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Leh ladakh tour guide

The journey to Leh - Ladakh caters your inner desires of travel. No matter how you choose to go - the experience along side mesmerizing landscape, tranquil environment, unique culture and great food will be something to cherish for life long.

In order to get a complete travel package that fits right - you need to have a great itinerary options to cover all spots, proper guide with all the information of bikes, fuel , accommodation , food , backup support.

Clothes to Carry for Leh Ladakh Package :

  • Minimum 2 jackets and 2-3 pullovers
  • Hand gloves ( Woollen )
  • Warm clothes/caps ( as it is important to cover your ear and necks)
  • Soaps and towels
  • Sun caps
  • Equip yourself with important medicines and first aid kits
  • Medicines like Avomine, Diamox to counter AMS etc
  • Few pairs of inner thermo clothes
  • Minimum 4-5 pairs of socks
  • You must carry waterproof shoes for trekking as well as riding in you are travelling by bike. On your way to Chang La, Baralacha la, you may face water streams on high mountain passes.
  • A warm sleeping bag in case you want to camp somewhere on your way
  • Camera, battery chargers
  • Cell phone and chargers
  • UV protection goggles and sunscreen lotion- SPF 30 and above
  • Water bottles and lots of energy bars, chocolates, biscuits and fruits.

Tips to Remember for Leh Ladakh Tour Package :

  • Avoid sleeping during day time.
  • One needs to be physically very fit while understaking trip to Ladakh,
  • It is advisable that after reaching Leh, one shall take between 24 to 36 hours of rest as the place is a low atmospheric pressure zone.
  • Any kind of medical condition, if you have got asthma, blood pressure problems heart problems, it is highly recommended to abstain your travel.
  • One should only drink as much water as the body demands. Over drinking may cause a problem and dehydration does not necessarily lead to AMS.
  • Keep your head covered and be in comforablt clothes that makes you feel warm.
  • Over exertion at any point of time may cause a problem.
  • You may feel nausea and shorness of breath due to higher scale and low levels of oxygen. Be ready for it.
  • Do not miss the warnings. Any signs of headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue - drop down if you are on high altitude and immediately take rest.
  • Smoking and Drinking are major cause of AMS. Avoid it.
  • Always show respect to the local culture. Greet them. Understand them. Dress and behave properly.
  • Use of plastic bags should be avoided. Maintaining the environment ethics is a must. It is always better to avoid the use of polythene bags.
  • Carrying a proper documents is a must. Make sure you carry all your travel documents, permits, licenses, identity cards etc. Make sure to make copies of all the documents and IDs and keep them safely in your bag.

In case you are a biker, carrying these essential packing is a good idea for Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Package

  • Keeping rain coat is a good idea as you might face rain pours after you cross Chandigarh and before you cross Rohtang La pass on the Leh-Manali highway until you reach Zoji La
  • Water proof gloves
  • Carrying a Medical kit is a must
  • Carry boots to keep your feet, shoes and socks from getting wet mainly at water stream flowing on passes.
  • Carry a Spare tube, break wire, chain lock, puncture kit, clutch wire, gear oil, engine oil, spark plugs and a toolkit.
  • Carry a extra can of petrol jar as it is very hard to find petrol pumps in case you forget to refill it or get stuck in any unforeseen condition.

Quick Peek to a must needed information on Leh- Ladakh :

Permit & Passport for Leh Ladakh Packages :

The tourists do not require permit for travelling to Leh except for the foreigners and international tourists.

Foreign Travelers : For foreign tourists, it is also mandatory to go through a registered travel agent in order to obtain the Permit. The travel agent will also help you group together with others in case you are traveling solo or couple so that your permit could be obtained.

The overseas travelers, except the residents of Burma, Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan, need to obtain Protected Area Permit ( or, PAP) to visit the places. The permit is issued, in case of foreign travelers - only for a group with four or more foreign tourists.

Indian Nationals : For Indian nationals, innerline permits are valid for a maximum of three days and PAP is issued for a maximum of seven days. You will have to re-apply for the same in case you are planning on a visit to more remote areas.

In order to visit the restricted area - the tourists are required to obtain a Protect Area Permit. It includes the area like Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, Pangong Tso Lake, Dhahanu and Nubra Valley.

It is also advisable to carry six copies of the permit as these are required to be submitted at various checking points.

National Permit Office : The office opens at 9:00 am and stays open until 3:00 pm only. It remains closed during Sundays and National holidays.

To avoid the rush and obtain a hassle free permit, it is advisable to reach the office as early as possible.

