past a lot of rice fields as well as some wilderness and streams.

East Bali

Tirta Gangga

The name Tirta Gangga actually signifies "Water of the Ganges", and the site is to a great degree regarded by the Balinese Hindus. The name really alludes to the Royal water castle yet it is broadly used to allude to the general zone encompassing the royal residence, including some especially dazzling rice patios.

The postcard pictures you've seen of Bali rice paddies are typically photos of Tirta Gangga. Despite the fact that the rice patios are not as steep as in a portion of alternate zones, they are in any case magnificent.

The climbing around Tirta Gangga rice paddies is amazing. The treks suit all wellness levels, and it's anything but difficult to go for a walk without anyone else through an well-beaten track.

Then again you can join any of the guided rice field visits (aides can be effectivel orchestrated at the water castle or your inn), where you'll take in more about how rice is developed while respecting the environment.

A guided climb ordinarily incorporates visiting falling rice paddies, ascending and down slopes loaded with yield and strolling through various villages.

Best time to visit in day: The best time to visit the region are early mornings and late evenings, as particularly the region around the water royal residence becomes extremely busy amid the days.

How to get there: Tirta Gangga is a prevalent side outing from the adjacent waterfront towns of Amed and Candidasa, and a 2 hour drive from Kuta.


Sidemen is as yet considered as the old Bali, unaffected by the convergence of tourism. Wherever you look you see many shades of green: Rice porches, palm trees, overgrown waterway informal lodging town life.

You can't generally abstain from trekking through the rice fields as you are basically encompassed by them. The climbing trails take you along rice patios and slopes, through the valleys of waterway Unda and numerous espresso and cocoa ranches.

It is best to carry a guide with you to get an extraordinary understanding on how everyday life happens in Sidemen. On the off chance that you'd lean toward a greater test, there is a trail taking all of you the route from Sidemen to Padang Bai. It is a 6-hour climb for which a guide is necessary.

Best time to visit in day: The best time to go trekking here would be extremely early morning, around dawn time, so you'll be back before it gets extremely hot and also before humid

How to get there: Sidemen is a wonderful valley in Karangasem rule, that is honored with prolific land. It is a 1,5 hour drive from Kuta through winding streets and delightful scenes with Mount Agung as the scenery.

Pack your bags to get entralled for your first lushy green trek.

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