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Partha Sarathi Bhowal
A passionate explorer from the bottom of my heart loving every moment of life
Published: Nov 12, 2018 | 52 Views

10 awesomne instagram travel photographers you need to follow

Ever speculate the best Instagram accounts to follow for travel photography? Look no more. Check out these astonishing accounts filled with dramatic photos.

Each year, we travel to diverse locations to explore, experience, and create memories that last a lifetime. Looking through the eye of the camera, moments are captured stirring us and showing us what the world has to offer.

To celebrate & appreciate the unbelievable power of awesome photography, we've compiled the Top 10 Instagram Travel Photographers. These astounding people are world travelers, explorers, and adventurers that make us want to jump out of bed or our daily grind and see the world.

They set fire within us to understand cultures, traditions, nature, and give us inspiration to travel around the world through the power of their lens. Don’t forget to follow their Instagram and before you know it, you will be booking your next trip!

1. Chris Buckard

One of the most well-known travel photographers to date, Chris specializes in surf, lifestyle, & landscape photography. He has explored the world capturing images inspirational humans to connect and build a relationship with nature.

Photography is not only his area of expertise. He is also an author of several collections of books and a famous speaker for national and international workshops. His photos are eternal and have become one of the most recognizable among our generation today.

2. Brook Saward

At 24 years old, Brooke has traveled around the world giving out travel instructions, lifestyle tips, motivation, and memorable stories of where she's been. Brooke is an author of two famous books, “A Year to Myself” and “How to Create a Successful Blog Overnight.”

She has also been featured in more than a few magazines including, Elle, US, & Australian National Geographic. With a combination of landscape, food, culture, & self-portrait photographs, she showcases her life on the road one country at a time. Following the mantra of "do what you love," Brooke traveled solo for 6 months before turning her World of desire to travel into a business. Now, she blogs and photographs for a living, quickly becoming an emblem for travelers!

3. Eric Rubens

Eric Rubens is a photographer who “lives in the golden hour.” Not only are many of his photos taken in the South Californian sunset but each picture feels magnificient. There’s no cliché sepia filter to be set up, but under his lens beaches, streets, and cityscapes achieve a passive glow of nostalgia even as you look at them.

4. Johan Lolos

Belgian world explorer Johan Lolos, specialize in outdoor photography where he takes wonderful shots in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. He is a self-taught photographer who took a year off to travel around Australia--not realizing this would become his full-time job.

Having the title of most followers in Belgium, he quickly gained recognition through his work in New Zealand. His photos been featured in National Geographic, Buzzfeed, and Daily News. His landscape shots are absolutely breathtaking and make you want to go explore the great outdoors. A man of adventures, the outdoors, and exploration, he is willing to get dirty for the ideal shot.

5. Caitlin Collins

U30X Alum and founder of The Glass Passage, Caitlin Collins left her inhabitant home of Texas to study photography in Berlin, Germany. Follow her all the way through her life in Europe where she captures the beautiful buildings of each city, portraits of friends and family, and the remarkable food she gets to experience.

The color she brings out in each photo is a direct expression in how much she love her job. Her collection of work inspires us to see the world and distinguish it with the beauty she captures.

6. Jen Morilla

After losing her brother unexpectedly, Jen gave up her career as an Accountant Executive in NYC to travel around the world and go behind her passion. Now, she has explored 31 different countries in 6 continents which is impressive. It’s an inspiring number considering that she left in February of 2015!

Jen is the personification of quitting your career to pursue your dream and you can follow her journey educating kids, meeting locals, and taking shots of beautiful landscapes. The compartment couldn't hold this girl down from her love of travel and exploration and it shows in every photo.

7. Taylor Madison

Another member of the U30X Alumn and founder of The Simple Sol, Taylor Madison followed her dreams of traveling around the world and creating a visual storybook of her travels since 2013. This is her way of giving back to the world, hoping to attach the people with the places she travels.

Taylor’s luxury lifestyle photos open the door for couples around the world that want to plan luxury honeymoons. She is the ideal planner if you want to find the best luxury vacation! Why plan it when you have a expert traveler who lives in luxury?

8. Jason Bach

Jason Bach specializes in Wedding and Portrait Photography but this is no normal wedding and portrait photographer. Jason actually travels to take photographs of people around the world.

Assimilation of a blend of art & adventure, his photos beg us to go out with our significant other & see the most good-looking places on earth. His work of art cannot go unnoticed...capturing the loveliness of humans, the fervor between couples, and the adventures we should be experiencing with our loved ones.

9. Melissa Hie

Who doesn’t love food? Melissa Hie enthused to Singapore in 2009 without knowing anyone. A year later she traveled to Thailand, then Europe, and then...well the rest parts of the world.

Melissa's passions are food and travel so she is dedicated to photographing food from some of the wonderful places around the world. Each photo evokes a passion within all of us, instilling motivation to get out into the world and taste its tasty food. And maybe to even get out of your soothe zone and eat a delicacy from each country you Guinea Pig in Peru!

10. Kiersten Rich

Maybe blondes really do have more fun. Seems like it in this case: Kiersten Rich get rid of the corporate world of Finance and became a world traveler when she realized she was working on someone else's dreams and not chasing her own.

After leaving it behind, she discovered The Blonde Abroad, traveled to 50 different countries, crossed off items from her bucket list, and now volunteers in developing countries. Her photos are fun, cheerful and imaginative through her expression of love for travel and the people she meets along the way. You will always see this woman laugh and who can blame her? She is alive with the dream and having fun along the way.


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Partha Sarathi Bhowal

A passionate explorer from the bottom of my heart loving every moment of life
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