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Published: Sep 17, 2018 | 66 Views

Top 13 things to do at national monument, kuala lampur

The National Monument in Kuala Lampur also Known as Tugu Negara is located 50 meters near Jalan Tamingsabi at the Northern Parts of the Lake Garden of Jalan Parlimen. The Monument is made in the memory of the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives during the Malaysian Independence.

The Monument is having one of the largest Bronze statue in the World. The Bronze Statue is dedicated to those 11000 soldiers who have died during the First World War against Japan and against the Malayan Emergency.

The height of the Statue is of 15 meters built in the year of 1966 designed by Architect Felix de Weldon represents the General Freedom in Malaysia. The statue consist of 7 soldiers carrying the Malaysian flag. Each soldier represents one of the seven qualities of leadership: courage, command,unity, strength,wariness, suffering and sacrifice.

The National Anthem of the Country got a high resemblance with this Statue. The monument covers around 48562 square meter space with surrounding garden, fountains, war memorial and the pavilion.

When you arrive at this place, you cannot instantly find the 7 soldiers. First of all, you will find a wide staircase which will lead you to the first part of the monument which has the history, descriptions and all the information about the monument. Then you can see the soldiers, the cenotaph and then the central pavilion.

What to explore in the National Monument?

The monument includes five major components covered in the vast area. It will take around 30 minutes to visit the place and relish its beauty. The components include surrounding garden, the fountain and three typical structure which are: Cenotaph, the Pavilion and the Bronze Sculpture.

The Cenotaph

The 10 meter Cenotaph is established to honour the dead with the words “To our Glorious Dead” engraved on it along with period 1914-1918, 1939-1945 and 1945-1960. This resembles Malaysian involvement during the war and the names of the dead soldiers are engraved on the Cenotaph. The information engraved on the Cenotaph symbolizes the time of the two world wars and the guerilla fighting between the Commonwealth Countries and the Malayan Communist Party.

The Bronze Sculptures

The Bronze Sculptures marked the book of Records for being the tallest freestanding sculptures in the world. The seven statues represent the seven qualities of Malaysian Independence dedicated to those 11000 soldiers who sacrificed during the world war and Malayan emergency.

The sculpture suffered from extensive damage in 1975 and it took nearly two years to rebuilt. There is high security during the night to protect from further damage. From that time, everyday at dawn a soldier raises the National Flag and lowers it at dusk.

The Pavilion

The Central Pavilion is located between the Bronze sculpture and the Cenotaph. It is a magnificent crescent shaped composition that will adore the tourists. The pavilion comprises of 3 gold domes with a floor made up of marbles from Langwaki. Below the Centre of the Dome, there is a vault. There inside the black grill, you will find the names of the dead soldiers written in microfilms.

In the ceiling you will see the Emblems of Regiments serving during World war II and the Emergency.

How to reach National Monument

The easiest way to go to National Museum is via taxi which you will get anywhere in the City Center and it will take 20 RM. But if want some cheap mode of transportation, you can take the KTM Komuter Train and get down at the Bank Negara Station.

From the Station it will take 15 minutes walk down the Jalan Parlimen or Lake Gardens. Beside the Lake Gardens, you will see the Magnificent National Monument.

Opening Hours

The National Monument is open from 8am till 10 pm daily

Entry Fee

Free of Cost.

Plaza Tgu Ngera

Right next to the National Monument, you will find this place Plaza Tgu Ngera from where you can buy ice-creams, snacks and drinks. Right there also you can rest since the place it covered with beautiful garden and there are toilets too. You can rest on some of the benches there and spend your time in comfort and joy.

Sculpture Garden

The National Monument is surrounded with beautiful garden covered with Lilies which is known as Sculpture Garden. It is decorated with Fountains and ornamental pewter lilies. Just beside the National Monument Garden, you will find the Asean Garden which has magnificent art pieces made up of bamboo, rock, clay iron, wood and marbles.

The Malaysian Houses of Parliament is situated beside the Monument which is one of the protected landmarks in the Country.

The Garden is opened daily from 8 am till 10 pm.

Lake Gardens

Lake Gardens or the Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park just beside the National Monument also offers various Fun activities. You can reach there You can reach in this place by taking shuttle train services between 9am to 6pm spending RM6 for adults and RM 2 for children. There are few places which will charm you in Lake Gardens:

  1. Perdana Botanical Gardens

It serves as a refuge for those who need a break from the hustles and bustles of the city life.The air is fresh and crisp and the place is excellent for joggers. The place is covered with Orchids, Lilies and Hibiscus flowers.

The Garden is open from 9am to 6pm and no admission fees during the weekdays but during the weekends , you need to spend RM1.

2. National Mosque of Malaysia

Known as masjid Negara is well located within the Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur. The blue hued building consist of 48 domes, 73 meter high minaret and 16 pointed star concrete main roof. The Mosque is covered with traditional Islamic art and calligraphies Non-muslim visitors are only allowed to visit during certain times of the day.

Opened from Monday to Sunday during 9am till 6:30 pm.

3.Islamic Arts Museum

It is one of the popular places in Kuala Lumpur located in the lake Gardens. Located within 30000 square meters it has a glass walls, blue huge dome, traditional Islamic arts and a huge exhibition space.

In the exhibition you will find clothings, weaponries and many other things which will adore you a lot.

Opened from 10am to 6pm costs RM17 for adults and RM 6 for children.

4.National Planetarium

Located in the extreme east of lake Gardens is an educational place for the kids to learn about planets and astronomical things. The planetarium has touch screen computers, interesting science games and many more educational items to excite the kids.

It is not much hi-tech but will adore your kids much to spend fun moments.

Opened from Tuesday till Sunday from 9am till 4:30 pm.

5.National Museum of Malaysia

Located in the Southern tip of Lake Gardens, this place gives you an excellent history, geography, arts, crafts, culture and many more nostalgic moments of Malaysia. Built in the year of 1963, the Museum portrays some of the great historical moments of Malaysia.

Opened form 9am till 6pm everyday where the admission fees is RM5 for adults and RM 2 for children.

6.Segway Tour by Ecoride Malaysia

For more excitement, take part in Segway Tour in Malaysia which is also located in Lake Gardens for eco friendly tour throughout the Lake Gardens. It's a fancy walk around the lake gardens. The tour can be arranged from your hotel

Opened daily at 9:30 am, 1 pm and 4:30 pm and the cost of one ride is RM168. For more details you can contact +6017 882 3847

7.Kuala Lumpur Bird park

Located in the lake Gardens is one of the Largest Free Flight Walk in aviaries of the world. Lush green site and beautiful birds makes it an idle point to spent time.

Just remember to wear comfortable clothes since it may get hot while exploring this place.

Opened daily from 9am till 6pm and admission fees for adults is RM67 and children is RM 45.

8.Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

Houses nearly 6000 butterflies, this park forms one of the major attractions of Lake Gardens. The place is covered with bushy garden and there are also beautiful flowers to attract the butterflies. You will be excited to see little butterfly larvae coming out form butterfly cocoons.

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Partha Sarathi Bhowal

A passionate explorer from the bottom of my heart loving every moment of life
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