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Published: Aug 12, 2018 | 67 Views

Top 10 beaches in dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is the southernmost town in Croatia. It has a lot of sunny days throughout the year and swimming is one of the famous and enjoyable activities done in the famous beaches of the Dubrovnik.

Croatian definition of beach include any area that people use to swim. This is unlike the definition of beaches we use in Asian countries like India.

Dubrovnik is not an exemption from this rule. There are some Pebble beaches, some Sandy beaches, some Rocky areas in and around Dubrovnik which people use to get in and out of the sea.

List of some popular Dubrovnik beaches is given below :

  1. Banje beach

Banje beach is the most popular beach in Dubrovnik. This is among the most visited tourist destinations in Dubrovnik. It is located very close to the old town, just off Place gate.

There are around hundred stairs from the road to the beach that make way for you to reach this beautiful destination called the Banje beach. This beach is commonly made up of small pebbles and gravel.

Key points to keep in mind before planning a trip to the Banje beach :

  • If you are not used to this kind of beach, which mostly people are not. Then, you will most probably need to carry swimming shoes with yourselves.
  • If you like the place and want to hang there you will need to rent a deck chair which is run by the east west Beach Club. But, you would need to pay separately for the toilets if you use them.
  • You can also rent some beach towels and sun umbrellas if you require them. Drinks and food are available in large quantity at the beach.
  • The facility of massages is also available at the beach but additional charges apply for the same.
  • There is a small part at the beach which is free for the public or the Tourist or the locals to visit and enjoy. You need not rent anything in order to enjoy the beach Rocky area closer to the town is absolutely free.
  • While the rest of the part of the beach is run by east west Beach Club which may ask you to pay some charges to hang on that part of the beach.

2. Sv. Jakov Beach

Sv. Jakov Beach is located at a walking distance of about 15 to 20 minutes from the Banje Beach. It is situated Uphill from the Banje Beach. You will need to cross Banje beach in order to reach Sv. Jakov Beach.

This beach is less crowded as compared to the Banji Beach as it is located far from the old town. You get a mesmerising view of the island called Lokrum from this beach. A nice view of the old town can also be experienced from Sv. Jakov Beach.

If you want to spend some private time with your loved ones and you like to stay away from the Hustle bustle of the city this is a perfect beach for you to spend a day at.

Key points to keep in mind before planning a day trip to the Sv. Jakov Beach :

  • Do not forget to carry your lunch with yourself. This will save your time and energy as well. This is because you won't have to climb those stairs twice.
  • Activities : Kayak and jet ski are available on rental basis for you to enjoy and have fun at the Sv. Jakov Beach.

3.Betina Cave Beach

Betina cave beach is a very small beach shaped as a cave. This beach is worth a visit at least once in your life as it is a real gem and is one of a kind. You won't find such beauty anywhere else in this world.

The caves present around the beach makes it cool and nice even during the hot summer days. The pebbles found here are rounded and smooth.

  • Activities : Kayaking is the main activity done by the tourists visiting at the Betina Cave Beach this allows you to explore the beauty of the beach.

4. Sulici Beach

Sulici Beach is located in very close proximity to the Pile Gate. Sulici Beach is just a few metres away from the old town.

The beach is not very popular among the tourists. But, I would personally recommend you to visit this beach if you are in Dubrovnik. the water here is crystal clear and their surroundings are less crowded which makes the place even more beautiful and romantic at the same time.

Sulici Beach is again one of the best places to visit if your hair with your love partner and want to spend some intimate time with them.

  • Major attractions : It is a very small and cosy beach as compared to other beaches present in the area which makes it a very romantic spot for all the honeymooners and other couples.
  • Sulici Beach consists of cemented plateaus and small pebbles which enhances the view of the beach and makes it more attractive for the tourists and travellers.

5. Dance Beach

Dance beach is said to be the oldest beach of Dubrovnik. the place remains crowded and is very popular among the locals of Dubrovnik.

Dance beach is located in very close proximity to the pile gate. It is situated exactly 200 metres away from the old town.

The beach is mostly covered with rocks all around.

  • Major attractions : there is a very beautifully made monastery just above the dance beach. The bells for all the shapes that passed by around by the nuns of the monastery.
  • Activities done here : The sport Water Polo is usually played by the locals at the Dance Beach, which persuades the tourists also to take part in such an exciting sport.

6. Lapad Beach

Lapad Beach is located in Lapad Bay. Lapad Beach is the largest beach in Dubrovnik.

The beaches formed in such a way that it is partly cemented and Rocky and partly filled with pebbles all around. Lovebird beads looks like Messi as it remains crowded most of the times.

  • Activities done at the Lapad Beach : Many beach activities are offered here for the visitors to enjoy. These beach activities include kayaking, water bucket relay, beach bowling, Beach volleyball, beach Frisbee golf, Limbo at the beach and so on.

7. Copacabana Beach

Copacabana beach is a beautiful Pebble beach. It is located below the popular Verma hotels.

The beach is easy to access.

This beach remains crowded most of the times because of its popularity and easy accessibility. As the beach is located near in the close proximity to the hotels and camps, tourists like to visit Copacabana beach in order to have a relaxing time with their loved ones, after the tiring day.

  • Major attractions : copacabana beach is directly facing Dubrovnik bridge. Many tourists come here to see the bridge.
  • Main activities done at the copacabana beach : A large number of camps are set up nearby and there is nothing better than camping beside a water body.

8. Sunj Beach

Sunj Beach is located at an isolated island of Lopud which is situated at the far end from the main village.

This is one of the main summer sports for the local families and the tourists as well.

The beach offers a serene view, is almost sheltered and not so crowded on regular days.

  • Ways to reach the Sunj Beach : There are two ways to reach the Sunj Beach - a) either you can walk on foot to reach the Sunj Beach. It is about 20 minutes long walk away from the main village.

b) Boats are also available that take you to the beach easily and in a comparatively less time.

9. Private hotel beaches

There are many private hotels beaches between the Banje and Sv. Jakov Beaches. These private Hotel beaches are either exclusive or are hired on day basis.

You can the rent a taxi both at the old harbour and choose a pick up time according to your suitability and get the captain's number for easy communication and accessibility.

each of sir private pool offers an exclusive pool on terrace and find Martini. These are Pebble beach is only accessible from the sea.

  • Advantages : The main advantage of the private Hotel beaches is that you do not have to say your space with other tourists around. you get to enjoy on your home with your friends family or loved ones. Your private space is yours and you are your own boss in deciding the things you want to do and not to do.

10. Pasjaca Beach

This is located in Konavle area near Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is a gorgeous cliff-side walk along the adriatic sea that will take you to the hidden beauty of the beach.

Pajaka beach is a small beach but it has to offer the incredible scenery that one can ever experience in their entire lifetime.

Pasjaca beach is unique and one of a kind and you won't find such beaches anywhere else in Croatia.

  • Ways to reach here : Pasjaca beach is located very near to the Dubrovnik's airport, so you can directly take a car or book an uber and reach this destination.
  • Main activities done here : swimming, enjoying the gorgeous scenery with family and friends.



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