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Berjaya times square theme park

Largest Indoor Theme Park In Malaysia full of fun, excitement & laughter. Located within Berjaya Times Square Hotel, one of the biggest shopping malls in the country, the expansive theme park is situated on the fifth floor and is made both for adults and children with two different zones.

The 380,000 sq ft amusement park is divided into two parts: Fantasy Garden is decidedly kid-centric while the Galaxy Station is made for adults. On the whole, there are total 14 rides which are more in comparison to other amusement parks around the world.

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park provides a variety of rides, games and virtual entertainment for a wholesome family outing.

Key attractions of this park include rides such as the Supersonic Odyssey and DNA Mixer.

Galaxy Station welcomes most of the visitors per week, but visitors below 13 years of age are not allowed to the theme park. Main attractions include an 800m long Supersonic Odyssey roller coaster.

Fantasy Garden

1.Botanic Drive

Hop on to our Safari Jeep & hang on tight as this colorful vehicle takes the family on a leisurely tour throughout Fantasy Garden.

Rides Heights Limit

  • Minimum Height (To ride alone): 3ft /90cm
  • Minimum Height (Accompany by the adult): No Minimum
  • Maximum Height: 6 ft 5 inch/195cm

2.Buddy Go Round

You will go round in the merry-go-round with the inhabitants of Fantasy Garden. Make sure to stop & smile for mom & dad when they take photos away at the side.

Limits for Rides Heights

  • Minimum Height for riding alone: 3ft /90cm
  • Minimum Height for Accompany with adult: No Minimum
  • Maximum Height: 6ft/195 cm

3.Crazy Bus

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Jump on board for a thrilling experience of the Crazy Bus as it goes down & upon an accelerating journey.

Rides Height Limit

  • Minimum Height (To ride alone): 3ft /90cm
  • Minimum Height (Accompany by the adult): No Minimum
  • Maximum Height: 6 ft 5 inch/195cm

4.Flying Bumble Bee

Enjoy the ride on one of our giant bees & join the group as they move around their nest. Enjoy a drone good time with the scenery of Fantasy Garden at a different height.

Rides Heights Limit

  • Minimum Height: 3ft/90cm
  • Maximum Height: 4 ft 7 inch /140cm

5. Honey Bump

Have the need for speed? Chase or be chased by someone as you & your friends might go around the circuit within the Honey Bump. Be sure to fasten up as you are going to have a bumping good time.

Rides Heights Limit

  • Minimum Height: 3ft/90cm
  • Maximum Height: 4 ft 7 inch /140cm

6.Molly-Cool's Swing

Do you have enough courage to take on the rough seas? Feel the wind on your face as you take a ride on Molly-Cool’s Swing and take a sailor’s life for yourself! Scream your lungs out of a swing of your life.

Rides Heights Limit

  • Minimum Height: 3ft/90cm
  • Maximum Height: 4 ft 7 inch /140cm

7.Kids Playground

Kidz Playground is another place of fun activities for the younger visitors.


  • Maximum Height: 2.5ft /75cm


  • Minimum Height: 2.5ft /75cm
  • Maximum Height: 4ft /120cm

Galaxy Station

1.Supersonic Odyssey roller coaster

They have made a looping ride which is the biggest indoor roller coaster in the world and has three sections: a heartline roll, loop, and corkscrew.

2.Robo Crash

If you always dreamt to be the fiendish villain in a car race? Want to test your skills duck another car bumper? This place gives you the chance to smash into all of your friend’s ride in a safe & controlled manner.

Limit for Rides Heights

  • Minimum Height: 4 ft 7 inch/140cm
  • Maximum Height: 6 ft 5 inch/195cm

3.Spinning Orbit

If you are interested in knowing how a plant feels like spinning around the sun? Then you might think about challenging your friends to walk in a straight line after this ride? The Spinning Orbit sits 48 passengers and takes riders up to 30 meters above ground while rotating at 10 rounds per minute!

Rides Heights Limit

  • Minimum Height: 4 ft 7 inch/140cm
  • Maximum Height: 6 ft 5 inch/195cm

DNA Mixer

A crazy gondola that goes forward & backwards while shifting from side to side. 21 test subjects are required to become one of the part of Professor Cosmo's strange experiments.

