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Published: Aug 18, 2018 | 81 Views

Best time to visit kasauli

Every season in Kasauli shows a different hue. As the temperature of Kasauli keeps on changing from day to day, it is a place with unpredictable weather.

There is tranquillity in Summer. You will witness best of the flora and fauna in Kasauli. Sometimes days are hot but night weather turns out to be cool and pleasant.

Winter has its own thrill with very cold days and nights. Snowfall becomes the main attraction of this small cantonment town in winters.

Monsoon is marked by moderate to heavy downpour. This season brings out the magical beauty of Kasauli.


Summer starts from the month of March and ends in June with rain showers. The average temperature ranges from 30 to 15℃.

The summer in Kasauli has pleasant weather with lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains and cool winds blowing. The days are warm, not hot and the nights are cool.


The month of March is one of the best time to visit Kasauli. The weather is cool and enjoyable. The daylight is pleasurable for basking under the sun.

Take a walk on Gilbert's trail or Lover's lane. You can observe beautiful sunset or sunrise. You can go for trekking and camping. The nights are cold.

Clothes To Carry: Carry woollen garments to stay warm at night.

Overall Climate: Pleasant and calm

Temperature range: 12-28℃


The small town of Kasauli encounters with warm weather in April. Kasauli is blooming with flowers like rhododendron, zinnias, dahlias and morning glory.

The forests are filled with pine trees, oak, fir trees, horse chest hut and Hawthorne. Hawthorne leaves can be used as a safe, and non-nicotine tobacco substitute for quitting smoking.

It can also be used to treat problems like apprehension, insomnia and despondency.It's time for you to take your camera and capture the raw beauty of Kasauli.

Enjoy the warmth of the sun in days and cool breezes in the nights. Go for nature's walk in the evening with your loved ones.

Clothes To Carry: Cotton clothes

Overall Climate: Moderately Hot

Temperature range: 19-35℃


The month of May witnesses more hot weather than April. The days are hot. Sometimes, you will feel the need for AC. The nights are still cool.

May offers you a pleasant weather with flowers blooming around the town. If you will be lucky enough, you might see the Ghoral (ascot-musk), jungle cat, wild rabbit, jackal, and leopards and Shimla fox.

Clothes To Carry: Light cotton clothes, some woollens

Overall Climate: Hot

Temperature range: 18-36℃


June is the best month to escape the scorching heat of the plains in India and visit Kasauli town.

The weather in Kasauli is warm but by the end of June, Monsoon marks its presence. The days are warm but the nights are cool.

Spend the day going for sightseeing, visit local attractions and trying recreational activities. Enjoy the local food and go for shopping.

Clothes To Carry: Cotton clothes, sturdy shoes

Overall Climate: Moderately Hot

Temperature range: 23-37℃


Monsoon is the best season to visit Kasauli for rain lovers.


July experiences moderate to heavy rainfall. The Monsoon is on the peak at the beginning of the month.

The greenery of the hilly area becomes more prominent. The alpine meadows look spectacular in monsoon. The beauty of clouds floating, the petrichor emanating from the lands and cool winds blowing will leave an everlasting effect on your mind.

Enjoy local food like siddu, momos, samosas with tea. Go for a walk but avoid slippery areas.

Clothes To Carry: Cotton clothes, Umbrella, raincoat, light woollens.

Overall Climate: Cool

Temperature range: 23-32℃


August is the wettest month of the year In Kasauli. The weather entails heavy downpour all throughout the daytime. The climate becomes cool and pleasant.

The scenic beauty of Kasauli increases in Monsoon. This is the perfect month for rain lovers. Enjoy the panoramic views of huge mountains, Alpine forests and green meadows filled with flowers.

Clothes To Carry: Cotton clothes, Umbrella, raincoat, light woollens like shawls.

Overall Climate: Cool and pleasant

Temperature range: 21-31℃


September marks the end of the monsoon season. Kasauli receives light showers till the mid-September. The weather is still very pleasant and soothing.

The view of meadows is very attractive and spectacular. The serene azure sky leaves the tourists spellbound. The days and nights are cool. This month is good for trekking and camping.

Clothes To Carry: Light to heavy woollens

Overall Climate: Moderately Cold

Temperature range: 21-32℃


Winter season is the best time to visit Kasauli to witness snowfall.


As the month of October progresses, the winter season becomes evident in Kasauli. This month attracts a lot of tourists to the town. The days are pleasant with the warmth of the sun, which is perfect for basking on a destination. Make your trip amazing and adventurous by visiting Kasauli in October.

Clothes To Carry: Light to heavy woollens, Shawls, caps.

Overall Climate: Cold

Temperature range: 13-30℃


The weather starts to become more cold and chilling winds start to blow. The days receive a good amount of sunshine but the temperature during the nights drops down to 7.

The forests are filled with wilderness and wildlife. This is an amazing month for birdwatching. As the sky becomes clear, you can go for stargazing at higher peaks.

Clothes To Carry: light woollens, shawls, boots.

Overall Climate: Very Cold

Temperature range: 7-27℃


December is freezing cold with chilled winds blowing. This month is the best time to visit for snow lovers. Kasauli starts to receive snowfall.

The mountains and valleys look so fascinating as the blanket of snow covers them.

The trekking routes reveal different beautiful hideouts and exotic views of the natural surroundings. Play with snow and experience the chilling weather of Kasauli in December.

Clothes To Carry: light woollens, shawls, boots.

Overall Climate: Freezing cold

Temperature range: 4-22℃


In January, Kasauli experiences a very cold climate. Everything from roads to the forest is covered with snow. The winters in Kasauli is attractive and glorious for tourists. The mountains, oaks trees, meadows are embellished with white snow.

The snowfall makes the place look more scenic and picturesque. Take your camera and try your hand at photography. Drink refreshing tea with hot local food.

Clothes To Carry: Heavy woollens, shawls, boots.

Overall Climate: Very Cold

Temperature range: 6-19℃


February has cold weather like the other winter months. You can enjoy the Winter Carnival that held every year in Kasauli.

The town looks beautiful in the winters too. You can go for sightseeing, recreational activities like trekking and camping.

Clothes To Carry: Heavy woollens, shawls, boots.

Overall Climate: Cold

Temperature range: 10-24℃

Most-Visited Time In Kasauli By Tourists

There are a lot of tourists who visit Kasauli during following times or events:

  • March - November.
  • All weekends- Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Founder's Day of The Lawrence School, Sanawar.
  • Kasauli Club week.
  • Last week of December.
  • Festivals like Winter Carnival or national holidays.

Visit Kasauli in which season you would like to and share your experience. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and take woollen clothes.

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