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Good places in dubrovnik for smoking weeds

People visit Dubrovnik mainly for seas. Relaxing rocky coast and blue clear sky gives a feeling of infinity. Some of the people visiting coasts are bound to be stoners ,since smoking is very much common in coast side as the beauty around the coast gives an amazing experience of smoking. If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik and wondering whether you’ll be able to smoke or not? Then don’t worry as there are many places in Dubrovnik which will provide you weed .

But you must be careful regarding weed ,it is still illegal but Marijuana is legal although.


It is a party place and a sunny beach where you can enjoy your smoke while walking around the sea and if you want to get it then it is not difficult to get it you have to come at night, when dealers are out for selling weed . You can ask them and purchase from them. Another way of taking weed is to ask the promoters they usually know where to get this .

Price: 10-15$/per gm

Just be careful and restrict yourself to the beach area only don’t get on the main roads.


It is the capital of Croatia and every year, many tourists visit this city and it is natural some tourists will definitely want to smoke some weed during their visit.It is not impossible for you to get weed , you need to be in touch with people on couchsurfing or similar people who will definitely help you.The safest place to have plant is around main square where you can find tons of parks around the square and young people are hanging out here. You can ask them and also the place is less crowded .The best place for smoking is park,lake and beach-just avoid public places .

Price:10 /per gram


High quality weeds are available here and they are known by local name Don’t ask them by their original name . If you want cannabis then you must ask for "trava" or "vutra".But the weed available on the street is of low quality.To get this you must have contacts with other cannabis users and for some particular weeds, it is better to order them online that offers discrete packaging and home delivery.

Price :1.3-9.2$/gram and it gets cheaper in big cities.


Street sellers of weed is not seen in this area.But it is not difficult to get weed you can do two things either you can go Trg Republike and ask young people about it. They will tell you the number of dealer and from him you can get the weed . Another way you can go “splavovi” near the tram bridge. You should go there at midnight weed dealers are roaming at that time and are looking for some deal you can ask them and buy weed from them

Price:10-20$/ gm


Public use of weed is completely banned but still a major part of the city is using weeds. To get weed you should have contacts to local people if you don’t have then you can ask bartenders, young taxi drivers and caffe owners. You’ll not find people selling weed on roads ,instead of that dealers remain hidden and they are contacted indirectly.You ca enjoy your weed while taking a walk in germia, in park or any place where less people are present.

Price:3-20 €/gram depending upon the quality of weed being used.


There are very harsh laws regarding drugs and no one sell weed on street .But still young people smoke alot and drug dealer are earning a huge amount from it. In order to get this you must have contacts with the local people they can only provide you the best quality weed .It might be possible that you take a bad quality weed so before intaking you should check it thoroughly.There are 10 types of weeds available in markets of Montenegro. Drugs come from Bosnia and Serbia.

Price: 7$/gm

Apart from all these places you can visit bars,caffe where weed smoking is allowed.Some of them are:

7.D'Vino Wine Bar:

It is one of the famous bar of Dubrovnik and here you can smoke without an restriction. Also weed dealers are present here so you can directly contact them . A wide variety of wine is available here. You’ll see that the crowd gathered here is mostly young and rich and everybody is busy in themselves not body is poking others they are not interfering in others matter . Everyone is in party mood and are relaxed as there is no fear of being caught.

It is located in Palmoticeva and starts from 2am-10am.

8.Buzz Bar

It is a new bar opened in the city recently .Here drinks and smoke weeds are available at low prices.If you don’t want to spend much then this place is best for you .It is enriched with free wifi and music is played every time.

You can take your friend to this place as it is affordable and has all the features which is present in other bars also weed smoke is easily accessible .

It is in Prejeko and is opened from 8am-2am everyday.

9.Cafe Buza

It is in south of main street in old town and this place is not too big but it has good music and good collection of drinks. People visit this place knowing that the bar is small but still more weed dealers are available here , so people have to search less they can just go and ask them and smoke inside the bar nobody will stop them .

10.Sunset Lounge

This place has a very beautiful view when sun sets , if you are planning to visit this place then visit before sunset . Orange sky with nice music and calm environment makes it a perfect place to smoke.You can take your friends.Also the food is awesome you’ll enjoy alot and the hospitality shown by staff members is also very good .

It is located in Masarykov put 20.

11.Banje Beach restaurant, lounge & club

It is placed along the beach side , guests can also enjoy the boat and yacht is also available. In day time it is a fine dining restaurant but at night it become a full party club full of drinks and smoke weeds.There is a huge variety of drinks and food . Loud music in background gives you a true party feel . You have to purchase ticket in order to enter this club and then you’ll be offered a free welcome drink.

It is located in Banje beach, Frana Supila 10a and timings are from 10am-6am daily.


You must have seen this place in adds , movies and posters as this place is highly advertise by stars .

It is located in Zamanjina 7 Dubrovnik and is opened from 7-2am daily.

13.Celtic Bar Belfast

This place is frequently visited by locals which is a good sign . they often visit because the quality of drinks, food and the environment is very nice and people love this place . Music is also very good.

It is located in the center of old town .

14.Katie O'Connor's Irish Pub

This pub has the widest collection of drinks ,liquor and smoke weeds are also easily available from local people.They offers the traditional breakfast and free wifi facility is also present. It has very friendly environment and you’ll feel as if you are at home also people around you are so fun loving and kind . In 2006 this place is awarded by Guiness pin for its high standard.

It is located in old town.

15.King Richard's Pub

It has 2 floors -on the top floor drinks are served and people can enjoy weed whereas on ground floor people enjoy night life that is dance, karaoke and other activity. Starter served is one of the reason why people visit this place more often.Music played is excellent which energise people more for the party. You can ask any local for weed if you don’t have but it is advised that you should smoke in the upper half .

It is located in new part of Dubrovnik closed to Lapad opposite to old town.

Pub Karaka

It is the oldest pub of Dubrovnik ,if you like rock music and German beer then this place is good for you. But it has many other facilities a wide variety of beer is served along with that you can enjoy smoke weed which is also very much common in this place. Food another factor which invites people to this place. Also you’ll get an opportunity to meet new European people and you can make new friends .It is located in the old town and is easily accessible from main city.

It is located in 5 Polača Street .


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