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Travel tips: enjoy 48 hours holiday in hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, was my second massive city to visit in Vietnam. The first turned into Ho Chi Minh in the overdue 90’s, which became so long in the past that the majority had been nonetheless calling it Saigon, so I received it try and compare the 2 until I’ve been returned once more. Hanoi has the recognition of being particularly of an acquired flavour, and I can see why. At first look, Hanoi feels downright loopy.

Dirty water being thrown out into the streets from shops and eating places, occasionally directly onto your feet. Unidentified and regularly ugly smells mingling with the heady scent of cooking food. Determined shopkeepers worrying again and again in order to take a look at their goods.

The sensory overload that hits while strolling Hanoi’s streets is unsettling for nearly every person on their first go to. Factor in the demise-defying danger that is crossing the street, and it’s easy to want to hightail it returned to the protection of your hotel room. But give it an afternoon. Hanoi will grow on you, just as it has on many travellers earlier than.

I recommend at least two full days for a go-to Hanoi – one to get adjusted and any other to make you want to live longer or come again once more. All of the predominant sights in Hanoi can be seen over a protracted weekend, but part of the attraction of Hanoi is its convenient place to nearby locations typically visited on overnight excursions, so in case you plan to move out of the metropolis in any respect, you’ll want a few greater days.

We stayed inside the Hanoi place for 6 nights – four in Hanoi and a pair of somewhere else – and it became the correct quantity of time for a first go to. If it’s also your first go to, here’s how I advise you spend it slow!

The first factor to your timetable after losing your baggage at your motel must be to discover the historical Old Quarter, preferably taking walks. Granted, that is less complicated stated than executed for the reason that sidewalks in Hanoi are nothing greater than parking lots for motorbikes, however, it’s critical if you need to get at ease with the chaos faster in place of later.

Most accommodations in Hanoi are located within the Old Quarter and a number of the town’s sights are, too, so this is likely where you’ll be spending an excellent portion of your experience. Best to get your bearings early on.

Besides lodges, restaurants, and attractions, the Old Quarter is likewise the top purchasing district. If you’re seeking out those now alternatively iconic ‘I’ve been backpacking through Asia’ pants, that is in which you’ll find them. For just like the equal of $2 USD. Everything here is so delightfully reasonably-priced by using western standards that even if you don’t like to shop, you’ll nonetheless possibly find yourself purchasing. And haggling is the name of the sport, so prepare yourself.

Address: located near Hoan Kiem Lake

Meaning: Lake of the Restored Sword, Hoan Kiem Lake is at the centre of Hanoi metropolis existence, as a minimum figuratively besides. Located inside the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake is where humans acquire in Hanoi for relaxation, devour lunch, play, or absolutely take a walk around the perimeter of the lake.

Ngoc Son Temple, an 18th-century Buddhist temple, sits on a tiny island in the lake reachable thru the brilliant red bridge connecting the island to the northern shore of the lake.

After visiting the lake two times while we were in Hanoi, we found out this is wherein young Vietnamese students have found out to return to exercise their English with vacationers. Any time we sat down, we were approached by human beings for a talk.

For me, it was thrilling, even when the conversations had been painfully slow and repetitive, due to the fact I’m usually thrilled to talk to humans whilst we travel, however in case you came to the lake to relaxation, it may be a bit laborious. In that case, just faux you don’t communicate English. Kidding!

Address: 58 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Timings: Tuesday - Sunday 8:30 - 11:30 & 13:30 - 16:30.

Entry Fee: 10,000 VND

The night marketplace in Hanoi is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. It’s all of the equal stuff you’ll discover for the duration of the day, although, so don’t depression if you’re no longer in Hanoi over a weekend. If there’s nothing there you may buy inside the daylight hours, why visit the night market in any respect? Because the ecosystem is better.

The streets are quieter. There’s less insistence from shopkeepers which you look through their wares. And, in my revel in, you may regularly get higher offers. It’s just a more exceptional shopping revel in well-known. Plus, there are meals – hundreds of choices cooked sparkling proper in front of you whilst you keep.

Address: Hang Dao Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi

Timing: Friday - Sunday 19:00 - 23:00

Entry Fee: Free

Ngoc Son Temple can be Hanoi’s maximum visited temple, however, its prettiest is actually the Temple of Literature. A quiet, inexperienced oasis, the Temple of Literature blooms in stark evaluation with the concrete town surrounding it. With many landscaped courtyards, gardens, and pavilions, this place is without a doubt one for the photography-willing!

