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Aleena Ariz
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Best places to visit in leh-ladakh

Looking for a place where you can invoke your own thoughts? In Ladakh, you never know what surprise the nature or the distinct culture has in store for you.

The blend of Indian, Tibetan and Buddhism culture makes it worth a great experience. The amalgamation of living on the edge of thrill and excitement will fascinate you?

Here are few of the best places to see in Ladakh that you cannot miss.

Pangong Lake :

Pangong Lake, derived from the Tibetan word, “Pangong Tso”, meaning “high grassland lake” - it is one of the most famous lakes in Leh Ladakh is situated at a height of about 4,350m. Pangong Lake Leh is considered as one of the world’s highest saltwater lake near Leh-Ladakh in the Himalayas.

The beauty of Pangong Lake is truly to cherish and await for - if you are planning on a trip to Ladakh. Widely known to change colors from blue, green and red at different times - the view of the Pangong Lake is something to be felt and absorbed.

Temperature in Pangong Lake : The temperature ranges from -5°C to 10°C as a result of its altitude. During winters, the lake freezes completely in spite of its salinity.

Leh to Pangong Lake Distance : 222 km

Experience in Pangong Lake : You can have an enthralling experience at Pangong lake. Build a campfire, get a barbecue going, explore and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you with arms wide open – how much do you think can it get better?

Royal Leh Palace :

Leh Palace also referred as the ‘Lhachen Palkhar’ is a former royal palace overlooking the Ladakhi Himalayan town of Leh.

Located on the top of the deserted Tsemo Hill, it is one of the biggest tourist attraction of Leh city, specifically for Buddhist culture and religion. Standing in the amidst the beautiful mountain ranges and wide architectural setback - this place offers excellent example of medieval Tibetan architecture.

Where is it located : Leh, Ladakh, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India

Visit Timing for Leh Palace : Daily, 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Best time to visit Leh Palace : The best time to visit Leh Palace is during summers from the month of April to September. The weather is pleasant and the rays of sun glitters up the mountain ranges further offering wide eye catching view.

Entry Fee for Leh Palace : Entry fees per person for Indian citizens is Rs. 15/- and for foreigner nationals is Rs. 100/-.

Nubra Valley :

If you are going for Leh Ladakh sightseeing for the first time - Nubra Valley Ladakh is one of the popular and a must -visit destination in the list that lies sandwiched between Tibet and Kashmir.

Located in the northernmost part of Jammu and Kashmir area - the place is widely known for its orchards, monasteries, scenic vistas and Bactrian camels. Surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan ranges, Nubra valley offers a picturesque and breathtaking view.

Best Time to Visit Nubra Valley : June – September

Hotels around Nubra Valley : Hotel Karma Inn, Goba Guest House, Olgok Guest House

Restaurants in Nubra Valley : Selmo Restaurant (International), Shack (Indian), Maitreya Midway Garden Restaurant

Activities you can enjoy nearby : Diskit Gompa, Bactrian Camel Rides

Distance from Airport : 121 kms from Leh Airport

Donkey Sanctuary

Donkey Sanctuary, as the name suggests is a shelter for mistreated and abandoned donkeys. This safe haven is without a doubt the most unique preservation project with a message of love and equal treatment.

The animals here are offered help - they get medical care, fed food as well as an environment to have a happy life.

Best Time to Visit – June – September

Hotels around Donkey Sanctuary – Hotel Nezer Holiday Inn, Hotel Ladakh Residency

Restaurants around Donkey Sanctuary – Near by small hotels where you can eat

Activities Nearby – Expeditions with Zanskar Trek, Biking at Khardung La pass, Yak Safari in Leh

Gurudwara Pathar Sahib

Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, situated 25 km from Leh, was constructed in the memory of Guru Nanak. This beautiful Gurudwara Sahib is maintained by the Indian army and offers a sense of spiritual and mental peace. According to the legends, it is believed that Guru Nanak Dev vanquished a demon.

Best Time to Visit Gurudwara Pathar Sahib– June – September

Hotels around Gurudwara Pathar Sahib – Hotel Caravan Centre, Hotel Lingzi

Restaurants around Gurudwara Pathar Sahib – German Bakery and Summer Harvest

Activities to enjoy Near Gurudwara Pathar Sahib– Ladakh Mountaineering Region, Confluence at Nimoo Village, Leh Manali Bike Trail

Distance from Airport to Gurudwara Pathar Sahib – 20 kms from Leh Airport

Opening hours of Gurudwara Pathar Sahib : Open all days from 6:00 am to 07:00 pm

Entry fee : Free

Thiksey Monastery

Thiksay Gompa, also known as Thiksay Monastery is a gompa (monastery) is the largest monastery in central Ladakh district in Jammu and Kashmir. Situated 18 km from Leh in the Indus valley, the Thiksey Monastery is around 600 years old that sets finest examples of Ladakh’s architecture and art.

