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Everything you need to know about legian beach

It is the second most popular visited area of Bali . Located between Mecca of Kuta and Seminyak. A pleasing place where you can buy clothes ,swim and visit spa. Some of the contemporary bars and lounges are located here which lends it to be the coolest party location of Bali.

If you are visiting first time then you should carefully see following points they will definitely help you:

1.Environment around beach is very calm and usually the crowd gather is less so you can easily relax and even take a short nap .

2.Local people offering massage are very annoying so you just need to ignore them they will leave you alone if you just walk straight otherwise they will compel you to pay more and if you to one then other will also target you.

But if you want massage then check 3-4 people and then invest money otherwise chances are you may pay more also you can bargain with them.

3.Water here is clean and is skin friendly so you can enjoy the whole day under the sun .

4.Come with a sunscreen even if the water is clean but still you are under sun that will definitely tan your body, so its better to apply a thick layer of sunscreen around your body.

5.People will offer you to buy deck chair every minute for 20$/day .They are worthy of money and are very comfortable. Also you can buy cheap and cold drinks from them but be careful ask 3-4 sellers then purchase.

6.Since waves are continuously hitting the beach creating best environment for surfing. Also the waves are oceanic and the crowd is less which makes it a perfect place to practice surfing . You can rent a surf two boat for 10$/per hour.

7.As the sun goes down bars open up so you can enjoy the beach with drinks.Beach becomes more beautiful at this time.

8.Once you get off the water your legs might pain for that massage is available at negotiable places. Also they can paint your nails and provide facilities of nailart .

9. It is close to restaurants and Bali shopping strips , so if you forget something or you want to eat something now available on beach then just step out of the beach you'll find everything.

10.People visit this place daily every morning for jogging and exercises which gives them the strength to work hard and beat the sun in summers and in winter provide the necessary warmth.

11.Number of sellers are less which attracts the people who visit the beach. As they irritates the visitors ad give bad impression of beach.

12.Restaurants that you’ll find on the beach

Cosmic Dinner

This is designed in a retro style making it more instagramable, those wallpapers ,sofa and decor will take you in 60’s. The food served here is very delicious and fresh .Also they offers refillable drinks.

Uncle Norm’s Bar and Bistro

Staff is very friendly and beer offered is childest .Food is also very tasty ,they play full rock songs which will give you a feel of sitting inside a pub.

Azul Beach Club

It is a two storey bamboo building offering a great view of whole beach seen from this place and the food served by them enhances this view more. It is trendy and local at the same time. Fruit juice served here are so refreshing that you’ll forget all your tiredness.

Warung Kampung

Food is available at a very cheap price as you can feed your family for just 20$-30$ and the quality is also very good. If you are a vegetarian person then this restaurant has a lot for you .Authentic Indonesian food is served here and is the great spot to have cold beer.

13.This beach is not for swimmers and dangerous for children after a particular distance.

14. Most popular activity of this beach is to lie down on the sand and doing nothing only relaxing.

15 During your walk around the beach you’ll be stopped by traditional balinese seafood stall because of the famous food and cocktail served here.

16.Best time to visit Legian Beach is between May and October. This is when whether is dry and direction of wind is from east to west.So you can enjoy surfing more .

17.It takes 20 minutes via taxi or car from Ngurah Rai International Airport to reach this beach. If you are coming through you own two wheeler then you can park in front of the beach.

18.There are hotels near Legian Beach where you can stay and enjoy the full beach view from your room . These hotels are available at cheap rates and offers a lot of facilities at low price.Some of these hotels are:

The Camakila Legian Bali

This hotel provides direct access for the beach and only 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai international airport.It offers 116 modern and contemporary rooms with 2 restaurants a spa and a gym.Along with these many other hotel amenities are available that includes wifi, dry cleaning,Airport transportation,Banquet room etc.


Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort

It is a 4 star hotel , located 15 minutes from airport and provides direct access to the beach. From the rooms you can view Indian Ocean. It is built upon the modern boutique concept.It is close to bars , night clubs and gourmet restaurant in most famous area of Kuta and Seminyak area.

Price: Rs.8,288/night

Legian Beach Hotel

Located exactly in front of the beach offering a wide range of facilities. They have 118 single-storey cottage with 100 guess room that includes 23 family room and 5 rooms for disables.Design of this hotel is inspired from the local Balamand neighbouring Indonesian islands.Sunset view from this restaurant is best in Bali.


Melasti Legian Beach Resort & Spa

It is a 3 star hotel although design is old but it has all the facilities that you must need.Staff is very good and it attracts most of the failed and business travellers because of the friendly environment provided by them.


19.Many famous showrooms are located near beach so if you like shopping then you visit these places:

Batik Keris, Legian Store

It is highly popular among Batik fashionistas because of its high quality fabric and the products are well tested before released in market which proves their concern for public and also they don’t approve until it is according to their standards.


Location: Jalan Raya Legian, 133, Legian

Blue Glue, Legian Store

This store offers a wide collection of swimwear .Each piece is different from the other and is of high quality.

Location:Jalan Legian


Body & Soul - Legian Store

They offer the most stylish and trendy clothes at a very competitive rate compared to other fashion stores.Apart from clothing they also provides accessories including jewellery,belt,scarves and handbag.

A wide variety of swimwears is provided by them ,for children they have body and soul Bambini. Gear for young boys and girls.

Time: 9am-11pm

Location:In front of the Mastapa Garden Hotel on Jalan Legian

20.Be careful while you drink water and be careful regarding the bottle you’ll purchase.Because people might sell you something else .

21.Don’t eat western food you are in Bali and the food provided here is fresh .You should eat traditional food ,fruit and more.

22.Be careful of the hawkers or salesman who are Anglo-Saxons ,they will offer you free holiday in some hotel as you have won this or some other gifts.Don’t buy anything from them they will promise something and will give something else or even run away.

23.Before entering the water for surfing, talk to other surfers they will help you and will let you know about all the dangers which you might face such as unpredictable current and exposed rocks.

24.Get a beachside position to enjoy the beautiful sunset view.

25.When the sun goes down you can enjoy beach soccer or volleyball with the beach locals.Bubble sumo and zorbing are oher beach activities which you enjoy after the sun.

26.This beach provides a slight difference as the narrow beach road separates the beach from the hotels that provides a less chaotic area around the beach.

27.This beach is open for 24 hours and is open for everyone.

28.90% of Balinese population is hindu and 5 % is muslim , which is different to rest parts of Indonesia.Local people of Bali are the nicest and the most tolerant people in the world.

29.Talk to the local people and develop good relation with them , they may be the beer seller or the person who does massage or the local visitors on the beach any of them.

30. People there are very generous and will help you if you find some trouble.


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