Built as a temple to Confucius in 1070, the Temple of Literature turned into focused more on academia than faith. An area of observing for the wealthy, The Temple of Literature became Vietnam’s first national college, and many monuments nevertheless remain on the grounds committed to the students who graduated right here. Arrive as early as you could because the temple is a famous sight and might get very busy even only a couple of hours after opening.

Address: 58 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Timings: Tuesday - Sunday 8:30 - 11:30 & 13:30 - 16:30.

Entry Fee: 10,000 VND

Infamously referred to as the Hanoi Hilton, Hoa Lo Prison is one of these traveller attractions I frequently debate from side to side whether or not I really want to visit earlier than subsequently determining that I’d be extra disappointed if I didn’t move than if I did. And it becomes exactly what I thought it might be – blatantly apparent Vietnamese propaganda.

That being stated, in case you take everything written inside what's now a museum with a grain of salt, it may be pretty exciting enjoy seeing wherein the French held Vietnamese political prisoners from the past due 1800’s till 1954 and where American POWs were saved in the course of the Vietnam War.

Address: 1 phố Hoả Lò, Trần Hưng Đạo, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

Timings: Daily 8 am to 5 pm

Entry Fee: Free

Beer drinkers, you’re going to want to take note of this one. There is literally an area wherein beer charges much less than a gumball from a device (wait, do those things even nevertheless exist?) and it’s proper here on the intersection of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen.

Known as Bia Hoi Corner, the “pubs” around this intersection in the Old Quarter serve freshly-made neighbourhood beer, without preservatives, for just 20 cents (5,000 VND) a pop.

But what in case you don’t drink beer, have to you still prevent with the aid of? YES! I don’t drink beer either but cherished the atmosphere at Bia Hoi Corner. This is one of the nice places to come in case you want to fulfil different travellers, expats, and locals. Everyone sits on little plastic stools on the rims of the streets (that in the end up impassable for motors as the night time is going on) and it’s easy to strike up conversations and meet human beings.

I can’t communicate for the overdue nighttime hours, but earlier than 9 pm, the surroundings are kid-pleasant and all kinds of non-alcoholic beverages and avenue meals are available in addition to reasonably-priced beer.

Address: 14 Đông Thái, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

So, it feels a little abnormal pronouncing that one of the things you must do in Hanoi is going away Hanoi, but it’s authentic. There are such a lot of day journeys and in a single day, journeys to be had to take from Hanoi.

Walk down any avenue within the Old Quarter and you’ll be able to spot tour businesses with lists striking within the home windows of all the places you could move to. Not understanding precisely how smooth it'd be to e-book facet trips in Hanoi, we had booked considered one of our overnight trips online prior to arriving in Hanoi. This is without a doubt no longer the manner to do it.

The cheapest manner to book an overnight experience out of Hanoi is to in Hanoi itself. The listing fee for the exact same trip we had offered on-line changed into pretty a chunk cheaper from tour corporations in Hanoi, and much like everything else, that price may be haggled down.

Ha Long Bay
One of the most obvious locations to take an in a single day ride from Hanoi is Ha Long Bay. A UNESCO world background web site, Ha Long Bay is one of the most popular vacationer locations in all of Vietnam. There are day trips that move there, too, but given the riding, distance is 4 hours every manner, you’d be mad now not to stay in a single day. Plus, waking up to see the dawn above the rocks and islands within the bay is a once in a lifetime form of the element you received it need to miss.

A kind of in a single day junk boat excursions are to be had in more than a few budgets. The activities to be had are commonly the equal for all excursions, so the distinction in charge typically comes down to how expensive the boat and food furnished at the experience are.

Mai Chau
Another first-rate choice for an overnight tour, specifically if you don’t plan to go all the way up north to Sapa, is a visit to Mai Chau, a rural region around four hours’ force west of Hanoi. In Mai Chau, rice fields grow in valleys at the bottom of mountains, roads are manufactured from dirt and gravel, and those stay in lovely stilt houses product of bamboo and wood. To call this place fascinating could be doing it a horrible disservice.

It’s a lot more than that. While you may stay in private bungalows, we chose the option of snoozing in one of the stilt homes in a commonplace room with other tourists. And it changed into one of the coolest, maximum unique things I’ve executed in four years of journey.


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A crazy travel blogger who loves to share happiness by framing the beauty of nature and it's charming secret ;)
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