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good places for smoking weed in barcelona

Good places for smoking weed in Barcelona

Smoking weed in Barcelona is a private affair .There are many clubs for weeds which are open always but privately nobody can enter directly . If you want to enter here then you must have a referral . You should know some who can forward your name to them and then they will let you come inside.Don’t worry by this if you are a tourist and don’t have such links then also you can get them .

Cannabis Clubs

Don’t confuse these clubs with the one in Amsterdam as there you would feel that you are in pubs and having drinks but in Cannabis club you would feel that you are in your living room .

There is a huge difference in level of comfort. If you are worried that your identity can be lost then don’t worry this club will not sell your identity your information is remain hidden . No one will sell your information and your name will never come out for this you can trust these clubs .

They are running for more than 20-30 years. If they leak your information then they will lose their client which is not good for them.

There are 200 clubs in Barcelona offering weeds but you have to register with them for that you have to submit your id and you have to pay the membership fee.

1.Marijuana Club 18+

It is a private club that do not accept random entry you have to register on their sites then they will a lot you a number by which you can enter and you have to pay the fee online . They also provide you the option to buy membership for a month or entire year it depends on your vacation for how long you need this.

Timing : Monday to Sunday from 12.00 am to 01.00 pm

2. Barcelona coffee shop 18+

It is a social club which offers invitation to weed user . You have to submit the form and if you are going with your friend then mention that also in your from and you have to pay 20 for the entry fee.

If you don’t have the invitation then you’ll be rejected to enter the club. The site is very responsive if you register now then they will give you invitation right now you don’t need to wait much . They had done this so that people can visit the same day they want .

They don’t want people to wait even door a single day.

Location and time will be provided to you once you pay the fee and fill the form.

3.Girls Cannabis Club 18+

Every time we hear the word cannabis an image of dude pop up in our mind why always men are allowed to enjoy all this and women are considered to be away from such enjoyment . In Barcelona they have clubs for women also but it doesn’t mean that men are not allowed these clubs are not gender biased .

You have to fill the form and pay €20 for each entry.And you have to be above 21 years for entry.

Time: 11 am -11 pm

4. Beach Cannabis club:

Be it fall , summer or winter , Barcelona is always sunny . Beaches have a clear sky , clean water and the fresh air blowing around is the thing which where weed lovers would definitely want to enjoy their smoke . So there are clubs on beach also where you can take all the pleasure of beach with weed on another hand.

You have to fill the form and you’ll be given a allotment number by which you can enter. €20 is the annual fee.

Your location and time will be provided when you fill the form and pay the fee.

5.Marina Cannabis Club 21+

It is located in one of the prime location of Barcelona . You can enjoy here solo or in group . It is the best club where mostly the rich brads come and you can make new friends as well .

People below 21 are not allowed to enter. You have to carry your passport , id and the allotment number given to you. Without any of these documents you won’t be allowed to enter into the club. It is located near the main pubs of Barcelona.

€20 is the annual fee.

6. Weed Lounge Club

It is the primer club of Barcelona they only accept new invitations and you have to show the proof that you are above 18 years, €20 is the entry fee and you have to fill the form and then invitation will be given to you. You have to bring your passport, id and that number provided to you without them you won’t be allowed inside.

Location: Riera Blanca

7.Weed vice Cannabis club 18+

It is a private club and don’t think of it as a coffee shop without id you are not allowed to enter . You can join this club via invitations provided through internet you just have to fill the form and only single invitations are allowed if you are coming with your friend then fill forms separately €21 is the fee for an individual.It is located near Gracia neighborhood.

Without invitation nobody is allowed these clubs are very strict regarding their rules and regulation if you are found guilty then it can be very dangerous for you.

8.Dragon Cannabis Club 18+

When you visit this club you ‘ll hear the sound of water falling on the ground which will give you a very different experience you won’t be able to forget your experience of weed smoking at this place.

It is the best club for smoke weed in Barcelona among all ‘ The facilities it provide is generally not shown by any other club. IT is a complete pack in itself. You only have to be above 18 and you have to show the proof of it. You have to fill the form and submit it .

9.Hash oil cannabis club

This place is loved by most of the cannabis lover who want to use free plant to generate weed . The staff members are highly educated and they provide you the best advices at the best price .

You have to submit the form and pay the fee in order to enter to the club without that you won’t be allowed and you have to be above 18 years of age to enter the club and please carry the proof of it with you.Submit the form and pay the fee for entire year.

11. El Born

First that comes up is El Born, possibly the coolest district of BCN and probably where you will find your first Barcelona cannabis club is located.

The highest concentration of cannabis cafes is on Barcelona are in the first three areas we’ll talk about. The reason for this is it’s the area that attracts a lot of tourists, so finding a high-quality weed coffee shop might take you some time.

A fantastic chocolate museum is located here El Born, one of the city’s best covered markets and also the Picasso museum. It is a neighbourhood with a variety to keep you entertained. Considering for bars and music venues there are too many to list, so just get stoned, you can explore the streets and see what you can discover.

12. Gothic Quarter

It is right next to El Born is the Gothic Quarter. It is the oldest area of Barcelona and the history can be found here in every alleyway and street.

It’s the another popular area for BCN cannabis clubs and if you’re visiting first coffee shop is here ( finds 14 clubs nearby) then it’s a good place to explore while high.

The Gothic Quarter is the home for the Marijuana, Hash and Hemp museum of Barcelona.First thing need to be cleared before you ask, no they don’t sell weed! Even if you are high and want to compound your belief that everyone else also likes to get stoned, then this is the best spot for you.

13. El Raval

It is the next district along from the Gothic Quarter and just another area with a high concentration of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs. As in El Born and the Gothic Quarter, this is a great place to get high and wander around aimlessly.

Environment here is notoriously a bit rawer than its neighbouring districts and gives more local feel. As a result, it has few excellent bars and many cheaper food outlets than El Born.

Apart from exhibitions on everyone’s favourite herb and groovy cannabis clubs, there’s also few great history in the Gothic Quarter. You can visit numerous galleries and museums here for not much money or soak up the buzz of Barcelona in any of the public area. You should be careful of the pickpockets in this district though – especially if you are looking high and keep your belongings with you.


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