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Vidhi Grover
Published: Aug 05, 2018 | 46 Views

Best time to visit manali

  1. Manali Weather
  • The weather of Manali is mainly chilly throughout winter and reasonably cool during summer.

2. Manali Temperature

  • The climate spans from 4 °C to 26 °C over the year.

  • The mean temperature ranges during:

Summer: from 10 °C to 26 °C, and

Winter: from −15 °C to 12 °C.

3. Snowfall in Manali

  • Manali encounters snowfall usually between the months of December and starting of March.

  • January is the month when it is typically the highest.

  • Occasional snowfall at Solang in March.

  • April, May, June, and July are the months which experience rare snowfall.

  • In the months of August and September, there are chances of fresh snowfall but it is very rare.

  • Rohtang Pass experiences snowfall in the month of October which sometimes can be heavy.

  • Snowfall in Solang is in November.

  • December, January, and February are the months when there is fresh snowfall in and around Manali.

4. Winters in Manali

  • October to February is the winter season in Manali.

  • The temperature in winter months drops below -1 °C, so you must carry sufficient woolens to keep yourself cozy, especially for the freezing nights.

  • It is the best time to visit Manali, if you like cold weather and January is ideal to enjoy the chilly delight of fresh whiteout.

  • The glorious panoramic white views of the neighbouring peaks, make it dearest for the honeymooners.

  • This is the classic time for adventure lovers who want to go skiing.

  • The temperature in Manali in October is around 14-15 degree Celsius during dawn and around 5-6 degree Celsius at nighttime.

  • One can be a part of the long Kullu Dusshera festival in October. It is a very auspicious and an amazing experience in one’s life.

  • Manali Weather in November is chilly and it can also get bad at any time. Also, there are chances of snowfall, though not heavy, during the end of November.

  • Manali weather in December is just like paradise. The frosty weather is from the starting of the month till the end.

  • Manali in January and February faces a large amount of snowfall which establishes an elegance and magic but it also appears as an obstacle as sometimes visitors and vehicles are stranded in between.

5. Summers in Manali

  • April to June is the summer season in Manali.

  • The temperature in summer ranges from 10 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius and the weather remains pleasing during the day and cool during the night, so you might still need light woolens during the night. Snow can be seen only at very high elevation.

  • If you want to relish paragliding, rafting and trekking, it is the best time to visit Manali.

  • This is also the time when the region’s flora is completely at it’s blossom granting it the most pure natural beauty.

  • April is an ideal time in the year for visits as the weather presents reliable and pleasing conditions for hanging around.

  • The maximum temperature during daytime can be 27 degree Celsius and temperature at night can dip down to 10 degree Celsius.

  • The month of May in Manali is perfect for adventurous sports like trekking and mountaineering.

  • During June, the mean temperature is between 20 degree Celsius and 14 degree Celsius and Rohtang Pass becomes the hub of ski touring adventures.

6. Monsoons in Manali

  • July to September is the monsoon season in Manali.

  • Heavy showers in monsoons in Manali, sometimes lead to landslides. So many tourists avoid travelling during this time.

  • Since it not the best time to visit Manali, the prices of hotels tend to drop.

  • In the starting of July not much rainfall is witnessed but in August heavy showers occur.

  • The temperature during daytime is at a mean of 25 degree Celsius and during the night the mean temperature is reported as 15 degree Celsius.

  • Monsoon just ends in the month of September and winter is about to come.

  • The rains during September are not as heavy as in the month of August.

  • The mean temperature reported during the day is 25 degree Celsius but the nights are noticeably cooler as the mean temperature can be as low as 11 degree Celsius.

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