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Best floating markets to visit in bangkok

A Bangkok trip is simply incomplete without visiting the floating markets located in various places of Bangkok. Get into a long boat and roam all markets which are basically on rivers where you can find nearly everything from food items to jewellery to souvenirs and lot more. Beautiful stalls await on both sides of rivers and the entire view is just marvellous. So, are you planning to visit any of the floating markets during your visit to Bangkok? List of popular floatings markets in Bangkok:

Taling Chan Floating Market

This floating market is situated very close to Bangkok within a distance of 12 kms. The market is not big in size and it is affordable to foreigners. This floating market is all known for the lip-smacking food that it offers to its visitors. Right from the famous Pad Thai dishes to Salt crusted grilled fish, you can savour the authentic flavours of Bangkok in this market. Thai musicians can be seen playing the local tune of Bangkok to catch the undivided attention of tourists. Sit in one of the boats and enjoy a leisure time in the market.

Apart from the food, Taling Chan is known for the wide range of exotic fruits that are sold here. You can even find decorations, flowers, clothes and to top it all, do try the foot massage exclusive in this place at just 100 baht. The produce in the market is fresh and delicious.

Amphawa Floating Market

If you are in search of something handmade, then Amphawa Floating market is the right choice for you. The market is displayed in wooden boutiques and from toys to paintings, all are handmade. The things found here are not to be found at any other floating market of Bangkok. Another thing that Amphawa is famous for is its mouth-watering seafood. The seafood is cheap and grilled fish or butter prawns will surely bring a smile to your lips. Squids are a well-known delicacy of Bangkok which is sold here for just 100 baht, so you should not miss it. The market has a beautiful surrounding and if requested, boats and tour guides can take you to temples nearby the market. Wat Bang Koong Temple is famous because it looks like the temple has been swallowed by a tree.

Amphawa stays open till around 8 pm and it is the only market which stays open at night. Get your afternoon nap, and get ready to stroll through the market.

Location: 50 km from Bangkok

Famous for: Longtail Boat trips

Timings: Friday to Sunday, 8am to 9pm

Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Get into a boat and go back in time by passing through canals that overlook buildings and streets and capture into the serene moments. Greenery in all nooks of the market, it is a perfect floating market for adventurers who are nature lovers. Apart from the ecstatic beauty, this market is a favourite among foodies. You can never get disappointed with the Thai food served here which gives you authentic taste. Munch some mung bean noodles or pla pao, one of the special varieties of fish found in this region. Take some snacks home to keep the essence of the market in your mind. This floating market is around 15 kms from Bangkok and definitely an ideal place to spend the day.

Location: 20 km from Bangkok

Famous for: Exotic fruits and vegetables

Timings: Saturday and Sunday, 9.30 am to 4.30pm

Bang Phli Floating Market

Bang Phli Floating market is one of the oldest markets which was constructed in Bangkok. The old cosy atmosphere dates back to about 150 years adds the historic charm in the market. As this market is old, this is simply the best place to get in touch with Thais and get to know their lifestyles and traditions. These locals are experts in their products and you can buy souvenirs from them. Thai people just love to eat. You can get ultimate hunger satisfaction with fresh fruits or seafood. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast in this floating market.

This market is around 29 km from Bangkok and the rustic feeling of the market attracts visitors to this floating market to a great extent.

Location: 29 km from Bangkok

Famous for: Food Stalls

Timings: All days, 8am to 5pm

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This is a must visit floating market because it is indeed a tourist spot. Rows of vendors sit on boats and they sell authentic Thai products. This market is known all because of its history and the amazing things that it has for its visitors. Thai ladies prepare their dishes on boats and they are mostly seen wearing hats made of straw or bamboo. Mango Sticky rice or Pork Satay are some of the delicacies which are to be tried in this market. This market starts from about 7 am in the morning as people are always in search of fresh produce at that time of the day. It is around 110 km from Bangkok.

Location: 100 km SouthWest from Bangkok

Famous for: Bamboo huts and bright hues of boats

Timings: Monday to Sunday, 6am to 12pm

Ta Kha Floating Market

Ta Kha Floating market is very close to Amphawa market and it has fewer choices compared to Amphawa market. This market attracts lesser tourists but moving through the narrow lanes and marketing is truly a magical experience. The products are available at cheaper prices in this market. You can get the experience of Thai living in this market. While moving on the boats, you may want to buy a straw hat which the women in these floating markets are often seen wearing. This market opens as per the phases of the moon. So, the time when you decide to visit this market, you need to keep a check and whether the floating market is open or not.

Location: 50 km from Bangkok

Famous for: Overhead Foliage

Timings: Depending on the phases of moon

Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market

This floating market is located at least 20 km away from Bangkok city. This market starts early because it sells all kinds of fruits and vegetables because of its fresh produce. The market is not big in size but it remains crowded. Anyone who loves street food must visit this place for once.

Some of the dishes which are known in this market are grilled meat, bowls of noodles and a variety of fruits. Seafood is also found in abundance in this market which does not cost a fortune. You can buy spices which are famous in Bangkok. They are mild in flavour and taste great. This place is famous for a wide variety of Thai desserts sold here.

Location: 20 km from Bangkok

Famous for: Thai Desserts

Timings: Friday to Sunday, 8am to 2pm

Bang Khla Floating Market

This market is situated in the Bang Pakong river and it is a bit far away from Bangkok and you will need to hire a taxi in order to reach this market. This market is all famous for its heavenly seafood. Locals sit here all day and sell a variety of seafood dishes to its visitors. These fishes are freshly caught and grilled and it is cooked in aromas which will sizzle your senses. Shellfish, Papaya salad, fried crabs, oysters, fish served with pickle and fish sauce are some of the items that you are mostly to find in the menu card of locals serving here. You can get glimpses of mangroves in this market. Relax in the cheerful atmosphere and enjoy some peaceful time.

Location: 100 km from Bangkok

Famous for: Fresh seafood

Timings:Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 6pm

Be sure to visit any of the floating markets next time you plan a vacation to Bangkok.


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