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Best weekend markets in bangkok

While roaming the streets of Bangkok, you cannot simply forget the amazing array of shops and shopping malls that Bangkok has in store for you.

There is a variety of stalls ranging from ones which sell antiques to those which are known for their beauty products.

Shopping is something which everyone still craves. And weekends are particularly famous for all the shopping sprees in Bangkok. Bangkok has the power to give you a taste of both modern as well as traditional Thailand. Let’s go through the list of some of the markets loved by visitors:

Klongsan Market

Klongsan Market is a typical market visited by Thai people after they are done with their day's work. Finding local tourists in this market is a rare sight.

Things ranging from jewellery, shoes to accessories, you are sure to find every trendy thing in this market.

Tourists are not much aware of this place and prices are reasonable here for Thai people to buy them. Apart from things, you are sure to find snack stalls and drinks as Bangkok is a place for foodies.

This market is famous for the Buddhist dolls which are giant and they quite resemble the original one. Amulets are also found here which are said to be lucky in you can have it in your life.

Klongsan Market opens at around 7 am in the morning. The fastest route to this place is Chao Phraya River and descend at Klong San Pier. And you will reach your destination.

Pak Klong Talat Flower Market

If you are in need of fresh flowers, then Pak Klong Talat Flower market is your ultimate destination. This market smells so good from the fragrance of fresh flowers.

One can expect to find all sorts of fruits and vegetables in this place apart from flowers. The busiest time of this market is at dawn when trucks overload flowers.

Flowers are sold here individually and also in wholesale. Florists come here early morning to take away bunches of flowers for their shops.

This market is known to provide employment to the poor who are seen here stranding garlands of flowers.

This market has been in existence for over 60 years. This market provides extended tours to its visitors who are interested to know about the Thai culture.

The 2-hour flower market tour takes you into the history of this market and Thai society.

There is a Cooking training in the market tour which teaches you Thai cuisine. Then there comes Desserts and Edible Art, for learning amazing Thai desserts and last is the Flower Art Workshop which teaches you basics of flower decorations.

This flower market is open for all 24 hours. Chakphet Road is the exact location in which this market is situated.

3. Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is the largest weekend market in Bangkok and it draws nearly 2,00,000 visitors a day. There is nothing that you can’t find in this marvellous market.

From clay pots, paintings, handmade flowers, handicrafts to handbags, silk and fashionable ornaments, this market won’t disappoint you. The best thing is that everything is so cheap that you can take plenty of goods home.

You can find every nook and corner of Thailand in this market. This huge market is divided into 27 sections and you can find different kinds of stuff in different sections.

It is fascinating to walk between all the painting stalls and you can see artists making paintings and jewellery live.

Chatuchak Market is well known for its strawberry yoghurt and it is a must try in here. This market is so big that you might get lost here. So it is advised to carry a map once you are in the market.

TNT and DHL are at your service in this market so you can buy as many kinds of stuff you want and they would be delivered to your home. It is preferable to wear shoes for comfortable walking.

This market starts at 6 am in the morning and you are sure to see a crowd right from the beginning.

4. Bangkok Farmer’s Market

Bangkok Farmer’s Market is one of the markets where you can find fresh produce from Bangkok and it just tastes delicious. This market is an organisation which works towards the healthy living of the people of Thailand.

This organisation performs yoga and charity for the betterment of the people.

A farmer's market is organised in the first and third weeks of the month where farmers come with their fresh produce.

Some of the many specialities are food, clothes and jewellery. Thailand prefers in getting local produce from farmers.

One can get farm fresh honey which is lip-smacking and delicious. And the other unique thing found in this market is handmade toys which are so cute that one cannot stop buying.

This is a market, especially for local and handmade items. This market is close to Sky train station.

5. Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is a kind of indoor market where there are booths where goods are displayed. Goods are found here at wholesale prices and it has accessories, handbags and items of women’s interest.

All latest trends in accessories can be found here. This is a place for buying gifts for your loved ones, a place where youths love to spend their time.

This market starts at 7 am in the morning and there is a night market adjacent to Pratunam market. So, just grab your money and shop until you drop.

To reach this market, you have to take a train from Sky Train to Chit Lom station and from there you have to Petchburi Road to reach your destination.

6. Klong Toey Fresh Market

Klong Toey Fresh market is properly a market where you will find fresh meat, fruits, seafood and vegetables. The prices are reasonable and produce can be purchased by almost all sections of people.

Even if you are not planning on buying anything, yet a stroll in this market can freshen up your mind.

This market opens at 6am in the morning and there are hustle and bustle at all times. If you ever plan to prepare a dish in Bangkok, be ready to visit this market as the products sold here is simply superb.

Get down in the Klong Toei Station to reach this fresh market.

Bangkok is known for its lively markets and tourists love to visit these markets to get an ethnic touch of Thailand.

Be sure to get to your favourite market to buy all the latest trendy pieces of stuff at cheaper prices! Happy shopping!


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