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Sonali Juyal
I am a traveler and an explorer. I love discovering new places and their diverse culture. This world is full of wonders and I wish to seek them all.
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Travel photography shot list to keep you creative in kerala

What your last shot rundown will look like will rely upon where you are going. For instance, in the event that you are voyaging some place for a celebration then this will highlight on your shot rundown. Better places will have diverse things that you should catch.

It will be your business to discover those and ensure they are incorporated into your shot rundown. The following is a rundown of conceivable interesting points adding to your shot rundown for any goal.


A standout amongst the most special highlights of any goal is its kin. This is something that you should expect to incorporate for any goal. There are two different ways that you can catch individuals. There is the self-evident "representation" photos which are head and shoulder shots with the accentuation on the individual's face and eyes.

The second is "natural pictures" which catch the individual and their encompassing. These will be more extensive edge shots that may catch what the individual is doing. Attempt to get a blend of pictures and ecological representations to give your photographs assortment.

The Main Sights

Travel symbols, vacationer locates, whatever you need to call them, ought to dependably highlight on any movement photography shot rundown. Truly they have been shot a great many occasions and yes they are occupied, yet they are vacationer sights on purpose.

Do your examination on them when you are arranging your excursion to check whether there is a novel way that you can catch them. If not, in any event attempt to catch them in the most ideal light.


You won't need to head out far to go over a major cityscape holding tight a divider some place. A perfectly lit and made cityscape can look shocking. These shots ought to be one of the fundamental ones that you endeavor to catch around dawn, dusk or the blue hour.

Most urban communities will have regular post focuses that give a perspective of the city so finding the correct area shouldn't be troublesome.

Every day Life

Travel photography should transport the watcher on a voyage to that area. To do this well you have to demonstrate the watcher things that occasionally travelers miss. Little minutes in individuals' day by day life can look dazzling and enthrall the watcher. This could be as straightforward as somebody getting on a transport, or a market seller making a deal.

The way to catching these shots is to dependably have your eyes open and be prepared as these are brief minutes.


Religion has been a major piece of human presence for a large number of years. Thusly it is fundamental to travel photography and is something you should attempt catch in any goal. Be that as it may, recollect that religious spots are sacrosanct and you have to comprehend and watch the nearby traditions and customs.

In the event that you will be shooting inside religious structures, kill your blaze, attempt to remain tranquil and off the beaten path. Remember that a few people won't care for having their photograph taken while imploring. For whatever length of time that you are deferential and pursue the guidelines you shouldn't have any issues.

Celebrations Or Events

Some of the time nothing motivates travel more than celebrations or occasions. The blast of shading, move, music, nourishment and even conventions can mean exceptional photograph openings. In the event that you are making a beeline for an area where there will be a celebration, ensure you do your exploration.

Plan on where you can be to catch the best photographs as it will unavoidably be occupied. Keep in mind to take a lot of memory cards as the exact opposite thing you'll need, is to come up short on space halfway through.


Nourishment is a colossal piece of the experience of voyaging. So it is one of the "must-have" photographs in your accumulation from a goal. Normally, every locale will have its very own forte. You should mean to catch however much of it as could reasonably be expected. Endeavor to catch nourishment outside utilizing characteristic light (shady or cloudy days are best as you will get an even light over your dish).

On the off chance that you need to photo inside, kill your glimmer as it will just demolish the atmosphere of the place and wash your photographs out. Raise your ISO as opposed to utilizing your blaze however just do as such as much as you have to. The higher your ISO the more clamor will show up in your photographs. This will negatively affect the sharpness.

Bear in mind to likewise attempt and take photographs of the readiness of nourishment too. This is additionally part of the experience.


In all aspects of the world, individuals need to get around. In a few places, it's with autos, taxicabs, transports or even bikes. Different spots it may be cable cars or even a pony and truck. A few methods of transport are exceptional to that piece of the world.

Continuously be watchful for these kinds of shots that can for the most part recount a captivating anecdote about that area.


A definitive dawn or dusk shot? Travel picture takers will design their shoots so they spend dawn or nightfall capturing either cityscapes or scenes. These are generally the "stunning" shots that you will see on fronts of magazines or as twofold page spreads.

You will just have a couple of endeavors at catching these situations (as you will just have a set number of dawn and nightfalls) so ensure you benefit as much as possible from them. Plan it well, explore the conditions and heading of light, scout your area and land in a lot of time.

This will give you the most ideal possibility of catching a staggering scene shot.


While the "goodness" shots get the consideration, close-ups can mean the distinction between an accumulation that looks redundant and one that streams as a movement piece. These kinds of photographs are regularly alluded to as "fillers" by fashioners. This is on the grounds that they can be diminished in size and put in spots that may require a little picture.

Flick through any magazine article and you will see a couple of these spotted around all through the piece. What you catch will eventually boil down to how attentive you are. Continuously be vigilant for these little points of interest that may somehow or another be missed.


Regardless of whether it's old or new, Gothic or Classical, each place has its very own remarkable style. In most huge urban areas you will locate an entire blend of old and new and it is something that merits searching for and catching.

Keep in mind that design doesn't need to mean catching the whole building, it could simply be a little area or even a remarkable view.


From the blue hour ahead, urban communities appear to change as night sets in. Lights make advances on enlighten the city and here and there make even the most ordinary scene look excellent. It additionally gives you photography openings like catching things like light trails. These sorts of long introduction shots demonstrate an entire diverse side of a city.

The one bit of hardware that you should have with you is a tripod. Regardless of how unfaltering you want to hold a camera, you won't have the capacity to catch photographs at long presentation times. Evening time shots can demonstrate a goal in an unexpected way. So it's constantly advantageous calculating in a couple for any excursion.

Untamed life

One of the huge difficulties for a movement picture taker is that they must have the capacity to catch a wide assortment of subjects well. Once in a while this implies capturing natural life. This could be anything from local untamed life, for example, cultivate creatures to creatures in a zoo.

These shouldn't cause such a large number of photographic difficulties as you will be entirely near them and will have a lot of time to catch the shot. Ensure you are utilizing a quick enough shade speed to solidify the activity and concentrate precisely.

Be that as it may, shooting untamed life in its normal natural surroundings is a significantly more difficult situation. On the off chance that you are arranging an outing like a safari it is fitting to take in more about untamed life photography as a specific subject. Try not to lose hope on the off chance that you can't catch each and every shot splendidly as great natural life photography takes long periods of training.

Catch A Market

A considerable lot of us live among urban sprawl, with another shopping center (and all similar stores), like clockwork down the thruway. In different spots, where individuals live in more thought regions, there are tremendous, disorganized markets. A kaleidoscope of hues, clamors, and scents simply sitting tight for you to catch everything with your camera. (What's more, truly, on the off chance that you do it right, you can catch the clamors and scents, and in addition the hues. That ought to be your objective!

Show History With Abandoned Places

Now and then, the relinquished spots can enlighten us as much concerning a territory as the swarmed ones do. Regardless of whether the reason was the crumple of industry or a catastrophic event, there is dependably a story when individuals leave an once occupied place behind.


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Sonali Juyal

I am a traveler and an explorer. I love discovering new places and their diverse culture. This world is full of wonders and I wish to seek them all.
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