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How to avoid scams in barcelona

There are not very many parts of Barcelona that you would detest. I cherish the shorelines, particularly in the late spring when the water is as warm as a warmed pool. I revere the design from Gothic to Gaudi, which comes to back to Roman occasions and still astonishes me after numerous years living here.

It's likewise a delight to stroll down the lanes and hear a disorder of dialects speaking to various societies. Also, the nourishment and wine? Try not to try and kick me off on the amount I adore it!

In any case, no place is great. That is simply not how life functions. There's a troublesome side to even the sweetest goal. We've discussed a couple of the negative parts of Barcelona previously, however, I trust that the most irritating part of Barcelona is the trivial burglary and incidentally more forceful types of theft that occur.

In any case, don't let these minor wellbeing issues demoralize you from visiting this great city. Rather, be careful with these tips in view of long stretches of living in Barcelona.

Watch your gear

I've never witnessed it, however, I've nown about gear cheats on the AEROBÚS, the transport that associates downtown Barcelona to the air terminal. You don't really need to sit with your back between your legs, and now and again that might be viewed as discourteous, particularly if the transport is full. There is a luggage rack on the AEROBÚS and your huge sacks ought to be stowed there.

My recommendation is to sit as near the baggage rack as could be allowed, so you can watch out for your things. Obviously, PC packs, totes and cameras should all go in your lap, not on the rack.

Keep satchels close

Never put your tote on the floor in an open place. On the off chance that you are in an eatery, your satchel ought to be on your lap, not hung over the back of your seat. Burglaries can snatch the satchel over a seat or a vacant seat. The hoodlum stops by your table running grabs the handbag and continues onward.

You are excessively surprised, making it impossible to respond, in addition to you have a sizable chunk of patatas bravas, making it hard to sound the alert. You may attempt to pursue him, however, he's quicker, knows easy routes and is a distant memory in a moment or two.

You probably won’t always have a chance to restore your purse where men grab the burglar.

Be alerted when shopping

You should watch out for your satchel in attire shops, as well. For instance, in the event that you remove your coat and handbag keeping in mind the end goal to attempt on something without going into the changing area, you'll need to ensure that your tote is settled cosily between your feet, not left unattended on a seat or on the floor. Hoodlums prowl in shops searching for a chance to catch a pack.

Pick the correct neighbourhood

A few territories of the city are more secure than others, particularly around evening time. The most secure zones are those with a couple of visitors since wrongdoing takes after the stream slacked, unaccustomed explorer. The most secure territories are L'Eixample and Gràcia. The slightest safe is El Raval and the Gothic Quarter.

This does not imply that you shouldn't remain in El Raval or the Gothic Quarter. Actually, they are both dynamic hoods with a portion of the city's best nightlife and eateries. Be that as it may, in the event that you remain in these territories, you have to keep your minds about you or travel with companions.

Be watchful with money

It's best to remove cash from an ATM amidst the day when loads of individuals are about. Abstain from pulling back huge totals during the evening from devastate ATMs when nobody is near. Likewise abstain from conveying loads of money. Rather, leave the greater part of your euros in the safe in your inn room, and carry just what you require for the day. You will need to have some money available on the grounds that not all shops and eateries in Barcelona acknowledge Visas.

Beware from pickpockets on the Metro

Sadly, numerous confiding visitor gets ransacked on the Metro. The most noticeably bad situation is a stuffed auto when everybody is squished up against every other person.

It's difficult to know in this circumstance if the pull you feel is a hoodlum opening your pack or simply the person beside you attempting to take in the confined space. Keep your satchel in your grasp or held against your body and keep your wallet in your front pocket. In the event that it's extremely swarmed, keep your hand on it.

Know while getting on or off the Metro. One trap criminals jump at the chance to play is to get a pack and bounce off, similarly as the entryways snap close. They have your sack and the greater part of your Visas outwardly of the Metro, and you're stuck inside. When you get to the following stop and discover a cop, the hoodlum has delighted in lunch on your Visa.

Something else to remember about the Metro is the place and when you ride it. Late during the evening dodge the periphery lines. You will be fine during the evening on all lines in the downtown area, and there are typically numerous different revelers around. Be that as it may, it gets somewhat wild on Fridays and Saturdays after 12 pm. Expect adolescents and school kids tasting alcohol, smoking joints and cigarettes, and singing off-enter in a happy fog. Min you, none of this is legitimate (aside from the singing), however that hasn't ceased anybody.

Convey an amigo to the beach

The shoreline is best with an amigo. On the off chance that you go alone you won't have anybody to care for your stuff while you swim. On the off chance that it's a swarmed day at the shoreline, ask the nearest dependable looking individual to watch out for your things while you go for a plunge.

On the off chance that you are perched on the sand watching the waves, considering about the earlier night's wild Metro ride, ensure your pack and possessions are before you. Guests wrongly set their pack to their back, which makes a simple welcome for handbag snatchers.

Likewise, be careful about somebody who comes up and begins making casual conversation. Your first response ought to be to find your sack, camera, assets, and so on. Criminals regularly work in twos: One occupies you with casual chit chat while alternate snatches your stuff. The criminal will keep you involved until the point that his companion is securely away, and afterward he will state his farewells.

Adhere to the sufficiently bright lights around evening time

El Raval and the Gothic Quarter are both fun hoods to spend a night out on the town. Bars, clubs, bars and show corridors possess large amounts of the two territories. Be that as it may, El Raval can be risky for ladies alone, particularly drawback lanes.

Ladies who have been hassled in El Raval, and many other people who have been burglarized in the area. You are in an ideal situation on the off chance that you go out with a gathering of individuals, or if nothing else with a companion. Stick to sufficiently bright avenues with loads of movement.

In the Gothic Quarter a similar run about adhering to sufficiently bright regions applies. Another thought in the Gothic Quarter is exactly how confounding its winding paths can be. It is anything but difficult to become mixed up in this hood, especially oblivious after a couple of glasses of wine. Know about your environment, search for road signs and look out for suspicious characters.

Carry a copy of your passport

Make a copy of your passport and carry the photocopy around with you. Leave your passport, one of your credit cards, and extra cash in the safe in your hotel room. Remember that in some stores, like FNAC, you will need your physical passport in order to make a purchase with a credit card–but this is the exception, not the rule.


Most wrongdoing in Barcelona is of the insignificant robbery assortment. Muggings are uncommon. Weapons are not normal in Spain, and being held up at gunpoint isn't at all normal. In any case, it is mistaken to accept that vicious theft do not occur.

The thing is, El Born is a touristy territory. There are numerous lodgings and occasion lofts scattered around the hood and criminals know this.

These accounts are rare, however that does not imply that they can't occur. I think in the event that somebody comes up to you with a severed jug and an unhinged look in their eyes, the best activity is fork over your cash. After all you have your back-up trade securely stowed away out the safe in your lodging room.

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