Fee : The fee required is Rs. 200 per person and environment tax plus Rs. 20 per person per day as wild life protection fee and Rs. 10 for donating to the Red Cross.

Essential Documents to Carry for Leh Ladakh tour :

  • At least one government issued identity card like driver’s license, voter ID, Passport or Aadhar Card.
  • Multiple copies of your Inner line permit once you have procured it in Leh
  • Print out of your itinerary or Flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation slips if booked in advance
  • Medical insurance if any
  • Passport size photograph


As soon as you reach your destination, the first thing you will need is an accommodation, you will rarely find luxury hotels in Ladakh due to the conditions of that region, and however, there are standard places where you can find basic facilities such as running hot water and a western toilet. If you are not convinced with these options, you can choose to stay in Grand Dragon which is the only luxury hotel in Leh.

You can also go for homestays which are easily available with the provision of basic facilities. It would cost you about as low as Rs. 150-200 per person for the night, however, during peak season these are very difficult to find.

Best Season to visit Ladakh

The perfect season to travel to Ladakh is summer which starts from May and continues till September. Due to the famous Ladakhi festivals - most of the tourist plan their trip in winters.

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh on bike

There is no doubt that a bike trip is much more fun than a trip on a car, so if you are a thrill lover and are planning to go on this astounding trip on the bike, the best time to visit would be July and September.

August will treat you with heavy rainfall so it is not a good idea to take your bikes out. Anytime before July could be a punishment as the road conditions would not be ideal for a bike ride.

Climate in Ladakh Tour :

April : 3 – 10 Degree Celsius

May - June : 7 – 15 Degree Celsius

July – August : 10 – 20 Degree Celsius

September : 15 – 10 Degree Celsius

Oct – Dec : 10 – Minus 15 Degree Celsius

Dec – March : Minus 35 to 0 Degree Celsius

Petrol Pumps

If you are travelling by road - it is always advisable to carry reserve petrol in cans. You wouldn’t like to get stranded in the middle of the road with no fuel. The last petrol pump station is in Tandi while the next one is in Karu which that is almost 400 km away.

If you are planning a leh ladakh tour plan from route Leh-Pangong-TsoMosriri-Rumtse-Leh or Leh-Nubra-Pangong-Leh which is almost 700-900 km then equip yourself with a good capacity of petrol in reserve. You will be surprised to find fuel being being available at some shops, roadside residences etc.

However, the costs are higher than the standard petrol pumps. Still, keep this option open when you are around these areas. En route the Leh-Srinagar Highway, you will find enough petrol pumps and this should definitely keep your spirits higher.


If you suffer from mountain sickness - it’s always better to carry Diamox or Asprin or Disprin. Basic medicines for headache, upset stomach, fever, cold and cough is a must to carry for any unforeseen situation.

Languages Spoken

In Ladakh, the main language spoken is Boti. However, other languages include Changshat, Balti, Brokshat and Shina that are spoken in this region. Most of the schools, offices and restaurants also use English while conversating.


On your journey to Leh Ladakh road trip packages, be prepared that there is no ATM after Manali and on Srinagar route, the only one available is at Kargil. Except for the ones in Leh, there are no ATMs anywhere in Ladakh.

You can find several ATMs in the Leh market, including two SBI (State Bank of India), which is located on the crossroad where the Tibetan refugee camp is.

Other ATM’s like J&K (Jammu and Kashmir) Bank ATM, and a PNB (Punjab National Bank) ATM can also be found.

However, there are no ATMs in Nubra and towards Pangong and Tso Moriri. Do not rely on credit cards as it is may or may not be accepted in Leh. It is always better to carry enough cash as a measure of safety.

Phone Connectivity

If you cannot handle the slow network - it’s better to get a BSNL / MTNL connection for your leh ladakh road trip packages. Only postpaid mobile connections work with BSNL having the widest coverage followed by Airtel. In Leh city, almost all the network is available.

Police Stations

You can also connect to the police in case of any unexpected circumstances or any kind of difficulties during your journey. You can contact the two police stations - Nubra Police Station in Nubra Valley and Nyoma Police Station in Nyoma.

Things not to do for your Leh Ladakh tour

  • Do not go Ladakh without a plan. Have proper plans.
  • Do not be a fool to ignore Acute Mountain Sickness ( AMS )
  • Do not go by distance.
  • Do not understimate the roads or the terrain.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Do not take a dip in the lake.
  • Do not go anywhere without identity proofs and without inner line permits.

Demystifying a land is a perpetual work in progress. It is never enough to completely visit every place as a whole. Soak in the natural beauty of Ladakh by making experiences, enjoying and exploring.

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