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Published: Nov 02, 2018 | 34 Views

15 best spots to get incredible photos in dubai

Travel photography is one thing a person gets excited about when visiting any place. The photographs mean a lot to different people and in different ways of course. Some do it for their blogs, social sites and some do it to create memories whenever they want.

One of the best and most visited countries in the world is UAE and its capital Dubai. Dubai is the perfect destination for a lot of things like shopping, luxury, adventure, business etc.

Dubai is full of intensity of different experiences. The skyscrapers set the mark to another level, the old Dubai gives the essence of the real streets of Dubai, the beaches gives the vision of any enjoyment, the desert gives the vibes of adventure and solitude.

All these sites give a different feeling and also photos. There are many spots in Dubai to get some incredible photos. We are going to tell you some of the best spots you can visit to get the perfect travel photograph for your social media or to share with friends.

1. Burj Khalifa

There is no explanation to convince anyone to either visit this place or click a picture or two with it. The tallest building in the world is visited by millions of people every year. The photogenic building of Burj Khalifa is 830 meter tall and has a unique structure to get fitted in the photo and look immensely beautiful.

The night show in Burj Khalifa lights up the whole place and gives the best entertainment. The laser show along with it on the Building makes the building most attractive and photogenic. A little upward tilt to your camera can capture something most beautiful you can ever capture.

Address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

2. At the Top- Burj Khalifa

As the exterior of Burj Khalifa is already listed as photogenic and beautiful, how can we forget about the contents and other aspects like the top view from such a marvel?

There are total of 163 floors and only 124,125 and 148 can be accessed by the tourists. There are tickets for different floors and the view from those is just majestic. Being the top most view from any building in the world, the Burj Khalifa has a lot more to offer.

The view from the top of whole Dubai city will engage your senses into experiencing the best moment.

Address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: Burj Khalifa is open from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. throughout the week

Ticket Price: The cost for the top view will be around 140 AED

3. The Fountain & Laser Show- Dubai Fountain

The best free tourist attraction in Dubai is Dubai fountain. The night show is a musical fountain show in which water almost dances right aside the Burj Khalifa and a laser show is also conducted sometimes which makes the show the best.

The city light, sparkling water and the Burj Khalifa in one frame can make any picture worth a lot. Just step out from the Dubai Mall and you’ll find the gigantic Burj Khalifa and water lake aside for the show.

Address: Fashion Parking - Dubai Mall - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: The show starts at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 p.m. every day. It happens every half an hour.

4. Dubai Mall

If you think that a mall is a cliché for Instagram pictures then you are wrong. The Dubai Mall is filled with different spots for great pictures and photogenic places. The whole wall of Aquarium with different species of aquatic animals is one of the examples.

The cafes, fashion avenue area, indoor fountain in the mall are some other examples.

Address: Dubai Mall - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

5. Atlantis

The most iconic hotel situated on the palm islands of Dubai is Atlantis Hotel. The structure and the view is just immensely beautiful and photogenic.

Whether you are at beach, cruise, monorail, hot balloon, or even from the streets, the hotel looks beautiful. The blue water always shines on the walls and the white beach increases the beauty of this place.

Address: Crescent Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

6. Miracle Garden

The most colored and beautiful place in Dubai is the Miracle Garden. The miracle is the beauty and the innovation used to convert nature into a heaven like place. The place is very photogenic due to the garlands and flowers shaped into different things.

The world’s biggest natural garden was launched on Valentine’s Day. It’s a favorite photography spot for the couples too.

Address: Al Barsha South 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Opening Hours: The garden is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on weekdays and 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays).

7. Bur Dubai

The old streets of Old Dubai or Bur Dubai are a perfect place for photography. The Hindu Temple, the boats and cruises of old times sailing on the creek are the background anyone wants in a photo.

The traditional restaurants, streets, low floored buildings of historic time make the place such a photogenic spot.

8. Dubai Desert

Authentic Arabian deserts are surprisingly a good spot to get a great picture. The sunset, the dunes, the color & contrast of desert makes the picture beautiful and intense.

You can go for Desert Safari to explore the inner beauty of desert, the camels and the traditional desert entertainment pictures.

9. The Frame

The Dubai frame can be the frame for your pictures also. The task is not easy though but you can also choose the option to capture the interior of the frame. The glass floor, interior designs, view can make any photographer run for the shots.

Address: Zabeel Park, Dubai

Opening Hours: The Dubai Frame is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Entry Fee: 50 AED for adults and 30 AED for kids.

10. Al Bastakiya

If you want some more historic touch then head to Al Bastakiya. The place is full of old houses and narrow streets which gives a unique picture type for travellers. The exploration can result in many interesting pictures.

The most photogenic spot is the Secret Garden located in Al Barsakiya. Make sure to stop there and take some photos for your travel diaries.

Address: Al Hamriya,Bur Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

11. Burj Al Arab

The only 7 star hotel in the world has its own beauty. The kite beach is right next to this hotel and the view of the hotel during sunset is just adorable. The place is filled with tourists and streets are busy with vehicles. There are lots of spots to click a picture to remember.

The background of such an incredible building from the beach is the best shot one can have.

Address: Umm Suqeim, just off Jumeirah Beach Road, near Jumeirah Beach Hotel - United Arab Emirates

12. La Mer

If you are much interested in the city life of any place, then in Dubai head to La Mer. This newly opened place has a lot to offer. The stylish cafes, colourful everything makes this place a photogenic and refreshing place.

The beach with a view of Burj Khalifa, lots of tourists enjoying and graffiti’s on the wall can become a good background for a picture.

Address: 2 A St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

13. Souks

The souks anywhere are the cultural centre of the place. The souks in Dubai are full of gold and spices. The golden colour with different colour and texture of spices can make any picture the best to entice.

The Arabian clothes with well-presented spices and gold in souks in Deira is really a good place to get a picturesque mood.

Address: 26 34 St - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

14. Dubai City Walk

This newly place is right between Jumeirah Beach and Burj Khalifa. The evenings at this place is something which needs to be captured. The lights throughout the street, the graffiti’s on the wall with some famous Dubai hash tags is a perfect background to have a vivid picture of modern Dubai.

Address: Al Safa Street City Walk - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

15. Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek which divides Deira and Bur Dubai and has a historic touch alongside. The old yachts and boats will carry visitors for a ride to explore the old town of Dubai which looks stunning in day or night. The night lights make the place a perfect picturesque spot.

The day time also shows the old buildings and flamingos all around to capture in your camera.

These were some best spots in Dubai to get a perfect picture for your IG or just to store your memories. The places are beautiful to another extent and background of this place only can make your pictures the travel goals for many others.



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Ankit Kumar

This world is meant to be explored and i am being ready to do it.
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