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Best time to visit leh ladakh

A dream of every traveller is a trip to Leh Ladakh. A high-deserted town located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is widely known for its stunning scenic locales, Buddhist temples and pristine environment.

It is one of the popular destination and it widely attracts tourist for its abundance beauty of nature and wide landscapes to die for. This adventurous journey passes through open roads, spectacular views, breathtaking scenic views, challenging and awe-inspiring landscapes.

It truly makes it a spectacular setting for a motorcycle tour covering the entire journey with evergreen valleys and magnificent snow-capped ranges, serene temples, remote wilderness, clear waters, picturesque lake, deep gorges and breathtaking passes making it a ride of a lifetime.

Hold on the right attitude, vehemence and diligence and set in to embark on the greatest enthralling adventure to experience the charm of the region Leh.

Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh

It’s not always that you get a chance to visit Leh Ladakh. Ladakh is not an all-year-around destination but every month has its own spectrum of services - further offering color, adventure, scenery to moments.

This forbidden mysterious land that opens its doors for visitors only for a few months and then shies away under a thick white sheet of snow.

Located on the Indus River bank, this place offers beautiful scenery as well as many adventure routes for travel enthusiasts. The best season to visit Leh Ladakh is summer between June and August.

Summer in Ladakh

Summer in Ladakh marks the beginning of the tourists’ seasons and people flock here in great numbers. The summer in Ladakh starts from April and ends in September.

One can enjoy a lot many adrenaline adventures right from camping near the clear lake as well as to trek via numerous mountain routes. For all those who are visiting this time of the month - Nubra Valley, that lies about 150 km north of Leh where the rivers, Shyok and Siachanis meet, is a must.

If you want the snow - you can explore and visit Khardung La and Chang La passes as they are covered under the snow. Accommodations also starts opening up and it is much easier to find a place to put up or camping at Nubra and Pangong that opens mostly by April last week also makes the whole journey easy.

During this time, the road trips to Manali and Srinagar would be at its prime beauty. All the lakes, including the Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri, during the late April begins to melt allowing you to have a beautiful and humongous view of nature - making it the best month to visit Leh Ladakh.

Temperature : The best time to visit leh ladakh is summer that would be at its prime and the snow would all be melted giving the place a good green look. The summer here is pleasant; neither cold nor hot with a perfect view of green look and melting snow. where the temperature in day can go as high as 30 degree C. During nights, the temperature would reach the minimum of 16 - 20 degree C. You can find a lot of tourists in this place during this period.

Festivals: Another reason for people brimming this place during this month is the famous Hermis Dance Festival. Another vibrant and colourful event are Stok festival and Matho festival in March and May, Hemis festival and Phyang festival in June to August is a must to watch to understand the culture of the place.

Monsoon in Ladakh

Monsoon starts in Ladakh by June and end by September. The place receives heavy rainfall, with pleasant temperature.

During this season, most of the must - visit attractions will be blocked and inaccessible to the tourist. People who are planning on their journey via motorcycle or planning for trekking during the monsoon season - most of the routes would be blocked for safety reason; making it not so suitable time to visit leh ladakh.

The spectrum of colors with beautiful view would make the place very scenic. If you are a rain lover, there will always be a lot of fun for you to get drenched in rain. However, if not, it's better to avoid a visit on this season even when the temperature would be very pleasant.

Temperature : During this time the temperature is Maximum 25° C, Minimum 10°.

Festivals to enjoy : If you are planning on visiting Leh- Ladakh during monsoon, make sure to watch Diskit and Thiksey festivals. Karzok, Karsha, Phyang, Sachukul, Dakthok and Sani Nasjal Festivals are held amid these two months.

Winter in Ladakh

October :

With monsoon gone and green all around - the best time to visit Leh - Ladakh is in the month of September. It's the best time to enjoy amazing and picturesque locations. October marks the beginining of snow fall with the cold wave clearing the view of the high elevations zones. Camps nearby the lakes too are closed.

Temperature in October : The temperature during the month of October remains Maximum 14° C, Minimum -1° C.

All the adventure activities will become dangerous and would be blocked. Almost all the lakes will be frozen, seeming like a thin blanket of ice sheet. One can still find a lot of tourist enjoying the the motorcycle passes would be closed and trekking routes would be blocked. If you are a nature lover, or wildlife lover - you can also spot a lot of snow leopards here.

November :

With the onset of November, the extremeties to cold weather takes over the range with.

Temperature in Novemeber : The temperature at this month is Maximum 7° C, Minimum -6° C. Temperature begins dipping under the point of freezing, exceptionally amid evenings.

Festivals to enjoy : Spituk and Losar festivals happen in winter season.

December :

The extreme month of the winter, December, coldest month gets intolerable.

Temperature in December : The temperature remains Maximum 2° C, Minimum -11° C during this time of the month.

The roads and the highways remain closed during this time as the ice sheets are thick as six inches. Most tourist do not prefer to travel during winters.

Festivals to enjoy : Losar and Golden Namchot Festivals are held during the month of December.

January :

One can also take up the most unique and challenging treks in India - where you will be trekking in the frozen Zanskar River. The Chadar trek takes place during the end of January till end of February from Mid-January to Mid-March.

Temperature in January : The temperature during the month of January is -2° C, Minimum -14° C.

February :

Temperature in February : The temperature during this time of the month is Maximum 1° C and Minimum -11° C.

Festivals to Enjoy : Dosmochey, Yargon Tungshak, Stok Guru Tsechu, Matho Nagrang are few of the celebrations which are held in this month.

March :

Temperature in March : The temperature during the month of March is Maximum 6° C, Minimum -5° C.

Festivals to Enjoy : Some of them are Matho Nagrang, Stok Guru Tsechu, Yargon Tungshak Festivals.

When do you think will you plan on to go to this amazing ride to Leh Ladakh?

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