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Why should you visit dubrovnik in winter

In spite of whether you are visiting Dubrovnik all of a sudden or the hundredth, the sentiment of wonderment never fails to slip when you set eyes on the grandness of the old town.

For beyond any doubt it's hard to imagine anyone getting the chance to be spoiled by the city's limestone paths, expound structures and the never-ending glimmer of the Adriatic, or fail to be propelled by a walk around the obsolete city dividers that anchored the capital of a cutting edge republic for an impressive timeframe.

Despite the fact that the shelling of Dubrovnik in 1991 frightened the world, the city has skipped back with energy to charm guests once more. Wonder about the interaction of light on the old stone structures; follow the pinnacles and troughs of Dubrovnik's past in exhibition halls packed with workmanship and curios; take the link auto up to Mt Srđ; find yourself scaling and down limited paths – then dive into the purplish blue ocean.

If you are a traveller, you would love to know more about the destination in detail and most importantly the right season to visit.

Dubrovnik city view point
Dubrovnik city view point

Dubrovnik is the perfect. For the budgeted trip or a splurge one. Winter is the most suitable time to be around and that Croatia is clearly a summer bound destination for tourists. We suggest you to haul on to Dubrovnik in winter for reasons like crowd. You definitely would not want to be cooped up in a room or Stradun (streets). Dubrovnik tops the bucket lists of crowd vacationing in Europe. Another adorable reason is that the weather is still warm compared to other places in Europe during winter.

Here you can breeze through the streets, explore the jewel that Dubrovnik is or just relax in an eatery with your favourite coffee.

As we have digested the fact that Dubrovnik is not a depressing place with cold streets and lesser crowd let’s dive in with places to explore in here:

Stroll through historical wall and Forts

You cannot bid adieu to Dubrovnik without glimpsing the ancient walls that claims to hold the sophisticated fame of the city. To add to your eye candy you get to witness the awe-inspiring Adriatic Sea.

The walls were built to in early 15th century to protect the city from Turks. Whereas, the very first walls were built in middle 14th century. Fort St. John is in the eastern approach of the city with Fort Revelin. Fort Bokar and Fort Lawrence looks out to the west while Round Fort Minčeta guards the city. Two entrances provide the tourists to walk around the city walls.


The first thing that awes anyone who has been to Dubrovnik to first or tenth time is its orange rooftops which almost looks unreal. Srđ hill gives to the perfect view of Dubrovnik and Lokrum with magical islands covering up the land. Getting on top of the hill is easy by a cable car to get a bird’s eye view or walk a crisp 1.5 km via Way of the cross to reach at cable car service.

Bonus point is that in winter the cable cars are empty which will give to time to breathe in the scenic view of Dubrovnik. The cable car services are offered for free and are open mostly all year!


We are talking about winter so we have to witness the Christmas Eve or Badnjak as called in Dubrovnik. Christmas is an experience where you will be overwhelmed with rich culture as most of the population is Catholic in Croatia. This is your chance to pose on a Christmas feast where the whole city celebrates this festival like a family. City is bustling with decorative houses and trees, people head to Old Town for Church Mass.

You could also pay visit to Cathedral of Assumption which is the first cathedral after earthquake occurred. This Cathedral was built in 7th century funded by a gift from England’s King Richard I. This cathedral possesses fine altars and work of goldsmiths back in the 10th and 11th centuries. The city has outdoor concerts and performances which run from early December to January. Hotels charge adequate rates.

Dubrovnik Winter festival

This time of the year in Dubrovnik limestone walls and ancient forts would be snow clad and Christmas lights are put on. It is also the time when winter festival is specially celebrated to commence the holiday season for tourists and locals. There are performance of traditional Dalmatian klapa music at the straduns to nearby Gundulić Square while food stalls and kiosks are situated in the centre of the Old town.

With winter festival tourists also get to attend the special festival at St. Blaise, dedicated to the patron of Dubrovnik. It begins with candle mass on February 2nd and ends with theatre guest performances. The festival has seated an honourable position in the list of world heritage sites in 2010.

