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Published: Sep 05, 2018 | 83 Views

The best places for fresh air in bangkok

Bangkok, a place which is known for two things, one is the nightlife and the availability of fresh air. Bangkok has filled with serene and bountiful beauty all around. Places in Bangkok and some places near to Bangkok will provide you with immense pleasure the moment you visit these places. List of places known for its fresh air is as under:

A visit to Dusit Palace

If you are interested in history, then Dusit Palace is just the right place for you. It is beautiful with mansions and throne halls built in the early days of the 20th century. Residence of Thai kings, it is a huge mansion made with intricate interiors. The palace has been renovated and the lawn adjoining the palace is a place for fresh air to visitors.

The palace opens at 9.30 am and closes at 4 pm. The entry fees to the palace are 100 baht. Do give a visit to this palace anytime you find yourself in Bangkok!! The positive energy fills your mind with happiness.

Princess mother Memorial park

A place meant for adventurous and nature lovers, this memorial park is a lush green garden which is dedicated to Mother of Thailand. The exhibition halls in the park provide visitors with an insight into her life. There is a life-size model of the Princess which is kept amidst the jaw-dropping background.

The park opens at 8.30 am daily and is located on Chao Phraya Road. Visitors come to this park for a relaxing day.

Lumphini Park

A place which gives visitors a connection with nature, Lumphini Park is a place worth visiting in Bangkok. Be it the greenery or fresh air, this park is known for its tranquility. This park provides its visitors with various outdoor activities so that people can enjoy to the fullest. A forest park, flora park are some of the attraction inside the Lumphini Park.

A place not just known for its scenery, but also for its food. Lumphini Park has some amazing stalls and one can get the authentic taste of the local food of Bangkok like Pad Thai and popular drinks.

Ayutthaya City

Plenty of ruins of great monuments of Bangkok, Ayutthaya city is popular because of its archaeological value. The place is now famous for its Buddhist monasteries. A place which was once talked about. This city has been preserved by UNESCO World Heritage Centre. With a fresh river located in the front, Ayutthaya city is clean and fresh.

Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson, an American entrepreneur, constructed Jim Thompson House in the 25 years that he stayed in Thailand. Even though he disappeared in 1967, but his house has been kept as a sign of memory. This place is unique in itself because of its traditional Thai style consisting of 6 different divisions.

The entry fees are 150 baht for adults and 100 baht for students. The place opens at 9 am and it remains crowded right from the start of the day.

Thonburi City tour

Hiring a boat and exploring the city can never fail to disappoint you. Decorated boats wait on Sathorn Pier from where they start the journey. Wat Prayun Wong, a place of man-made mountains, it is interesting to watch the mountains having an effect on the river nearby. The floating markets are nearby the river where you can buy numerous gifts and things. Talat Ta wang La is the food paradise of Thailand.

Skateboarding at Taco Lake

Isn't it fun to escape from the complexities of city life and relax for some time? The Taco Lake in Bangkok has planned for removing the exhaustion from people's lives. It provides fun activities to its visitors among which the identified one is Skateboarding. The water is superb for one to skateboard amazingly.

Democracy Monument

A structure purely made to dramatize democracy and political combinations in Bangkok. It is designed in a Western-style depicting the best of democracy. It is eye-catching and definitely a fascinating place to be. The construction started in June 1932 and it is enormous and grand.

Fresh air is bountiful in Bangkok!! You just have to search for it in the right places!


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