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Published: Aug 16, 2018 | 34 Views

Top things to do in kasauli

Get a break from monotonous city life and come to Kasauli. Kasauli is a hill station Solan district in Himachal Pradesh, situated at an altitude of 1900m above the sea level. It is called as “Hiker’s Paradise” as you have to travel by foot mostly. It has Colonial style architecture as it was established during British rule.

According to Hindu mythology Ramayana, Lord Hanuman had placed his foot atop Kasauli town when he was looking for the herbs to treat wounded Lord Lakshman.

Here is the list of things to do in Kasauli.

1. Trekking: A Heavenly Experience

Trekking is one of the most adventurous things to do in Kasauli. Landscape covered with dense forest, lush green valley, cool and pleasant weather and less crowded surroundings, make the trekking alluring. Cherish the picturesque local attractions, enjoy the cool breezes, hilly tracks and spectacular terrain.

Things to carry: Tracksuits and sports shoes.

Trek routes:

These are some short and easy trails to trek for an average health person, which are mesmerizing and magnificent.

  • Lower Mall road
  • Manki
  • Garkhal
  • Kalka
  • Jabli
  • Sunset Point

Best Time: You can go for trekking in Kasauli any time during daylight hours throughout the year except rainy season.

2. Go For A Nature Walk

It's time to ditch your vehicles and trust your feet. Escape the busy city life filled with pollution in the air. Breathe the fresh and pure air in Kasauli, go for a walk with your loved ones, strolling in woods having pine trees and listen to the chirping of birds.

Love is in the air of Kasauli and you will feel it as you walk down the Lover's lane. Walk to the Scotland of India to admire the British architecture. Lost in the natural beauty of Kasauli, have the view of the raw beauty of Himalayan peaks in the distance, and accentuate your love.


  • Lower Mall Road to Kimmughat
  • Sunset Point
  • Lover's Lane
  • Sanatorium
  • The Cantonment Area

Best Time: From the wee hours of the day till the sunset.

3. Gilbert Trail: A Walk To Remember

Gilbert Trail is a place for a short walk known for its tranquillity. It is a one and a half long beautiful trail, stretching from Lover's lane to Air Force Station. Lofty hills, green thick woods, local wilderness and different species of birds are all the good things to see along the Gilbert Trail.

The trail is wide at the start, as you walk further, it gets narrow and slippery. So wear your sports shoes and start venturing on the Gilbert Trail. It is a haven for birds and you will encounter colourful beautiful birds on this trail, so keep a binocular handy.

Best Time: From sunrise to sunset.

Things to carry: Sturdy Footwear, Binocular

Highlight: Breathtaking vistas of the surreal landscape, if you walk 300m more from the endpoint of the trail.

4. Toy Train Ride

If you want a ride on a toy train, Kasauli is an amazing place to go for it. The toy train is a world heritage as declared by UNESCO. It's time to do something unique when you visit Kasauli, that is a joyful ride on a toy train.

You can travel from Kasauli to Dharampur and then up to Barog and return back to Kasauli. So grab your camera and capture the raw beauty of tunnels in hills, Alpine forests, small hamlets of Kasauli.

Types of toy train:

  1. Kalka to Shimla – Express Toy Train
  2. Kalka to Shimla – Himalayan Queen Toy Train
  3. Kalka to Shimla – Pass Route Toy Train

Timings: The timings of the train may vary.

Charges: Depends on the type of toy train

Distance: Kasauli- Dharampur (15 km)

Dharampur- Barog (9 km)

Highlights: Travel through the longest tunnel of Barog on Kalka-Shimla route ( 3-minutes travel).

5. Shopping In Kasauli

If you love shopping like me, don't return home before you buy some of the local products, which won't anywhere else.

The markets are filled with numerous shops selling everything from clothes, accessories, handicrafts to souvenir, antiques, etc.

You will find seasonal fruits like apricots, plums, and peaches picked from the orchards in fruit markets.

There are 3 places you can shop from:

Lower Mall Road

It is crowded with the tourists with shops on both sides of the streets.

Things to buy: Regional handicrafts, jewellery, metalwork, shawls and woollen caps, Tibetan carpets, souvenirs, exotic items and works of arts, jams, pottery items, ceramic mugs as well as fresh fruits from the orchards.

Famous for: Fruit wines, Jams, Marmalades

Souvenir Shops: Pinkonez and Mug Studio

Upper Mall Road

It is a higher and less crowded area in comparison to Lower Mall Road.