Game of thrones tour

The popular and worldwide acknowledged HBO series “Game of Thrones” was shot entirely at Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik has become a hot spot to visit for the fans to experience the enchanting land of Lannisters, Tyrells and Starks.

War photo limited

Series of pictures photographed and curated by a New Zealand photojournalist Wade Goddard. The pictures inflict the real war time and shows the injustice prevailed upon kin.


Lounge in the botanical gardens, olive yards and pine forests only a few miles away from Dubrovnik city. Plunge in the crystal clear sea water or immerse yourselves in Dead Sea lagoon surrounded by the hard rocks. The island is territorial with heritage sites such as Napoleonic fort and the Benedictine Monastery ruins.

You might definitely want to reach there as Lokrum fancies the replica of Iron throne from Game of Throne series. During winter the sea might be frozen so you enjoy a small picnic at the adjacent restaurants. Reaching there is a 15 minute ride on a boat from old town harbour, you could enquire people on the harbour.

Sight at Sokol Tower

Sokol Tower is the greatest and a standout amongst the most imperative posts from the season of the Dubrovnik Republic. It is situated in Konavle, in the town of Dunave, around 30 km far from Dubrovnik. Sokol Tower flaunts a one of a kind scene of the entire Konavle district.

The Dubrovnik Republic continued putting resources into it so the Tower had a reservoir, a weapons building, wine basement, grain storeroom, living quarters for the leader, dormitory for the watchmen, and quarters for ladies and kids from the encompassing towns who could look for asylum here if there should be an occurrence of threat. Moving to the highest point of this pinnacle abandons you in wonder and profound respect of the flawlessly arranged guard arrangement of the Dubrovnik Republic.

Bay of Ston

From all the festivities the city sees it also has an oyster festival carried out in March. Or you could drive an hour to the west and root for a small luncheon of local wine with freshly cooked oysters or mussels.

Hit up the beach or Go skiing

Yes, we know it is winter but still that does not stop you to go to beaches. One cannot dive in for obvious reasons but you can soak up the Adriatic sea on a sunny winter morning.

Skiing is an inexpensive but joyful adventure for most of us since we were kids, so strap on skis and head to north Zagreb or Papuk Mountain.

Appreciate Wellness Oases in Dubrovnik's Hotels

Dubrovnik inns offer untouchable wellbeing and spa medicines, so subsequent to getting a charge out of the excellence of Dubrovnik's engineering and social legacy this winter, ruin yourself by enjoying one of these medications. The majority of the lodging health focuses likewise have sublime perspectives of the Adriatic Sea.

And now in the end here are few places to stay in Dubrovnik

Hotel Excelsior

This current lodging's high meticulousness and well disposed administration make it a champion. Rooms are open and current. An ocean view will cost you additional, however it may be justified, despite all the trouble: This lodging has extraordinary compared to other areas in Dubrovnik. On the ground floor, there's a stepping stool that brings you straight into the ocean. The spa is choice, with an interminability pool and steam room. Free in-room WiFi.

Guesthouse Maria

An awesome alternative for spending voyagers, this family-run guesthouse is perfect and the proprietor is well disposed. The mutual kitchen is medium-sized and completely prepared. The Old Town is a 25-minute walk and the transport stops appropriate outside the entryway. Free WiFi in the rooms.

Bokun Guesthouse

This family-run guesthouse accompanies a magnificent garden where you can have your dinners or essentially sit and read with a glass of wine. The roomy and clean rooms have cooling and some have kitchens. It is a 20-minute stroll to the Old Town, and the transport stops close-by.

Inn More

You get a great deal at the cost at this inn. The rooms are extensive and present day, with WiFi and Jacuzzi showers. There's immediate access to the Adriatic Sea, essentially stroll through the Cave Bar, which is situated in a cave, and bounce into the ocean. The lodging's Jacuzzi and pool, situated on the fifth floor, accompany fantastic perspectives. Transports stop close-by

Lodging Lapad

A bayside area and inviting staff make this a standout amongst the most agreeable choices in Lapad. Rooms are aerated and cooled and incorporate free WiFi. The smorgasbord breakfast is as huge as it is heavenly. The transport stops appropriate outside of the inn.

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