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Published: Sep 05, 2018 | 60 Views

Best bangkok travel hacks

Planning a trip to Bangkok? Bangkok is an amazing place to be in. It is fun and a place for shopaholics and foodies. Bangkok can be an even more exciting journey knowing important and life easy hacks to travel in Bangkok. Bangkok Travel hacks can help travel in cheap and stay safe. Lets dig into certain travel hacks sure to be looked into:

Cheap Accommodation in Bangkok

There are numerous accommodations in Bangkok. People can be seen booking hotels in advance to not miss the opportunity of staying at a good hotel. But, is it necessary? Bangkok has so many hostels which are spacious and looks stunning. Hostels are cheaper and while staying, you can make new friends. You get to stay with new people and this turns out to be pretty interesting.

Another option which you have in your hand is to book a comfortable place from Airbnb as it is quite in demand at the present times. If travelling in group, hostels and guest houses come in handy.

Taxi for sightseeing

Travelling is Bangkok is super easy with the availability of taxi. Opt for the sharing ride and you can save a lot of money. Bangkok has its own taxi booking app from where you can book any taxi. Wait on the streets and the car would reach your destination within time.

You do not have to compromise on your enjoyment for other. Just book a taxi and you can go to any location which your heart wants.

Bangkok known for its street food

Bangkok, being the street food capital, street stalls are available in plenty. These stalls offer very cheap and tastes simply wonderful. Instant noodle bowls are available in plenty in Bangkok along with sandwiches and burgers. Try pad thai on the streets and you would come back for more.

Trendy stuffs from street markets

In Bangkok, you are sure to find latest and trendy accessories, clothes and jewellery. The only thing which can confuse you is to decide from where to buy all that you want. Roam on the streets and you are sure to find many markets to satisfy your wants.

There are weekend markets and floating markets. Visit these and you can buy clothes at a very economical price. Just take a bag and fill it with stuffs.

A Thai sim card to save your day

Before planning a trip to Bangkok, get a Thai sim card to make cheaper calls. Many calling cards provide cheap calls facility, so you should not miss the chance. No doubt Wifi is available at all times, however if it stops working, you should be prepared to save the day.

Restrict yourself from buying medicines at hospitals

If you happen to fall sick in Thailand, do not buy any medicines from hospitals. They tend to loot you and you pay more than the actual price. Take the name of the medicine but make sure to buy it from pharmacy to save your money.

Learn Thai

Thai language is a fun language to learn and you will really enjoy in the process. Try to learn the basics in Thai to communicate with locals in a better way. If you know their language, you have the advantage of getting things at cheap price which is advantageous for you, trust me! Thais love it when you make an effort to learn their language and this might turn out to be in your favour.

Take everything when off to an island

Preparing everything before a trip saves a lot of time and money. Pack sunscreens, cosmetics, USB sticks, chargers and carry them along with you. Buying essentials in Bangkok can turn out to be expensive. So, keep yourself handy.

Ice with holes in Bangkok

This might sound weird but every ice with a hole in Bangkok is considered to be filtered water and people are advised to drink that. Buckets of ice are used to keep beer cool and it is a custom to drink beer with ice.

Tesco Lotus stamps for discount

7-Eleven and Tesco Lotus stamps are some cute discount coupons available in Bangkok which gives you a discount on every purchase of yours. You can get these coupons in a little booklet when you buy umbrellas or stuffed animal. Even if you do not use them, what is the harm in safekeeping them?? Do collect them!

If you are first- time visitors, follow these hacks to keep away from frauds and cheats! Enjoy the best of Bangkok in a legal way.


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