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How to spend new year's eve in barcelona 2019

New Year is just 4 months away and everyone is quite excited to celebrate New year in a unique and interesting manner. People most often prefer vacations before New Year to enjoy the festivities of a particular place. When talking about New Year Eve, undoubtedly the best place to spend New Year is in Spain. Commonly known as La Nochevieja, it is a celebration like no other and definitely a go-to place to celebrate New Year. Visitors are sure to have huge smiles on their faces after New Year and moments to cherish for a lifetime. The festivities start in Barcelona right from Christmas and continue into New Year where three kings can be seen giving gifts to Children to commemorate the beginning of a new and fresh year.

Traditions in Barcelona followed in New Year

Grapes are considered to be an important part of traditions in New Year. This might sound a bit weird but people of Barcelona consider grapes to be a sign of good luck. At the strike of the midnight clock, there is a tradition to have 12 grapes and 1 grape for each chime. Managing to eat 12 grapes can bring you a prosperous and lucky year ahead. This tradition has been named as uvas de la suerte and has been followed for the past 100 years. Marking of New Year with the traditions to add to the glory of New Year in Barcelona. Visitors try out this tradition during New Year eve to bring good luck to their sides.

Basics to keep in Mind for spending New Year Eve in Barcelona

  1. Taking a good itinerary is essential before planning for a vacation in Barcelona for New Year. Barcelona is filled with many attractions and you need to visit each and every important landmark to enjoy to the fullest.
  2. Buying of tickets online seems to be a good idea because as New Year approaches, there is a huge rush and there might be chances that all good hotels might be booked. Preparing in advance helps a lot.
  3. Search for the best lodges to stay in Barcelona. New Year time is a busy one and choosing a good hotel can be a painful task if you decide to plan at the last minute.

Weather at Barcelona

The weather during New Year Eve is pleasant and not freezing cold, allowing people to come out and feel good vibes all around. A jacket and a sweater are enough to keep you warm during winters of Barcelona. There might be rain and people can expect around 6 hours of sunshine daily.

Parties in Barcelona in New Year

All across Barcelona, there are so many happening places to spend New Year's Eve. These places are crowded with people during New Year and people dance and sing the whole night and welcome New Year in a grand way. Some of the places to spend New Year's Eve in Barcelona are listed as under:

Poble Espanyol:

Who simply doesn't enjoy good music? An open-air museum, Poble Espanyol has a classy look to itself and one of the wonderful places to celebrate New Year's Eve in Spain. The place is decorated with lights and mouth-watering dishes are served to its guests. The celebrations begin at around 10.30 pm and continue throughout the night. Live music and champagne make the place lively. People toast for a great year ahead.


How can one miss pubs on a New Year eve???? Head to one of the fanciest clubs in Spain with live music and a roof terrace. The dance floors are filled with people and music of all sorts are played on the dance floors. From couples to friends to aged people, everyone enjoys a gala time here. Certain events are held here and this place is one big shot to communicate with the locals and make new friends.

Torre Agbar: 

Situated away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Torre Agbar is a must visit place on New Year eve. This is one of the most eye-catching buildings located on the skyline of Barcelona. Lights of different hues light up the building on New Year's Eve making it look simply marvelous. There is a display of lights in various patterns and people visit this place to have a glimpse of the same.

Plaça Catalunya:

This place is located in the centre of Barcelona making it a packed place on New Year's Eve. Visitors out there drink Cava and they try out a fun tradition at midnight. Just as the clock strikes 12, many visitors present there, throw their bottles of Cava into the centre place. This is taken as a symbol of health consciousness among people. This place is decorated in the most stylish way for people to enjoy their best. Fireworks are displayed in rows, which looks beautiful.

The Magic Fountain:

A greeting is so unforgettable at the Magic Fountain in Plaça d'Espanya where a great event is held on the occasion of New Year. The event starts from 9.15 pm onward where visitors can enjoy breathtaking performances and visitors are surprised by many more events. With the New Year making its way, amazing fireworks can be seen and the colourful twirling of the fountain makes an extraordinary show. The New Year makes its entry in the most splendid way.

Beach parties for New Year Eve

Make your way to some of the grandest beach clubs in Barcelona in which arrangements are made for visitors to enjoy to their fullest. Located on the beachfront, the waves of the beaches give these clubs a feeling of calmness and surrealism. Some of the well-known beach clubs are Shoko, Opium, etc. DJ's are called to these clubs to entertain people and best of wines and champagnes are served to its guests.

Restaurants to visit in Barcelona on New Year Eve

Not just clubs but restaurants in Barcelona provide some of the choicest foods to its guests on New Year Eve. A heartful dinner is what some people prefer on New Year. Some of the restaurants which are a must visit on New Year Eve are listed as under:

El Palace Hotel:

A decoration that takes you back to old school, this restaurant is designed in a classy way which is cosy and warm. The menu on New Year Eve consists of 2 buffets and around 13 drinks that people can enjoy. The buffets contain around 15 assorted dishes which are loved by people and are paired with best Spanish Champagne and wine.


Get the best of city view from the Museum of History of Catalonia in this famous restaurant. The New Year Eve menu is a 6-course meal paired with Cava and fine Champagne. The bread served in the course is handmade which people love to relish. New Year time is filled with people and advance bookings should be made. Many parties are conducted in the Olympic village near the seaside.

4 Gats

What can be better than seafood and oysters on New Year Eve? 4 Gats is the perfect place to gather on New Year Eve and feel the essence of Old fashioned Paris coupled with decorations of Barcelona. A full 8-course meal is served with live music and fills up the air. They provide selectable desserts and cookies for Christmas and New Year. The location of the restaurant is very ideal for visitors.

Foods prepared on New Year Eve

Along with merrymaking among people, people also take interest in the preparation of certain special dishes to celebrate New Year's Eve. Preparation of these dishes take less time and prepared at every household in Barcelona. Some of these recipes are listed as under:

Escudella i Carn d’Olla

A hearty meal which is enjoyed both on Christmas and New Year stew. It is a chicken and vegetable stew cooked with a white sauce which tastes heavenly. Giant pieces of pasta like sea shells are put in the stew to enhance its taste. Meatballs are served along with the stew to savour the dish.


When thinking of authentic Spanish dishes, the first name that comes to the mind is Paella. Cooked with rice, meat and saffron, it is a slow-cooked to absorb the flavours. Shellfishes are a major element of the dish. New Year Eve is one such celebration in which Paella is prepared at homes. Paella is a heavy dish and eaten during New Year brunches.


Another signature dish prepared during Christmas and New Year Eve is Canelons. A chicken stuffed pasta, canelons are creamy with a textured layer of béchamel sauce. It can be topped with cheese, if needed. It is a must-taste dish in Barcelona. Canelons with a glass of wine are perfect to go with the occasion.


Barcelona is famous for its exquisite chocolates which are prepared from fine cocoa. New Year eve is the best time to have chocolates because different kinds are prepared. Chocolates come in various sizes and patterns.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Barcelona for New Year Eve, make it the best time of your life and seize life to the fullest. The metros run all night on New Year, so stop making excuses and celebrate New Year with your heart out.


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