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East bali beaches from black volcanic to stunning white

Bali is full of variety of beaches and has something unique which makes it different from other beaches.It ranges from white sand coast on the island’s south to the cliff guarded ‘hidden ’ shores .

Bali beach also comprises black sand on North-Western shorelines.

The reason for this contrast is Mount Agung. This mountain erupted in 1963 and completely destroyed life in this area. Lava and rocks rolled from slopes to the ocean and land .This is the reason why East Bali Beaches are black volcanic.

7 Beaches are present in East Bali and these beaches runs from North to South.

1. Tulamben Beach

It is covered completely by rocks and is completely sand free .Your legs might burn under the tropical sun if you walk bare footed.

It is mainly famous for the historical events occured at the Lombok southern coast during the time of II World War .People visit this place to see the Cargo ship struck by Japaneses Torpedo .

Two ships helped this targeted ship and parked it on Tulamben.

It is 100 meter long and is placed parallel to the beach.Eruption of Mount Agung made wrek to topple again in water.

12-15 meter is visible and this gets crowded after lunch by drivers , if you want to see then you have to visit early.

It will take 1-2 hours only for the complete visit.

Another unknown fact about this place is the presence of Hindu gods and Buddhas statue at a depth of 9-17 meter.This has created a famous spot to click picture among divers with these statues also fishes gather around it and move across it.

This place is also famous for its underwater secrets and the whole view seen from here is very unique and is worth watching .In addition ,this place is less crowded and nobody will disturb your view and will not stop you from exploring more.

There is a great Bamboo house having all the facilities.

2.Amed Beach

There are many entrances to this beautiful black sand beach.You’ll find variety of boats, salt-miners and regional fishers here.

Environment is very calm this is the main reason why people visit this place.The whole atmosphere is better than Tulamben beach. This reason attracts most of the drivers and snorkel to visit the place and also its easy accessibility from the charming village just 30 minutes down the road between the rice field and mountains makes everyone more comfortable.

This place is easily accessible and there are no rocks although pebbles are covered through out. Fishermen give their boat for tours and charges some nominal fee.

Restaurant on the beach side offers international cuisine.Some of the famous and luxurious villas are located here on eastern shore of Amed beach.

You can end your day with traditional massage given by local Balinese skillful women.


It is located in east of Candidasa and is very easy to find out.

Sand here is Volcanic Black and this beach is very quiet and clean .

It is a regional beach in Bali and provides a great place for surfing although waves are not very high but is good for beginners and intermediate level surfers.

Care must be taken when the waves become shallow as rocks not visible during that time might hurt you and can generate some cuts on your body.

Jasri village is not a big village so it's difficult to find all the facilities there. But you can find them in nearby villas around the beach also these are the only facility or lifeline for people visiting this beach.

Whenever are given a choice whether to stay in Candidasa or Jasri ,they choose Candida as more facilities are provided there.

There are many interesting places to visit near Jasri beach these includes the Virgin beach which is completely secluded by white sand all over the beach beach.

Another place to visit is Taman Ujung water palace ,located few minutes from Jasri beach.

It is only 30-45 minutes away from Tulamben.

4.Pasir Putih

It is the whitest beach in east Bali as the sand here is white.

It is located at a distance of 20 minute ride from west of Candidasa.

There is no big resort on the beach but a row of sun lounges and the calm environment attracts people . It is also the nicest beach in Bali.

In order to reach from Kuta via car then it will take 2.5 hours to reach this beach.You should head towards east from kuta and reach Kusamba Bypass which will take you toward Each Bali.

Now drive straight to Perasi village and just ask any Balinese they will guide to this place.

Seafood and grills are the common food available, you can also find international with simple choices such as sandwiches and omelettes are also available.

You can order food with Coconut and fresh juices.Soft drinks and beer is also available.


It is a descent,quiet and clean place to hangout.

It covers an area of 3 km along the coast side.There are however fishermen and local dive agencies who will take you to small islands in front of Candidasa.

There are enough places to have fun right at the water and is the ideal place to enjoy the sunset or when tide is ready to jump .

It is one of the prime locations of north-eastern part of Bali , in comparison to other dive sites of Amed and Tulamben.Main Road goes through the regional parts and provides a good place to explore the exciting and unexplored areas of Bali.

Goa Lawah unique and mysterious temple of Bali is featuring a temple complex that was built around a cave opening home to hordes of bats.And is known as ‘Temple of Bats’.

This place attracts lots of visitors as people becomes curious just by listening to its name.And this curiosity grows when we start searching about it .

6.Padangbai Beach

It is a colourful beach like the one in Amed. On the beach and inside water you can find dozen of Fishermen boats. Also you can find some good fish restaurants.Rest of the day is boring and kids enjoy playing in the sea. You’ll find cheap hotels on the beach side where you can stay for one night before taking Ferry to Lombok Indonesia. The water here is cold so don’t forget to bring your wetsuits . There are number of dive operator near the beach who will bring you to these sites.

In order to reach this beach area from the main southern Bali resort areas such as Kuta and Denpasar which is at 13 km distance from main Candidasa.

Divers here will find enough operators which lines its beachfront and boats operated by locals will take you to the best spots around the waters to discover the vivid reefs teeming with marine life and with good visibility.

An important factor in Padangbai for beach lovers is Blue Lagoon it is a small bay northeast of the seaport which covers only a 60m stretch of white sand, from which you can snorkel right off from.

Divers will take five-minute boat ride from Padang Bai to reach location with same name, where large Napoleon wrasse, several kinds of reef shark, stonefish, moray and blue ribbon eels also nudibranchs, rays and squids are among the marine diversity.

7.Bias Tugal

It is a small beach located at a walking distance from Padang Bai.White sand and the white sand with emerald blue water and palm tree makes it a very beautiful place.

Whole beach is deserted and you’ll find it very easy to walk on it and it feels very soft between your toes .

Entire beach is covered by tiny rock pools that are very much enjoyed by kids and they play around in. It is the perfect place for sunbath and enjoy the silent movement of water on he shore which is very relaxing.

There is no lifeguard for help so its advised to stay on sea shore instead of going deeper.

In bias tugal beach you can explore clown fish, turtles, octopus, lionfish. And you should try to move your hands with small wave it’s a great fun.

Hotels in Padangbai are good and fresh for relax and calm stay with a great design. You should not miss sunset and see the beauty at this time on the beach together.

Swimming is great for swimmers. Satelite is a famous seafood in Bali. You should come in spring because these time, you can understand culture more such as: worship.

The official entry point to the beach has a ticket booth and an entry fee of 2,000 Rs. per person to help keep the beach clean. Parking is 5,000 Rs.

There are many gorgeous villas and restaurants in East Bali which will make your trip more enjoyable.

You can enjoy the amazing view of whole beach sitting in your room .These are the reasons which makes Bali the most visited island .


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