Rides Heights Limit

  • Minimum Height: 4 ft 7 inch/140cm
  • Maximum Height: 6 ft 5 inch/195cm

5.Oort's Express

Oort's Express has the capacity of speeding up to 17 round per minute. So be careful to throw your hands up in the air as this strange adrenaline junkie update of a traditional merry-go-round will take you to a speeding ride.

Rides Heights Limit

  • Minimum Height: 4 ft 2 inch/127cm
  • Maximum Height: 6 ft 5 inch/195cm

Function Venue

1.Kidz Theater

Need a quick break from fun?come to the Kidz Theater and catch a movie or two. In inclusion of that, the theater has seating for about 180 people and is one of the great venues to organize thematic parties, school trips & also for team building sessions.

2.Professor Cosmo's Party World

Thinking of having your kid's birthday celebration here?Then, Professor Cosmo, Ooort and Ooops should be your preference, they will host and entertain you and your guests during your celebration here and be assured of fun and laughter!

Food and Meal

1.Wall's Kiosk

Ice Creams, Everybody has been running around this amusement park ride after ride and you can feel sweaty all over the body. What about calling for a delightful cold time out at our Wall's Ice Cream Kiosk! No one ever says no to ice cream.


Waffle, Kaya Balls, and Corn in Cup are the things people can’t resist but hunger pangs are calling you but you're just having too much fun in this park that you can’t stop! What do you do? Come on over to Delica where you can have delicious, complete meals that you can also carry around with you. Just be careful and make sure not to bring it on any of the rides.

3.In Mall, Level 5

If you have craving for a particular & you can't find it within the amusement park then follow the lists of F&B outlets that are nearby and make sure that you keep your theme park wristband while reentering once you've filled up your tank.

4.Express Cafe

Come over to Express Cafe and give a treat to yourself with some quick snacks and bites that your taste buds will thank you for.

Other Attractions:Payable

1.Zoofari Fun Ride

Come and experience our Zoo-fair bionic animal rides. Enjoy the amusement during the tour in our Fantasy Garden at level 7.

2.Arcade Games

Need to calm your nerves? Does your adrenaline kick in when there's competition? Whatever your reason, take your pick at the latest arcade games & leave your mark as the highest scorer.

Entry Fee

  • Adult RM48 (Malaysians with MyKad RM38).
  • Child (ages 3-12) RM38 (MyKad RM28).
  • For younger kids, Level 7 Rides costs RM25 per person.

Family Package

  • For 2 Kids & 2 Adults RM138 (MyKad RM106).
  • Seniors (ages 55 and above) RM15.
  • Special Packages includes food that is available for birthday parties, office or school.

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday 12pm - 10pm.
  • 11 am - 10 pm on Saturday, Sunday, School Holidays and Public Holidays

3.Exo Simulator

Exo Simulator is the partitioned 360 rotating simulator that will give you more great adventure in the gaming industry.

How to Get to Times Square Theme Park

  • If you are arriving by KL Monorail, then Berjaya Times Square is directly connected by a pedestrian bridge to Imbi Monorail station.
  • If you are looking for Rapid KL (LRT), then the nearest station is Hang Tuah just at a short walk away.
  • A large car park is also in Times Square if you are opting for a car.

Facilities Provided

This amusement park provides a lot of facilities that includes :

First aid room :In case of some mishappening all facilities are available to heal the person instantly.

Locker Room:If you are carrying luggage along with you ,then you can keep it in lockers provided on hourly basis .They are safe .A key will be given to you.

Massage chair:If you get tired a lot .You will find massage chairs for healing people you can take massage on it. For that you have to pay the charges and you’ll be completely relaxed.

Parenting Room:If you have small kids then you can leave them here .They will be look after by experienced nuns .Also food and milk will be given on time.To avail this facility you have to pay some extra charges and you can enjoy freely in the amusement park.If some problem occurs then they’ll call you.

Sovereign Shops:

See the gift store and purchase some of the essentials to celebrate your beautiful memories at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park.These are so beloved and irresistable and you will be amazed to have them on hand to trigger your memories of a great time spent in the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park.

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