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how to celebrate christmas eve in dubrovnik

Christmas is the most important eve in western countries and if you want to make your christmas more special then Dubrovnik must be your first choice. I will tell you how you can celebrate christmas here and i can assure you that this time you’ll experience something new. You’ll see the traditional things with a modern touch. It is a Croatian city along the Adriatic Sea and the most popular tourist destination in Mediterranean Sea.

  1. Dubrovnik Christmas Fair

It is organised in the atrium of the Convent of St. Claire and it has traditional craftsmen showing their crafts , paintings, candles ,toy everything which can be made by hand. Cookies , candies, pastry and many more sweet shops are available and the famous sweet of Dubrovnik ˝kotonjata˝ a quince cheese is specially prepared for this festive season.This fair begins from 2nd December-6th January.

Markets are the places where you can see the essence of a festival and are filled with excitement and decoration till the end. Every year Dubrovnik markets are decorated so beautifully as if it is the first christmas they will celebrate.

Ban Jelacic Square

It is in the capital of Croatia and is the famous market which remains decorated with its surroundings in christmas mood for entire month.

Christmas market is also placed on the streets of Dubrovnik.

Everything related to christmas is available here at less price.

Location:Trg bana Josipa Jelačića Zagreb


Stradun , traditional market place where you can find the ancient things of Dubrovnik as showpiece you can place them in your home or gift someone .Every architecture is different in itself.

Location: 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Timings:Early morning or late afternoon to get best experience.

2.Ice park

Kids are the one who are most excited for the eve if you are planning to visit with your kids then open-air skating rink at Ice Park in Zagreb is best place for them .Great music ,food and ice leads to a great fun time.

Entry fee: 20 kuna

Time: 10 am -11 pm

Many cultural events are also organised for children and adult. If you don’t know skating then instructors here will teach you and then you can enjoy the complete park.


In Dubrovnik winter festival continues for 40 days and this festival will provide you entertainment,culture,art,cuisine and many events such as concert, skating ,plays ,live, music ,theater ,music gallery are organised in southern part of Dalmatian city which is the most attractive place .Entire city is decorated with festive lighting .You can dance on the live music in front of St. Blaise church or you can enjoy play, museum and art gallery.

Best Time to Visit: You should come with your family ,friends every day different events are organised .Winter festival will begin from

19 November- 6 March

4. Beach Time in winter

Dubrovnik is located in the south-eastern part of Europe, due to which you’ll see bright sun in winters also and you can enjoy full day on beach in winters which is generally not seen.You can walk along the coast and Adriatic sea will provide you a natural refreshment.

Some of the popular beaches are

Banje beach

It is mainly a tourist beach ,it has jet ski and a good place for kids as well they can play with pebbles and make sand castle .

It is at walking distance from the Ploče Gate.

Sveti Jakov

It is rarely crowded and part shingle ,shaded with shower with restaurants and bars at beach level. Local people prefer this beach more.It is at 20 minutes of walking distance from Vlaha Bukovca.


It is the cleanest and rocky beach of Dubrovnik and the waves are rough as the bay is not much sheltered.It is at short walk from Pile Gate.

Lapad beach

It has a very family- friendly environment with shower, sun loungers and water overseen by lifeguard .Also they have nearby play area and tennis court. To reach here take bus no.6 from Pile.

5.National Park

Winters are the best time to visit national parks of Dubrovnik , you’ll be facing less crowd and can see more beautiful sights without any rush.Some of the parks which you must visit are-

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The main beauty of this park is the 16 lakes interconnected by waterfall and other species living here makes it is the most famous tourist attraction place.

Location: It is located in the mid of Zagreb and Zadar city.

Time: 7am-8pm

Entry fee: It varies according to the month.

Mljet National park

This park is in the middle of two water bodies Veliko and Malo Jezero. You can do swimming and sunbathing and you can walk along the coast leaving behind your footprints.

Location: It is at the north or west coast through villages Pomena and Polače.

Time: 8am-8pm

Entry fee: For adults -70 kuna

For kids -50 kuna

Krka National Park

Main attraction of this park is small island of Visovac and Roski Slap waterfall and you’ll see a variety of flora and fauna.

Location: It is at a distance of 10km inland from Sibenik.


Entry Fee: Depending upon the month .

Risnjak National Park

Limestone formed valley is at 15 km from the Adriatic sea.This park contains many mountains. Main attraction of this park is Fly fishing which is generally not seen in other national parks.

6. Skiing

Snowfall is fair in Dubrovnik , so if you like skiing then you’ll find many beautiful and adventurous places. Some of the best skiing site is-

Mount Sljeme

It is the most convenient ski resort located on the northern slopes of Medvednica mountain.

Apart from ice skiing, you can enjoy jet skiing which is also very thrilling and popular .Some famous water ski are-

Gari transfer

It offers boat and ski for the entire day .If you want to explore sea, canvas,lagoons, beaches and caves this is the best choice for you. You will have a great experience away from city to old town.

Watersports Dubrovnik

Each location has a different feature in it , you’ll definitely find it hard to decide which place you should visit because once you get onto the ski your excitement level will reach the next level and you would want to explore more.

Time: 9am-7pm

Zaton Water Sports

They offers small boats and boats for entire family apart from jet and high speed ski.If you want to explore wider section of Dubrovnik then for that they offer Yacht which is very spacious and an excellent choice .

7.Hot Spring

Winter is the best time to enjoy hot spring in Dubrovnik.

Hot spring bath is very good for your body and it removes all the dirt from your body.Some of the best places where you can enjoy hot spring are-

Istarske Toplice

It is the most popular and the purest Croatian hot spring resort.They use sulphur enriched mineral water and 25m long swimming pool and has 5 different saunas as wall as a wide variety of massages.They has arranged certain other activities for their customers , you can go for climbing ,hiking and tracking on the marked paths . You can also visit nearby towns after taking bath , you’ll feel more fresh.

It is located near town of Livade in a calm environment which relaxes your mind completely .


It is the largest sauna bath in Dubrovnik ,they had experts for their center who’ll advice you the best.They had developed a culture of sauna bath in this part of Europe and has developed many innovative sauna bath methods . They has a family sauna on wednesday in which parents can take their children from 4 years to 16 years of age . This is not allowed in other week days.

Time: 2pm-11:30 pm

Krapinske Toplice

Water used here is a particularly suitable for many major diseases such as pain of spine, heart attack and postoperative state .They has many luxurious facilities and they offer different packages amongst which you choose the one you want depending upon your requirements.

It is located in north-west of Zagreb.

8. Cuisine

Food the most important thing in festive season. If somebody visits your place and if you go somewhere then the first thing which comes is the food. Every festival has its speciality in food.

Dubrovnik is famous for its exceptional cuisine and has many food items which are available only during christmas .Dishes which you must try are

Black Risotto

It is a typical and classical dish of Dubrovnik and it is served in many restaurants in main course. Many people have this on occasions.This dish includes many other seafood.

Mušule na buzaru (Stewed mussels)

It is a pretty and simple dish and it has best taste ever .Local people love this dish. This dish is served in most of the x5x restaurants .

Ston Cake

Its unusual appearance makes it most attracted dish of both in Stone and Dubrovnik .This cake is prepared specially for occasion like Christmas,Easter and wedding.


It is the most popular dessert of Dubrovnik .It’s a custard pudding and its taste is incomparable to any other dish.


It is the traditional dish of this region and is available in every other house and is served in the form of candies.


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