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Best things to buy in barcelona

Recognizing what to bring for loved ones can be precarious except if you're the sort of individual who enjoys a decent antiquated shirt or cooler magnet. In any case, occasion gifts don't need to be commendable social blunder – an ongoing report demonstrated that the absolute most sold trinket in Barcelona a year ago was a Mexican-style sombrero.

Actually there are a lot of souvenirs that catch the best of Barcelona's way of life and will make certain to please your closest and dearest. Here's our pick of the best.

Catalan Flag

Barcelona has profound history of the autonomous character in district. And every momento speaks to you. Thus why not gift to them a blessing that includes a story to it? It tends to be a real banner, a scaled down one or solely a white goods magnet. Take the story with you and unravel the history!

Where To Get: There are three kinds of flags, with different number of stripes. There are kiosks and shops along the Rambla selling flags.

Cost: NA


Spain is among the most effective wine wholesalers on the world. Just in case if you want to impart the essence to your friends and family, offer them wine of the Catalan locus. Wines from district area unit very one in every of a sort – the grapes they develop within the beachfront atmosphere and unsmooth territory unremarkably build cava and white wines.

Where to get: Seek for bottles from the Penedés and Priorat areas, alongside Vila Viniteca market is the major supplier of all kinds of wine.

Cost: From grocery store €4.50 whereas from a restaurant €6

Caganer figurine

The Canager, or for someone a very little person, dressed in traditional christmas clothes hunching down together with his jeans down,and defecating. It is a christmas issue from the occasions once crap spoke to wealthy land. These idols can be sighted during christmas and are available from variants like Pope to Donald Trump or your favourite pop star.They are an amusing improvement on any jokesters rack!

Where to get: Travitabac, Baixada de la Llibreteria, 8, Barcelona or at St Lucia market.

Cost: Check this website

FC Barcelona Jersey

This one is a no brainer! Every Barca fan longs for its favorite football team’s jersey. Get home this and wait till it will be worn while the whole family cheers for Barca.

Where to get: Gift shop at the Camp Nou Stadium


A Gaudi Lizard

You’ll see these all over, therefore it'd not be an “original”, however these covered reptiles are well worthwhile. You can’t have port while not Antoni designer, and you can’t have Antoni designer while not port. He’s placed in Parc Güell, however his covered mosaic vogue is reflected nearly all over else in Gaudi’s work. Get one from a depository search instead of the memento retailers to support the museum!

Where to get: Gaudi museum!

Cost: €9,83 -€20


For the appetency within the cluster. Turrón could be a sweet that you will notice just in this city. This is a Spanish delicacy, generally served round the holidays however devoured all year round!

Turrón First State Crema Catalana is ideal if you would like one thing particularly with Catalan twist.This nutty sweet – otherwise called nougat – is generally delighted in crosswise over Spain, and here in Barcelona there are various settled craftsman manufactures which have been influencing mouths to water for a considerable length of time.

There are extensively two sorts of turrón: a delicate kind which is smooth and simple on the teeth, and a harder, smoother one is wealthy in pieces of nuts, generally almonds. There are various types of each relying upon the sort of nut, the caramelisation and different varieties in the formula. Most shops will offer a choice box containing a blend of delicate and hard, which makes for the ideal for anybody with a sweet tooth.

Where to get: You would find Turrón at choice of historical shops like Planelles Donat, Colomines, Torrons Vicens., La Campana or cake shops during christmas.

Cost: NA

Catalan cookery book

Every culture evokes the best of its food and flavours. The foremost personal gift you can provide anyone is a recipe book. Finding a Catalan or Spanish cookery book with anecdotes and cultural/historical explanations behind every dish could actually be a nice gift.

Even though you could buy the book on a Amazon website and get it delivered to your loved one, but it is always good to be hallucinated by numerous stories associated with the book. So dig down the good old shops in between the festivities.

Don’t forget to share your stories of skilling the meals while devouring the food with your family!

Menorcan Gin

London has gin clubs so during 18th century British introduced Gin at Menorcan island while controlling menorcan island. After British soldiers left the island they continued to produce Gin which turned out to brands like Xoriguer. Xoriguer stills holds popularity since 20th century of its commencement. They have a trademark to preserve the authenticity so that it cannot be made anywhere else.

Where to get: Xoriguer Distillery

Cost: € 12


Shoe lovers, hang on!! Even though the shoes were originally for mountaineers, they have created enormous wave among locals and tourists for years. These square measure an ideal gift virtually anyone in your circle you'd wish to fancy a bequest on a usual. These soles square are hand-crafted with rope, the rest is created with canvas and cotton. They are available in flats and wedges as well! Now you can up for fashion game, so start stocking them on your trip.

Where to get: At Toni Pons, catalan.

Cost: Starts from € 69

For the food Lover

  1. One of the least complex things to search for in urban focus is Torron, get to Torrons Sirvent 126 at the continuing Sant Antoni locale or Planelles Donat going to the focal Catalunya Torreon.
  2. Wine and Cava from territory at any of those urban focus wine retailers.
  3. A jug of vegetable oil at OliSal.
  4. Relieved meats, as fuet, bull or chorizo from any urban focus advertise.
  5. Almonds or any local claim to fame sustenance from Casa Gispert at the Medieval boulevards of El Born District.
  6. Chocolate from Pasteleria Escriba supporting the sweet someone who is addicted in urban focus since 1906.
  7. Purchase artificer vino from grannie store Salto wherever you'll without a doubt keep to hold out with the local group.

Blue Wine

It would take a while for you to accept that is wine and not some poison which a random spaniard is offering you to drink. Yes, Blue Wine is a legit wine in Barcelona. This drink is all natural from it smell to colour, since 2006 a company named Gïk experimented with producing this type of wine. It is a combination of red and white grapes.

Where to get: Gïks official store

Cost: Three bottles for € 36

Bota wineskin

It is a bag (vessel) made up of goatskin. A traditional spanish vessel that is used for drinking wine. It can be used for carrying any liquid and is equally portable. A group of people can share it because it does not involve touching the skin while drinking, you just need to hold it little higher from your face and aim at your mouth.

Flamenco clothes

Remember the scene from the movie Zindagi na milegi dobara where spanish ladies were grooving on some spanish music in Flamenco attire? This is your chance to collect those dresses and jazz. Not necessarily it has to be a sparkly full attire, you could choose a shawl or something smaller. For sure, a Flamenco can be fusioned with another dress or top. I will leave the rest to your creativity!

Where to get: Flamenco museum at Seville

Cost: €100 to €1000

Spanish fans

One can easily get tired of Barcelona’s heat in summer and so do they have a accessible solution to it. A abanico, or a spanish fan, they are cheap and easy to cool yourself down in the scorching heat. Women usually carry a fan in Barcelona, as it does not just cool you down but also adds a pop of colour to the attire. Get those wooden handcrafted fans at the market, as they are more authentic. Bonus point! Gift this to your loved ones with a Flamenco!

Where to get: Flamenco museum at Seville

For the incoming Traveller

Gift a Food Tour for a real immersion into the native gastronomy.

Book a visit to La Sagrada Familia and encourage yourself by Antoni Gaudi´s heritage in city.

Pamper your arrival to city by taking a while at river Delaware city historic Arab bathhouse.

Buy the official city town card to maximise your expertise in city.

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