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Top 8 exotic honeymoon cruise destinations

If you are reading this post then there is a chance that you are a newlywed person or a couple. So congratulations from our side. Now, the thing you are looking for is Exotic Honeymoon Cruise Destination which is the perfect thing anyone can choose for a honeymoon.

Cruise Destination Honeymoon is nowadays a great way to enjoy the very starting of a new wedding life. A great tour always brings great fortune. It’s a best way to impress your other half and also relax your own life from all the complications and wedding fatigue.

When it comes to choose the best Honeymoon Cruise Destination, couples often get confused due to lack of information and knowledge. So, here are the 10 Exotic Honeymoon Cruise Destinations you can choose from.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is an isolated volcanic state of United States. It is one of the best places for a Honeymoon couple to roam and board a cruise to enjoy the very start of their new life. Take a tour over the Volcano in a helicopter and enjoy the jaw dropping landscapes.

Things to do

Hawaii is full of beaches. We recommend you to cover only 2 to 3 beaches in total in order to not make it hectic but a smooth honeymoon. The famous beaches of or around Hawaii are Oahu, Maui, Honolulu etc. The beaches are so perfect and are different from each other, even the sand differs in color like gold, red, green, black etc.

Cruise & Cost

The Norwegian Pride of America is the most luxurious and award winning cruise and is dedicated to Hawaiian Island. This deal will cost you around 90,000 INR to 1, 10,000 INR including tax depending on the type of location over the deck and dates. Other cruises to board are Oceania, Celebrity Cruises, Seabourn, silversea etc.

2. Bali

Bali is another favorite tourist destination as well as a perfect place to be for a newlywed couple. The beaches are perfect, lush green volcano forests and coral reef in abundance makes these place a perfect place to be and relax with the ancillary of nature.

Things to do

There are many things couples can enjoy in Bali such as Hindu temples, art & crafts, landscapes, volcanoes and different beaches like Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Jimbaran way. There are some places like the countries spiritual heart and historic centre Ubud which shouldn’t be missed.

Cruise & Cost

There are different types of Cruises you can book for Bali such as Princess Cruise, Seabourn, Azamara Club cruise, Holland America etc. The ideal package will cost around 90,000 INR to 1, 10,000 INR including tax on an average for a couple to book seats on a cruise which will sail through different beaches and all.

3. Maldives

Maldives is heaven for people who want to enjoy the beach life. Over 1000 of coral islands are present there and many beaches are beautiful enough for a couple to relax and enjoy their romantic time. The lush green forests, turquoise lagoons, surfing, sea foods are specialty of Maldives.

Things to do

Couples can enjoy the private island resorts which are decorated with the natural coral reefs, scuba diving, surfing and candle light dinner right on the beach with freshly caught fishes made by the best chefs in town. These activities would be enough for a couple to relax, remove their wedding fatigue and starting of a new life.

Cruise & Cost

There are certain Cruises which can be boarded from India. Mumbai port is the origin and it travels from different places till it reaches the destination. The average cost of tickets for the cruise could range from 90,000 INR to 1, 00,000 INR including tax and port fees for a couple.

Some of the famous cruise is Costa Cruise Lines, Noble Caledonia, Louis Cruise etc.

4. Havana

Havana, capital city of Cuba is a beautiful and famous destination for most of the crowd. Beaches, lush green forests, cobblestone streets, salsa music, rum and revolution are some famous factors of fun in Havana. Havana is known for its night parties. Havana is welcoming more visitors than ever including honeymoon couples looking for some casual time to spend.

Things to do

The beaches of Havana are the victim of its own popularity. Couples can expect some crowd there if they don’t want total privacy and intimacy. But you can always impress your partner with a romantic evening on the deck of a cruise surfing over the shining water of states of Florida.

Cruise & Cost

There are various cruise sailing around Cuba and giving the best time ever. Couples can enjoy travel packages starting from 60,000 INR and ranging till 1, 00,000 INR for a couple. Candle light Dinner, exasperating journey would get cured with the cold breeze from Cuban waters and exploring of different beaches.

