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top travellers mistake in bali

When we visit some new place for the first time then the chances are we might make some small mistakes out of nervousness which can be avoid if you knew about the place already.

This is the reason why people read travel guide before travelling to some place .As it will warn them already about some of the general mistakes which people commit while travelling.

1.Extra Luggage

It is a very common problem people generally don't check and take some unnecessary items along with them which will create burden only and are of no use.

They have to pay extra charges for such luggage if its exceeds the limit.You should avoid this, before packing make a list of items that are really needed .Don’t take items which you can get during your journey.

2.Improper visiting time

Every country has a best time when the weather is clean , crowd is less so you can enjoy more . Before booking hotel and everything check the best season to visit.Although Bali is a tropical place and most of the time it is sunny.

Although May - October is the best time to visit. At this time humidity level and heat is low with clear blue skies.

In the months between June -August annual Kite festival is also held which is very enjoyable.

3.Less rate Money Exchanges

Before taking flights to Bali People exchange Rupees at low rate without knowing that the exchange rate is high in Bali. Even though ATM facility is everywhere you can take cash from it and pay to the seller.

Also debit cards are acceptable in every shop, mall and restaurants of Bali. So even if you don’t carry cash then also you can buy things and eat tasty food.You will be more relaxed and will save time of exchanging money.That time you can invest in reading these guide.

4.Underrate Bali’s Traffic

Traffic has increased 4 times in last few years.Specially during the spring season when a large number of tourists visit this place .Before moving out check the estimated time to reach your destination.

And leave 30 minutes before your scheduled time this will benefit you, even if traffic would be there you will still reach on time.

Also wear helmet and don't drive shirtless it is considered as a bad practice in Bali when you are on two wheeler.

Care must be taken when you have to board your flight because at that time you cannot take any chance for your flight . Leave early as possible.

5.Recounting Of Money after exchanges

If you are at airport then no one can fool you .You have all the rights if a single penny is not received .But beware of the local Bali money exchanger they might con you.

Firstly they’ll offer you great deals and once they get money they will start giving excuses or will not give you the complete bill.After getting money recount them in front of them.And chose the money exchanger whose rate you are most satisfied with.

6.Travel insurance

Before travelling you should take a traveling insurance .It will help you alot in case some accident occur .These insurance companies will pay all your hospital bills and at that time this is the biggest help.

You’ll be in an unknown country nobody will financially help you and in these cases you would not be allowed to leave for your country until you completely heal. To avoid such situations you must have a travel insurance from a reputed company not a fraud one.

Nowadays may fake insurance companies are in market ,beware of them.Don't pay without checking the documents properly.

7.Not exploring different places

Most of the people who don’t read about Bali before plan a small trip and stay at one place whereas there are many places to explore also the regional places as the central highlands,the quiet north and the rugged eastern coastline.

You can visit Seminyak is Bali’s upmarket beach resort area, where luxury five-star resorts, secluded villas, world-class beach clubs and hip sunset venues line the coastline and main streets.

Also you can visit Ubud is a small town that offers an alternative to the tropical beach scene.

8.Local Sim Cards

You all must be aware of the high international roaming charges .If you don’t know then they are so high that half of your hotel payment will go in paying your call bills.

Even if you talk for some seconds then also you'll be charged very high .And phone is necessity you cannot avoid it also the modern app that has made your life so easy and you are entirely dependent on them .So to use mobile and the installed apps you need to buy the local sim card.

You can get them on airport ,local marketplace or in malls .


There are many markets in Bali where you will find local arts and crafts, jewellery, souvenirs and cheap fashion items .

Even if you’re not much particularly interested in buying something, the bustle of Bali’s best markets and local snacks .Night bazaars offers something different from the modern malls of Kuta and Seminyak, and give you experience of the local culture.

Bargaining is a part of the shopping experience at Bali markets. Just remember to always smile and treat it with the same sense of fun as the Balinese do with others.

But do not over bargain as no one will sell you below the cost price.There are many times possible that you say the price which is even less than the actual price of that item and then you have to return empty handed .Avoid this and settle on some reasonable rate that fits your budget as well as for seller.

10.Improper temple Etiquettes

You should take heed of all rules or restrictions upon any visit to a place of worship. Visiting the Vatican has their dress code, and entering the temple grounds of Tanah Lot or Besakih is no way different.

For most of the temple visits in Bali, the most basic dress code applies to a sarong and a sash around the waist at its simplest form. When there are prayers in progress, you might be tempted to take some rare photo of the scene, however walking round during this is considered discourteous.

If you want to take angles of inner courtyards, there may be many areas off-bound to non-devotees – it’s better to ask your guide, the temple priest or a local,.

11. Don’t be ignorant

Ignorance is never considered a good, especially when travelling to a foreign country with a foreign language and foreign customs .

We aren’t advising you to do enough research to warrant a thesis paper on Indonesia’s minority religions, just make sure that you know the bare basics like the name of country’s capital city.

12.Pointing fingers, touching heads and baring shoulders

These practices are considered to be bad in Bali ,so try to avoid them as far as possible. If you are visiting first time then you must dress up properly and greet people you’ll met during your trip and talk softly .

13. Do Not use tap Water

When you are out carry your bottle with yourself. Don’t fill the bottles with tap or any water system on road side.

14.Street Vendors

Once you step out of your hotel ,these vendors will chase you and will try to sell their products. They stay in groups, if you purchase from one then others will also try and they are so annoying and will compel you badly to buy goods from them.

There is only one way to escape from them is walk straight don’t ask about rates ,if you are not interested .

15.High Temperature

Temperature in Bali is very high and you’ll sweat a lot . Don’t carry jeans , heavy and dark colored clothes .You’ll not enjoy much in these bulky clothes.Wear light clothes and don’t forget to carry a hat.

16.Use public Transport

Many tourists hire a motorbike and they ride without helmet, this should not be done.It’s hot outside but still you cannot break rules .

There is no other public transport except Bluebird taxis which are super clean and cheap.

17.Be careful while surfing

If you like surfing then you’ll definitely enjoy there but keep the depth in mind .Don't cross the red flag area , it is the sign of danger and you’ll find it on every beach .Even expert surfers should also avoid it.

18.Don’t risk your health

Avoid eating substandard food from street ,if you eat such food then you may get Bali belly which is not good for your health.

Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Drink as much water as you can it will protect you from sunstroke.

19.Don't use drugs

Bali Police is very strict in cases related to drugs.If you are caught then strict actions will be taken against you .As you are in different country your problems will double.Avoid all these problems and restrict yourself from any sort of drug.


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