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Sanjana Arora
I am pursuing mass comm diploma. I am a Photographer and love to travel and explore different cultures.
Published: Sep 30, 2018 | 27 Views

Chinatown, petaling street in kuala lumpur

The Petaling street is the shopping heaven for shopaholics. There is none who has been to Malaysia and not visited Petaling street.

It is a subtle Kuala Lumpur Chinatown which is a league of its own. It’s a colorful after-dark market that dominates the nightlife here.

The whole market transforms into a vibrant and lively night market after the sun wanes. There aren’t any proper shops but there are hundreds of stalls are closely cluttered that offers apparels, souvenirs, and accessories at dirt-cheap prices.

From Hello Kitty watches to fake-label Gucci clutches, you can get everything at half the price offered by the seller.

Shopper’s delight and foodie’s heaven

The hustling and bustling on this street never come to end, day or night visitors keep on coming to gorge some delicious street food. This street offers a delightful array of local cuisine. Food stalls are all stretched along the street.

The famous delicacy is salted roasted duck which is sold on mobile stalls. It is a shoppers paradise. Chinese and seafood restaurants can be found at every corner of the street. The aroma of food is everywhere in the market which you cannot resist and makes you gulp in the yummy food.

You can get a wide range of products from electronics, clothes to fabrics.

The whole street is littered with fake brand products like watches, clothes, perfumes, Handbags. You name it and they’ve got it.

This is the best place for those who are short on budget and wants to buy some clothes or products with a brand name on it.

It not only provides good products but also value for money, the products that are already cheap can be further bargained to half its price.

A stone throw away is Central Market Kuala Lumpur and the Sri Mahamariamman Temple both of which are also worth visiting.

Bargaining Tips

You must have bargaining skills before visiting this market so that you can apply those skills here to save some money for yourself. At Petaling Street market don’t shy away from bargaining.

It is the soul of this market. Bargaining is an art and people don’t only bargain to save some money but some find it very satisfying. They enjoy bargaining and after they succeeded in doing so, they have a feeling of accomplishment.

If you don’t want to be ripped off, you have to bargain anyhow. The prices are generally quoted 30 - 40 % higher than the actual price and sometimes even double the actual price.

Don’t wear nice clothes as you visit this market because the vendors here judge you on your clothes. If they think that you are rich they might charge you double or even triple the original price. Be as simple as you can and don’t wear any big labels. Don’t do anything by which they get to know your financial status.

If you come across an item that you like don’t make it visible on your face. The vendors are very smart they will immediately read your expressions and will increase the prices.

Don’t buy anything in hurry. Take your own time to examine products. Show the least interest in the products that you actually like and wanna buy. Ask about the price of the product and start by bidding a quarter of the price said by the vendor.

Raise your offer bit by bit and still, the deal is not done moving back and forth. Show him that you are not ok with the price and will move onto the next stall but don’t leave immediately.

Give some time to the vendor to stop you and tell you his final price. If that suits you buy it otherwise move onto next stall. You can get the same item on other stalls very easily.

Getting there: Chinatown is a well-connected place. You can go there

● By a Taxi or walk.

● Take a bus to ‘Kotaraya’

● LRT (Pasar Seni or Masjid Jamek station), KTM Komuter (Kuala Lumpur station) or Monorail (Maharajalela station) – all within walking distance.


Add :Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Open: 10:00 am - 12:00 am everyday

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Sanjana Arora

I am pursuing mass comm diploma. I am a Photographer and love to travel and explore different cultures.
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