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Aleena Ariz
Published: Aug 15, 2018 | 23 Views

Best time to visit tirthan valley

Every season in Tirthan Valley is delightful in its own way. Spring and Autumn seasons give you trout fishes as a reward while Winter season surprises you with snow.

There are so many festivals celebrated in different seasons. Tirthan Valley looks different in every season. Filled with lush green vegetation in Summer while covered with the blanket of snow in Winter.


Spring season is pleasurable in Tirthan Valley. Crystal clear water of rivers fed by Himalayan glaciers, picturesque vistas of valleys covered with biodiversity of flora and fauna, and lush green hills with pink rhododendron and apricot blossoms.

However, the higher altitude peaks are still covered with snow. Spring is the full blooming season.


March is full of green mountains and beautiful apple orchards. This small valley is a heaven for travellers and tourists in the Spring. The average minimum temperature is 9° C. Snow gets cleared in the lower altitudes while you will experience snowfall above 2500 m.

If you want to have a look at wildlife, this is the best season as most of the animals and birds come down in the lower forests. Don’t go for a long trek in March as the snowfall blocks the trails. Select a low altitude trek in the GHNP like Rolla trek or hikes in the eco-zone of the GHNP.


If you love to trek, April is the month for you to visit Tirthan Valley. There are snow-capped peaks but snowfall becomes minimal. The valley is blooming with flowers and orchards. The forests in lower altitudes become the haven for the wildlife.

At an altitude of 3000m above sea level, the night temperature sometimes drops to 0° C. You will experience clear sky full of stars, so April is a good month for stargazing. You will love to receive the warmth of the Sun in the daytime. Don’t go for a trek in the highest altitude (above 3500m) because of snow.


For higher altitude treks, summer season is good to go. Snow is completely melted and all trails get cleared up. You will experience spectacular vistas of green meadows and wildflowers covering the slopes. Days are warm while nights are still cool.


To escape the scorching heat of the plains of India, you can travel to Tirthan Valley. May offers you a pleasant weather with flowers blooming around the meadows and orchards loaded with delicious apples and apricots.

Spend the day going for a trek while the night camping under the sky. Sometimes, during the day when the sun is over the head, trekking becomes troublesome. So, don't forget to bring your hat. All trails are clear so you can trek to higher altitudes.


June is warm with 37° C as an average maximum temperature of the month. Sometimes, Tirthan Valley is warm with the troublesome heat of sun but worry not as cool wind blows to make the weather pleasant.

It is the time when you can enjoy recreational activities like trekking, birdwatching and camping. This month is perfect for trekking to higher altitudes too.


Although Monsoon seems a charming season, it is dangerous too. There is a heavy downpour in the Tirthan Valley as well as hailstorms in the higher altitudes. You may face difficulties during the trek.


You can still visit in the starting of July month. But by the end of the month, the weather becomes stormy and the intense rainfall decreases visibility. You may be trapped in heavy traffic jams due to rainfall.


August experiences heavy rainfalls and hailstorms. This month is not at all good to go. The mountains become prone to landslides. There are higher chances of the accidents. It is better to be in the plains of India and enjoy the rainy season.


After heavy rainfalls in the monsoon season, Autumn has its own charm. Meadows shed their greenery to acquire hues of brown and yellow, fruits start to ripen up and the leaves start to fall down.


As the Monsoon washes away the snow on the mountains, the ice and glaciers on the higher peaks keep fascinating the white shine of the Himalayas. Tirthan Valley receives rainfalls till the mid- September.

You will be mesmerized by the view of cloud-kissed mountains, snowy peaks and gushing river. It is better to visit at the end of the month as the withdrawal of the monsoon is unpredictable. Cool breezes make the weather pleasant.


October is a good month to venture into Tirthan Valley. The apples, Persimmon, apricots and other fruits ripen and meadows turn brownish. As November gets near, the temperature starts to drop with 6° C as an average minimum temperature. Trout fishing becomes popular among the people as the number of fishes increases.


November is a pleasant month to go. The forests start to be covered with brown colour as the Autumn progresses. It's time to enjoy trout fishing, trekking, camping and all other adventurous activities.

The average temperature range of the day is 6-26℃. The weather becomes colder with chilling wind. The higher peaks start to receive snow, occasionally.


Winters in Tirthan Valley are freezing cold with chilled winds blowing. The valley starts to get covered with the blanket of snow. You won't able to trek to higher altitudes.


You will not venture too much into the GHNP during the winter. So, you won't able to see the wildlife. The lakes start to freeze, as December progresses. The days and the nights are very cold. You will have to carry warm clothes.


January is the month to visit Tirthan Valley if you want to experience snowfall. Although, you won't able to trek to higher altitudes. Tirthan Valley looks fascinating covered with snow. Sometimes, roads get blocked so you have to keep a check on the weather forecast.


February has cold weather too. But by the end of the month, the spring season starts. The trekking can be done but you won’t able to go to the higher altitudes.

Average Temperature According To The Altitude

Altitude Temperature drop (°C)

2000 -5

2200 -6

2400 -8

2600 -9

2800 -10

3000 -12

3200 -13

3400 -14

3600 -15

3800 -17

Average Rainfall

This data is for the Manali.

Months Rainfall(mm)

January 13.3

February 28.6

March 26.6

April 32.2

May 22.4

June 84.6

July 253.7

August 200.3

September 61.6

October 0

November 0.2

December 35.7

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