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Hai ba trung temple, hanoi

The temple of Trung sisters was constructed in the 12th century, Hai Ba Trung Temple is dedicated to the 2 Trung sisters that dominated Vietnam for the duration of the battle with the Chinese. The properly embellished temple homes the statue of the two sisters. Some say they appear to be they're addressing the humans.

Others say they appear like they may be about to leap for his or her death, in a river, after being defeated through the Chinese. Properly, something your guide says, Hai Ba Trung is a nice region to go to while in Hanoi. The temple is also called Dong Nhan Temple just because it becomes built in the location with the equal call.

Hai Ba Trung Temple pageant

Hai Ba Trung Temple competition held annually from the 3rd to the 6th day of the second lunar month. The pageant starts by way of an opening temple rite at the 3rd day.

In the morning of the 4th day, villagers begin a “nhap tich” rite and the main day of the competition is on the fifth day where there are a washing statues rite and dancing repertoires. The sixth day will be the day for vegetarian offerings.

It is the birthplace of the 2 sisters Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, well-known Vietnamese heroines who rode elephants to lead their troops to defeat the foreign invaders. Here they proclaimed themselves the new empresses after gaining independence for u. S. In the early years of Vietnam (40-43AD).

The procession at Hai Ba Trung Temple Festival:

The Festival opens with the procession of the king’s palanquins, combating-elephants and services from the Ha Loi Communal House to the historical complicated of Hai Ba Trung Temple. The procession is held with jubilance and pleasure with colourful flags, drumbeats, gongs and musical sounds completed by an octet.

The respected elders in the village are selected to beat drums and sturdy men and delightful ladies convey the two palanquins during the procession. On both facets of the village road, the villagers display their services to welcome the procession.

Numerous flocks of travellers coming to the S-fashioned united states of America every 12 months to explore the high-valued tradition of this land. The best technique to Vietnam Culture is assumed to be through discovering the festivals. This Southeast Asian country is famous for its richness of gala's, and Hai Ba Trung Festival in Hanoi is among the most brilliant ones.

This article from Hanoi reviews will offer you a more in-depth examine the precise records in addition to the cultural and historic values of the festival.

Location and Time

Festivals to worship Hai Ba Trung (Trung Sisters) are held yearly in one-of-a-kind locations and instances in Hanoi. There are three foremost places in which the principal fairs are celebrated.

Address: 12 Huong Vien Street, Dong Nhan Ward, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam

Hai Ba Trung Festival within the past:

The first location to have fun Hai Ba Trung Festival is Hat Mon Temple in Hat Mon Commune, Phuc Tho District, Hanoi. In this temple, there are three gala's in 12 months: from the 4th to the 7th day of the 3rd lunar month, the 4th day of the ninth lunar month, and the twenty-fourth day of the twelfth lunar month. An exceptional characteristic of Hat Mon Festival is that there is a custom of giving floating cakes at the river.

The 2nd region is in Ha Loi Temple, which is positioned in Ha Loi Commune, Me Linh District, Hanoi. The festival is hung on the 6th day of the third lunar month. The procession of palanquin and supplying “day” cake – one of the two traditional desserts in Vietnam tradition are must-have a look at sports.

The 0.33 vicinity is in Dong Nhan Temple in Dong Nhan Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. It is held on the 6th day of the second lunar month. As it is in the metropolis centre, many town dwellers choose to move there to worship the 2 heroines.

Origin of Hai Ba Trung Festival:

The rebellion of Hai Ba Trung in opposition to the Chinese forces inside the 40s is short but significant. It displays the independent spirit of the Vietnamese human beings in fashionable and Vietnamese ladies especially.

Trung Sisters – the first Empresses of Vietnam

History has it that the two Trung Sisters (Trung Trac and Trung Nhi) rode elephants and lead the historical Vietnamese troops to defeat the Dong Han (Eastern Chinese), invaders. The victory delivered the liberation to Dai Viet (an antique call for Vietnam) after 247 years being ruled by using Chinese invaders. They proclaimed themselves the new empresses after gaining independence for the united states inside the early years of Vietnam (40 – 43 AD). It turned into the first time in history that the USA of Viet had a female king.

