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Published: Sep 30, 2018 | 76 Views

10 romantic candle light dinner ideas that will impress

Candle Light Dinner may soon become official to do in case you want to impress your partner. A normal dinner is all about catching up about the day and knowing a little about each other. But a Candle Light Dinner has a very effect on relationships.

If you want to surprise your lover on his/her birthday, anniversary or just want to apologies your loved one, then Candle Light Dinner is the best option to do. It takes just a planning to go for it, it’s so easy. Try cooking together and enjoying the romance in other small things like these.

A hearty meal is common to every romantic Candle Light Dinner. So, first go for a recipe book and look for some tasty meals which are easy to cook, not heavy and add some love along with the taste on the table.

So, celebrate your love with a Candle Light Dinner that will impress your mate and make your bonding stronger. Here are the 10 best ways.

1. At Home

This is the simplest and the most romantic thing you can do to impress your loved one. Nothing is as intimate as this. Candle Light Dinner at home can describe your love towards your partner well as the efforts will turn into action and give the results.

What to do

· Start with buying some candles. Long white candles lighten up and making designs around your dining are to encircle your love in between is a good choice. Light up the fireplace if you have one at your home.

· Dim the lights to have some love in the atmosphere. Dim lights always keep the mood light and romantic. Don’t forget to have some romantic music.

· Go for a wine. A wine always creates a romantic impact.

· Decorate the table with the best cutlery, wine glasses, rose petals and self-cooked delicious food.

Your partner will appreciate your efforts for sure and you can spend your evening drinking, eating, laughing and loving.

2. On the Balcony

Many people won’t believe but the Balcony is one of the best romantic places to have a candle light dinner. On a fresh day when fresh air is sweeping and the evening is a bit cooler is the perfect day to go for it. It won’t take much of an effort but will create a lasting impression on your love.

What to do

· Decorate your balcony with hanging pots and use colourful LED lights to light up the potted plants and hanging pots.

· Perch some candles on the railing and on the floor.

· Spread a quilt or go for the table and chair according to your balcony or choice. Decorate your choice with flowers, cutlery or maybe a gift.

· Don’t forget to have some drink going on when cool breeze passes.

· Light up some fire around if possible in case weather is too cold.

It’s not much of a hard work but just simple things to do.

3. In the backyard

There is nothing more romantic than enjoying the time all alone and private in your own house. The fresh cool breeze of air increases the hotness and romance for which you have to go just outside your home, the background. Show some creativity and decorate your backyard to make it look like a cosy place to spend the evening.

Things to do

· Decorate the trees with hanging lamps and dim LED lights.

· Place a mattress, pillows and keep a quilt ready in case the temperature drops.

· Keep red wine ready and red roses too.

· Make sure to have a romantic music to dance upon.

Use your backyard for the best thing possible.

4. By the Pool

Enjoy the Candle Light Dinner alongside a pool to have the best time with your partner. The reflection or underground lights in the pool will shine the blue water and your mood too. Light some candles around the place and make the atmosphere filled with love.

Things to do

· Light up the area with romantic lights and LED, especially the poolside. Also fill the pool with flower petals and floating lamps.

· Turn off the romantic music that echoes around the pool area.

· Decorate the table with delicious food, cutlery and flowers.

· Keep your swimsuits ready in case you decide to take a dive.

Romantic dips after dinner is not a bad idea!

5. In a tent

If you are fond of adventures, hikes and treks than probably you will have a tent and if not then use bed sheets to make one. Use the tent to have a best time with your partner, set up the tent in your backyard, park, garden or any romantic destination.

The cosyness of a tent when it’s filled with aroma candles making the inside dim and romantic, the cosy cushions, the outside view, the delicious delicacies, some chocolates will make the evening splendid. Carry a small folding table to put the plates.

Things to do

· Take along a stereo to play some romantic music.

· Keep some hot chocolate to drink and to enjoy the weather.

· Light up a campfire outside to increase the warmth of atmosphere and your relation.

· Carry some mats along to lie down and look at the stars while holding each other’s hands.

Be creative and do some things off the track to impress your partner.

6. In a restaurant

If you are a lazy person and always hesitate to do the heavy lifting, then restaurant would be the best solution for you. Do some research and find yourself a restaurant suitable to reach, eat and enjoy. The waiters will do all the chores; all you need to do is relax and make your partner laugh.

Things to do

· Add your own ideas in terms of decoration, food and dessert.

· Welcome your partner with a bouquet full of roses which will be used to decorate the table further.

· Order some wine to enhance the mood and make some memories for the night.

· Order the best dessert to complete the meal and the night.

The easiest, proved technique to create an impression.

7. At the pier

There is nothing more refreshing then feeling the cold breeze of coastal wind while having a good time with your partner. Piers in the dark lighten up by lanterns and the moonlight reflected from the sea water will surely make the mood romantic for a couple.

Things to do

· Lighten up the pier with attractive dim lights and candles.

· Take along a blanket and quilt to have a good time lying and watching the immense beauty of night landscape.

· Set up some romantic music and have some good dance on the pier along with your partner.

· The most important is the food you bring along. Start with some wine and end with a heart full Dessert.

Use the pier wisely.

8. At the beach

White sand beaches, waving palm trees, turquoise water reflecting the moonlight refreshes the mind of couples and let them enjoy the love time. The breeze from the ocean water makes the atmosphere cosy enough for couples to enjoy their precious time together.

Things to do

· Decorate the nearby palm trees with lights and LED’s or candles.

· Make a path with candles on the beach to welcome your partner and welcome her with some roses.

· Witness the sunset from the table and absorb the positivity among the sounds of waves.

· Fold your pants and take a dip till the knee while holding hands of your partner. Keep some towels ready.

Keep it romantic and also creative to elevate your love above expectations.

9. On a cruise

If you are on a trip to any place which lies around the shores of ocean or any sea, then lookout for any cruise around. The Desk of a cruise is perfect to have a romantic Candle Light Dinner. Away from land, on the turquoise water, sailing on a cruise on an open deck will for sure impress your partner and make the dinner memorable.

Things to do

· Try to get the prow part of the ship for the Candle Light Dinner to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

· Decorate the area with lights, candles, flowers etc.

· Don’t miss to witness the sunset from the middle of a sea or ocean.

· Witness the aquatic life throttling around and making the evening relaxing.

Get away from the world with your partner.

10. Where you first met

This is most romantic thing you can do to your partner. Take her to the place where you met him/her and surprise her by setting up a Candle Light Dinner there. A little planning and a little setup and you’ll make your partner love you even more for it.

Things to do

· Go through the old memories, fights and have a good laugh over all without any worry.

· Re-enact your first meeting and make a new spark in your relationships.

· Don’t forget about music, the spot should be the place where you will dance holding each other in your arms.

· Forget about all the problems and give the precious time to your relationship and future.

A Candle Light Dinner is just an excuse to talk emotionally to your partner and share a good moment together to increase the bonding of relationship.



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Ankit Kumar

This world is meant to be explored and i am being ready to do it.
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