Thiksey Monastery is among the best places in Leh Ladakh and this famous monastry is for all those who are interested in the culture, heritage, architecture, spirituality and peace - this monastery is an amalgamation of all.

Best Time to Visit – June – September

Hotels around Thiksey Monastery – Ladakh Sarai, Hotel Lasermo, The Grand Dragon Ladakh

Restaurants around Thiksey Monastery – Tibetan Kitchen, La Pizzeria, Summer Harvest

Activities Nearby – Camping at Pangong Tso, Yak Safari in Leh , Trekking at Chadar Trek ( Ladakh river )

Distance from Airport – 20 kms from Leh Airport

Zanskar Lake

Zanskar, nestled in the remote corner of Ladakh, is a winter trail in the Zanskar region of Ladakh, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Zanskar is a popular tourist destination in Ladakh region.

Zanskar is a beautiful tourist destination in the northern parts on India. It is among the best places to see in leh ladakh as it is located on an isolated region on the Northern edges of the Great Himalayan mountain range.

Closest Airport : Leh Airport

Road : Apart from taking an SUV from Kargil, there's no other way to reach Zanskar. Tourists can also board buses from Leh and Kargil to reach Zanskar.

Best Time : During the months of January and February.

Adventure Activities in Zanskar : Mountaineering, Ladakh Trekking, White water rafting, Camping

Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa, a Buddhist white-domed stupa, is one of the magnificent Tibetan structures that is located in Leh district, Ladakh, in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

This is one of the most major attractions of Ladakh and is considered a symbol of the ties between the people of Japan and Ladakh. Built by both the Japanese Buddhists and the Ladakh Buddists, this stupa offers prosperity and peace. Located just 5 kms away from the main city of Leh, this peace piller celebrates and honour 2500 years of Buddhism.

Best Time to Visit – June – September

Hotels around Shanti Stupa – Hotel Panorama, Hotel The Ladakh, Hotel Nalanda Ladakh

Restaurants around Shanti Stupa – Wonderland Restaurant, KC Garden Café, Otsal Restaurant

Activities Nearby – Camping at Pangong Tso

Distance from Airport – 4.8 kms from Leh Airport

Old Leh Town

The Leh old town stands as a testimony to the grandeur of the artistic heritage and cultural legacy of Ladakhis. This town consists of about two hundred buildings and is regarded as a well-preserved towns in the Himalaya region.

Located on the southern slope of rocky hill, the Leh old town is a home to diverse communities from varied socio-economic backgrounds.

Best Time to Visit – June – September

Hotels around Old Town – Hotel Ladakh Residency, Hotel Nezer Holiday Inn

Restaurants around Old Town– Near by hotels are the places to eat

Activities Nearby – Yak Safari in Leh

Distance from Airport – 5.4 kms from Leh Airport

Riasi Fort

The Riasi fort is also known as General Zorawar’s Fort is nestled below the historical Leh Palace and Namgyal Tsemo Gompa. This Riasi Fort is a prominent monument of the town and for those who are interested in archaeology, pre historic culture and artifacts.

Visit Raisi Fort for – Heritage

Best Time to Visit – June – September

Hotels around Raisi Fort – Hotel Shambhala, Hotel Cho Palace, Lha-Ri-Sa Resort

Restaurants around Raisi Fort – Himalaya café, Gesmo

Activities Nearby – Yak Safari in Leh, Trekking at Chadar Trek, Expeditions with Zanskar Trek

Distance from Airport – 6.4 kms from Leh Airport

Serzang Temple

Sezrang Temple built exclusively with copper and gold raw materials in the 17th Century, is the abode of the 30 feet tall idol of Maitreya Buddha. This temple offers a serene feeling that leaves in people a sense of devotion and reverece.

The main idol can be viewed from a gallery on the top of the monument as the deity structure is raised to the ceiing; cased in a glass box like structure.

Best Time to Visit – June – September

Hotels around Serzang Temple – Hotel Panorma

Restaurants around Serzang Temple – Il Forno, Leh View Restaurant

Activities Nearby – Yak Safari in Leh , Camping at Pangong Tso, Trekking at Chadar Trek

Distance from Airport – 6.9 kms from Leh Airport

Explore the land of Leh - Ladakh, experience serenity and soak in the natural beauty of the whole town. Everything will just sound magical - unless you experience or try it for yourself.

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