Some of the Cruises are Royal Caribbean Cruise, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Line etc.

5. Italy

If you really want the romance all along the time, then Italy should be your first preference. The architectures, cuisines, art & rich history, shopping will keep the romance going in between the couples.

Things to do

Italy is a classic choice for honeymooners due to the reason that you can travel to nearby destinations which cannot be described in words but only the real experience will be worth to express more. These places are Venice, Rome, and Florence etc.

These places are heaven for honeymooners, there is so much to do in order to enjoy every moment with your other half. The beaches are of expanse and less crowded. At the same time the beaches are covered with white sand and green forests which make the view completely mesmerizing.

Cruise & Cost

Now about the cruise, so almost every cruise lines in the world goes to Italy. So, upon reaching to Italy, choose the destination of your choice and start sailing the best cruise you find.

The average cost for couple would be around 3, 50,000 INR on an average and will be the most luxurious travel to different places like Venice, Athens etc. Some of the best cruises are Oceania Cruise, Celebrity Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Costa Luminosa etc.

6. French Polynesia

The paradise type of place French Polynesia is famous for high end honeymoon travels. Not much into trends, but still one of the best place to take you partner and live your honeymoon time in royalty. The mix of Polynesian and French culture provides a different scope of exploration.

Things to do

Epic honeymoon can be celebrated by spending time on islands and islets too. The Bora Bora Island is equipped with luxurious resorts and beaches. The reef ringed motus Islet is the event of landscapes which could be experienced from the skies too.

Cruise & Cost

There are numerous places to visit from French Polynesia such as Bora Bora, Tahiti with its diverse culture, Moorea etc. The average cost for a couple would range from 2, 00,000 INR to 4, 00,000 INR for a couple.

Some of the famous cruises are Paul Gauguin, Tere Moana, Windstar Cruise etc.

7. Fiji

The main idea for a honeymoon couple is to isolate them from the world and relax to cover their wedding fatigue. The relaxation could be at a place several miles away and already on the isolated corner. Fiji is 1600 miles away from Australia and is famous for its 333 islands out of which 110 are inhabited.

Things to do

The sugarcane fields, coconut trees, turquoise water, cool breeze of ocean and the landscape view of the beautiful beaches are enough to relax one’s mind. The couple can enjoy all these together and end the day with a romantic candle light dinner and walk on the shores.

The people are generous and the beaches are numerous. Only one or two beach will satisfy your deeds. There are various cruises which sail among the beaches and offer a luxury experience with the taste of south-pacific cuisine and culture.

Cruise & Cost

Some of the famous cruise to board is Oceania Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Crystal Cruises etc. In case of cruise which sail around Fiji he average cost would range from 20,000 INR to 30,000 INR for a couple. If you want to board a cruise to reach Fiji then the prices can go up to 1, 50,000 INR to 3, 00,000 INR for a couple.

8. Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands are a group of Caribbean island situated in United States. It’s known for its verdant hills, white beaches, less crowd, coral reefs and landscape view. This is a perfect place for a couple to get isolated from world and spend their honeymoon at this site.

Things to do

This untouched beauty should be in the bucket list of couples to spend their honeymoon at. Many bays are there to enjoy each of your precious evening of the trip. The culture, cuisine will keep you motivated and may make you extend your trip.

Cruise & Cost

There are certain cruises departing from Florida and passing through Virgin Islands. So, you can book a seat on the luxurious cruise to spend some time on the sea and enjoy the beauty of the water world.

Some famous cruises are Princess Cruise, Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise lines etc. The average deal package for couple may range from 1, 00,000 INR to 1, 50,000 INR.

The honeymoon is the only time for a newlywed couples to spend their precious time together for the very first time and all official. So, the groom should be certain of some facts and be prepared to impress her bride as much as he can.

Enjoy the landscape, the late night walk on beaches, the candle light dinners, the deck of the cruise, the sunset from the deck and much more interesting experience by just planning a trip to Exotic Honeymoon Cruise Destination.



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Ankit Kumar

This world is meant to be explored and i am being ready to do it.
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