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Visiting the ubud monkey forest: what you need to know

The Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali comes with its fair share of enjoyment. Some people that won’t set foot in the place because of the experiences they have had or the stories they have heard from others.

•On the other side of the spectrum are those people that have been visited the monkey forest and enjoyed it.

You can be the part of the group that has paid a visit to the monkey forest and enjoyed it

•. You can prepare yourselves mentally before your visit and took a number of precautions to ensure you would have an enjoyable time and ended up spending a half day it the temple just exploring and observing the monkeys.

Pre-Visit Preparations

Be sure that you prepare for your visit earlier you get to the temple. Do not bring that thing with you that you don’t want to lose.

Better yet, don’t bring anything but only the admission fee and your camera. This includes all sunglasses, flashy jewelry or anything you might have hanging off you.

You do carry a backpack, but empty all outside pockets cleared the inside of any food and locked the zippers.

You will never take it off or opened it while in the temple and the monkeys never gave it a second look. You did see several people carrying purses or backpacks that have not more secured them become subject to monkey thieve. When the monkeys set their eyes on something, you will be unable to stop them from taking it

Just say No to Bananas

On arriving at the monkey forest, you will be greeted by some women sitting at a table selling bananas. Your first tip, don’t buy any bananas.

Head straight towards the ticket counter, purchase your ticket and then proceed into the temple. Some of the real stories that come from visiting this place revolve around food. It is not smart to take any food in, even if you are dying for a closer look at a monkey.

In addition, do not bring any outside food into the monkey forest. Be sure to check all your bags and pockets for food, candy, and others etc before entering.

You might have forgotten it was present there, but the monkey will know straight away and they can be quite persistent about retrieving anything they want off of you.

Don’t worry, if you resist the urge to buy the bananas like a good tourist, there will be several people inside that didn’t buy. You would spend large amounts of time just observing some pretty ignorant people with their bananas while

they interacted with the monkeys.

You will see people teasing monkeys, coaxing monkeys onto their shoulders, laps, heads, you name it. It is an insane sight to witness. Don’t be one of this kind of people, respect that monkeys are wild animals.

•No Touchy the Monkeys

I will completely admit, many of the monkeys in this temple are very tame. They have been around humans during their whole lives and are comfortable interacting with people on a daily basis.

However, under no circumstances, you should attempt to touch the monkeys. They may look cute and cuddly but they are actually very little hellions. They can become territorial and aggressive in the blink of an eye.

You would witness one person coax a monkey in with a banana then attempt to pet it. The monkey was tolerant at the first attempts but the person gets braver, move in closer and take selfie photos with the monkey. This turned bad real fast and showed in the guy getting bit on the finger. The bite was really bad and was bleeding profusely.

Being scratched or bitten by a monkey may lead to some serious risks to you. Rabies is a disease that is common in many parts of Asia and can sit dormant in animals for up to 2 years before they begin to show signs or symptoms of carrying it.

A bite or scratch from an animal that is carrying rabies can prove fatal if appropriate action is not taken immediately.

•Facts About the Ubud Monkey Forest

Remember, this is a temple and you should dress according to it, for your visit. No skimpy clothes. Tank tops and modest shorts are acceptable during the visit.

Admission: 30,000IDR per person (roughly $2.50USD)

The monkeys that inhabit the Sacred Monkey Forest are Long-Tail Macaques.

The monkeys are not afraid of us, remember this during your visit.

If you are r scratched or bitten during your visit, seek medical attention to ensure you do not contract a disease.

What’s the best time to visit?

Early in the morning tends to be better, more for the reason that it’s not too hot rather than anytime else.

Getting to Ubud

There are many ways you can reach on the Island of Bali, but for most, it will be via flying which means you will more than likely be arriving in Bali airport, called as Ngurah Rai International Airport or also Denpasar International


Water: The water in Bali is not safe for a drink. Save money and plastic by getting yourself a refillable Lifestraw Waterbottle and refill it by large liters of water.

Adapter: Remember that Indonesia uses a Type C or F power adaptor. Many adapters are interchangeable, so make sure you find a better one like the one

I have to keep you charged.

Got to love a city where the same airport has two names, always a better way to create a bit of confusion when planning a trip.

The rice fields of Ubud

The chances are if you are reading till here, you’re either interested in visiting Ubud or want to know more about the probability of catching rabies in the Ubud monkey forest.

However, before we come to that, I can’t write about the town without mentioning the many rice paddy walks surrounds Ubud.

There are many trips you can take to enjoy the iconic Bali rice fields possibly the most famous one is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace, about a 20-minute drive to the north of the town.

You’ll notice up all over informing you should not look at the monkey in the eye. Like in many animals looking them in the eye means that you are challenging them.

Don’t stare at the monkeys in the eye

Don’t be fooled as the monkeys are quick and athletic and can jump on you even faster than you will be able to realize what is even going on.

Allow yourself at least an hour

I would give at least an hour to enjoy the full sanctuary and observe the monkeys. You should arrive before closing time and be ushered out 15 minutes before six.

Stay for a grand total of 30 minutes in the sanctuary and I thought we could have used at least another 30 minutes inside. The Ubud Monkey Forest official opening time is 8:30am-6: 00 pm daily.

Protect any loose items

Monkeys are very interesting creatures as they are so humanlike and have little fingers and toes as we have. That means they can easily steal all your loose items and run off with them.

You won't get back even if you even attempt to get them back. Once they have what they want they won’t give them up without a fight or until they lose the item.

Don’t feed the monkeys

It used to be that one you could buy bananas and other snacks from local vendors for feeding the monkeys at the Ubud monkey forest. On your trip, you didn’t see this anymore and I believe they have stopped the practice.\

Don’t bring your own food on either.

Food from humans can make the monkeys more aggressive and you are only subjecting yourself more to monkey harassing. Trust me, you will get closer to the monkeys without the help of food.

What to wear to the monkey forest?

Keep in mind that it is named “The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary” and is still very much considered sacred.

There are three temples here that were built in the 14th century, kept aside from seeing the monkeys, you will be able to see ancient temples. The monkey forest Ubud dress code should be clear before visiting the ancient temples.

Unlike any other temples in Asia, no one will be there to monitor your dress choices, but you can do it yourself. Avoid short skirts, belly shirts, too much leg, or excessive cleavage.

Be careful with loose articles of clothing as we have seen one monkey nearly rip the dress off an unsuspecting girl.

If you do get the bite…

The probability of getting bit or rabies in the Ubud monkey forest is very less. However, if you do get attacked by a monkey don’t panic. Inform the staff and seek medical help, there is a First Aid clinic on site for those bitten by the monkeys.

Don’t do anything. Even though the Monkey Forest website guarantees all their monkeys are healthy you should personally won't take any chances with your life or potential diseases. All these are wild animals that are unpredictable.


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