According to their splendid fulfilment and contribution to the USA, the Vietnamese humans do not forget them as the countrywide heroines, even sacred spirits, and they built temples in exceptional parts of the united states to honour and worship them.

Ha Loi Festival

The Hai Ba Trung Festival in Ha Loi Temple is taken into consideration the biggest one of the three places. This essential Vietnamese competition opens with a procession of wearing the king’s palanquin and the combating elephants, collectively with other offerings from Ha Loi communal residence to the historical complex of Hai Ba Trung Temple. It is held in jubilance and pleasure with colourful flags, drumbeats, gongs, and music. .

The distinctly respected elders inside the village are decided on to beat drums at the same time as sturdy guys and exquisite women bring the two palanquins during the procession. The pageant takes place with the participation of loads of Me Linh villagers and participants of traditional ritual performing agencies. The villagers stand on both aspects of the road and shown their offerings to welcome the conventional parade.

Palanquin in the pageant

Besides the rite, the competition also includes many other sports which well presentations Vietnam Culture including wrestling, human chess, and lion and dragon dances. Foreign tourists might find interesting whilst playing these traditional video games.

Hat Mon Festival

In Hat Mon pageant, there may be an interesting custom that's giving the floating cake at the river. People take forty-nine desserts (inside the image of 49 sons of Lac Long Quan (father of Vietnamese human beings) to vicinity inside the lotus and waft into the river to let it come to the sea.

Dong Nhan Festival

The procession of the statues from the temple to the Red River is observed by many exciting cultural activities at the completion of the showering ceremony. The most one of a kind one is the altar-light dance that is done through 12 young stunning girls in colourful attire conserving two lights on their fingers. The festival ends with an incense burning ceremony.

Hai Ba Trung Festival is of superb spiritual and non-secular importance. It is a cultural occasion to teach younger human beings approximately the patriotic way of life of Vietnam and to salute the united states and the heroines. It also gives a good possibility for travellers to learn more about the way of life of a country with thousand years of records. A parade with a fighting elephant statue sporting offerings from Ha Loi Communal House to Hai Ba Trung Temple.

The Festival also consists of many cultural activities, which includes traditional dances, wrestling and folks video games of swinging and earthen pot-beating.

Besides the ceremonies, the pageant includes many cultural activities, inclusive of wrestling, human chess, lion and dragon dances involving the participation of a massive number of villagers.

The Festival is of tremendous spiritual and religious significance. It is a cultural occasion to teach young human beings approximately the patriotic tradition and to salute the united states and its heroic women.

Hai Ba Trung Temple tour from Hanoi City

Hai Ba Trung Temple is pinnacle choice Buddhist temple in Hanoi and being the very attractive location for Vietnamese & foreigner travellers. Hai Ba Trung Temple is also known as Dong Nhan Temple, changed into built-in 1160 beneath King Ly Anh Tong in Bo Cai War, Dong Nhan, at the banks of the Red River. In 1819, due to the foot slides, neighbourhood humans moved the temple nearby Giang Vo Junior High School below the Le dynasty, the temple is located in Huong Vien village, Thanh Nhan district (the Former name is Tho Xuong district) wherein is temple placed today.

The legend basis:

The legend of basis is said that Hai Ba Trung died in Han River then our bodies have been turned into stone statue, drifting and flowed down alongside Red River to Thang Long Citadel, The stone statue has been emerged up the water face, nearby humans in Dong Nhan Commune idea that became legendary story then temple changed into constructed up here. Every 12 months, the temple is celebrated on the 6th of the second lunar month to do not forget the day of the statue from the river.

Bai Ba Trung temple has been recognized as a national historic-cultural vestige on account that 1962.

Location and panorama

Hai Ba Trung Temple is positioned at 12 Huong Vien Street, Dong Nhan Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. In the front of the temple, there's a semicircle lake, the primary front via four large brick pillars, luxurious trees, the left is a huge courtyard, beneath the shade polished stone stakes at the returned of turtles.

There are statues are larger than people, Trung Trac sister in a yellow blouse and Trung Nhi women in a pink blouse. The statues of 12 female generals accompanied Hai Ba Trung for uprisings to expel To Dinh. On the left aspect of the temple is Vien Minh Temple, which is also an ancient temple.


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A crazy travel blogger who loves to share happiness by framing the beauty of nature and it's charming secret ;)
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