Things to buy: Art and crafts, Handicrafts, Textiles, Garments, and Souvenirs, Crafted Clothes, Handmade Dolls, Artistic Paintings, Woollen Sweaters, and Shawls, Silver and Bronze Antiques as Souvenirs.

Famous for: Lightweight Tibetan carpets attract a lot of buyers due to the usage of traditional Tibetan textiles and the artistic design.

Tibetan Market

It is located near Mall Road. It is filled with the shops selling Tibetan products and artwork. Try delicious Tibetan Momos after tiring shopping spree in the roadside stalls and eateries.

Things to buy: Textiles, Beautiful works of arts and crafts along with the exquisite wooden artwork, Tibetan handicrafts, Garments, and Woollens, Hand-woven Shawls, Stoles, and Scarves.

7. Tibetan Food Market: A paradise For Foodies

After a long and tiring shopping spree, savour the taste of Tibetan food. The Mall Road has numerous Tibetan food eateries and stalls that sell some mouth-watering dishes like the local bread called Sidu, poppy seeds Halwa, and Madara.

Apart from relishing the Tibetan dishes here, try the super delicious hot bun samosa served with green and red chutney and sip the invigorating and refreshing flavoured teas.

Food To Try: Dumpling and Thukpa, a variety of momos, Sidu, Poppy seeds Halwa, Madara, Band Samosa – a stuffed bun served with chutney and chhole, refreshing teas like Green Ginger Tea.

Places: Local Tibetan food outlets, NH22 Dhaba and Narinder Sweet House

Timings: 9 am – 10 pm; every shop has different timings.

8. Go To Bars And Clubs

If you want to have some drinks, party a little and enjoy the music played by DJs, you must go to the clubs and bars in Kasauli. These clubs and bars have amazing ambience.

Kasauli Club:

One of the most prestigious social clubs in India, Kasauli club's membership is highly sought after. It is managed by an Indian Army officer assigned as the 'Club Secretary' while the staff is comprised of civilians.

Kasauli club was founded in the British era when Kasauli was an accessible summer retreat. It depicts hill architecture with a wood structure having facilities like 4–5 rooms for lodging, a squash court, two tennis courts, bridge/card rooms, billiards, and an outdoor garden.

Hangout Kasauli Regency

It is a rooftop open-air restaurant and bar, well decorated with cane and classy furniture, neon illuminated bar counter. It serves a wide range of refreshing beverages and sumptuous food, providing an extra pleasure to what you drink and eat.

Kasauli Regency is having 10 rooms for lodging and facilities like wifi internet, recreation room with table tennis, snooker and other indoor games, the rooftop hangout and the light sinuous music of the live guitar. Stags are not allowed in restaurant.

Highlight: Live DJ performances on weekend nights.

9. Get lost in the beauty of sunrise or sunset

Sunset Point

The Sunset Point is situated at the end of the Upper Mall Road. It is one of the best places in Kasauli to observe the beautiful sunset and enjoy the spectacular vistas of the lush green valley and huge mountains.

Reach to the Sunset Point at dusk to have an alluring view of the sunset. Keep your camera ready to seize the moment in the picture.

Monkey Point

The Monkey Point is another beautiful spot to observe the sunrise or sunset. It is perhaps the highest point in the town. Trek to the hill and get ready to be hypnotised by the snow-capped Himalayas, flowing Sutlej River, and the dainty cities in proximity like Panchkula, Chandigarh and Kalka as you reach Monkey Point.

Try to reach the Monkey Point at dusk or dawn. Get the mystical essence of small Hanuman Temple present on the summit. It is having a lot of monkeys, that’s why it is called Monkey Point.

10. Enjoy Birdwatching

Kasauli is a haven for some exotic migratory birds like Red-billed Leiothrix and Grey Bushchat. Spot the different species of birds in the Summer season.

There are several spots to enjoy bird watching in Kasauli such as Gilbert’s Trail.

Timings: 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM

11. Take The Delicious Fruit Products Home

Kasauli has best of the fruit orchards. You can buy delicious jams, jellies and marmalades made up of apples and peaches in all shades of red, pink and orange.

Kasauli is also famous for locally produced and reasonably priced fruit wines like apple wine, plum wine, sherry wine, peach wine, and black grape wine.


  • Gupta Provisional Store
  • Daily Needs Store

Best Products To Try:

Wines: Apple Cider, Plum wine, Peach wine, Apricot wine

Jams: Orange marmalade, Cape-Gooseberry, Strawberry, Bitter Orange, and Red Plum.

Pickles: Made by Minchy's, Lingdu pickle, Dela pickle.

I hope your trip to Kasauli will be awesome and adventurous.

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