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Ankit Kumar
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Published: Nov 04, 2018 | 38 Views

6 reasons instagram is great for travel photographers

Hazy, gray-tinted clouds all over The Himalayas, from where emerges the unbelievable picture of the landscape one can see. This is the power of one app that totally defines the soul of a photograph and forces the millions to believe it, follow it. How Instagram has changed the world of travel photographers is unreal and could not have been this appealing if it was not for this app.

Sharing travel experiences today is a lot more sophisticated than old paper guidebooks we could only buy in bookstores some twenty years ago. With social media, everyone is a potential ambassador of the places and people encountered during a trip. Not only that, it is also encouraging the users to write their best caption while posting something making them use the most advent wordings of all time.

At 6 years, Instagram has now become the most widely used app for people who travel and below are the reason why.

1. Millennial appeal

A survey conducted with millennial was found to have 40% millennial who values “Instagrammability” the most in a vacation destination. And yes they have defined such a word called Instagrammability where they ranks the travelers on how best they can define their destination pictures with cost, availability and experience of the place and best put for them to follow it.

Seeing a friend’s aesthetically pleasing pictures about their vacation is more likely to influence them to vacation there than a prompted post on their feed. Thus, accelerating the travel business and there is no question on why one should travel, right?

2. Using Geocodes

From a personal experience, the most exciting feature on Instagram while posting is using geo codes. While sitting under the starry sky in Dark sky reserves in Germany, Viewing a photo of a friend hiking on the lands of Australia. This is the level of today, today’s people and power. Outstanding technology connecting people!

Not only that, it boosts up the confidence of a traveler when another check mark completes their long list of wanderlust. All in one application which gives us our next reason i.e. Organization.

3. Organized photo directory

What one can collect in their lifetime is memories. What one can collect in memories is people and places. People driven to collect places in our vast world is now a delight to discuss about as travelers are reaching to the corners of the world. Starting from the west coast of California to the dreamy eastern countries, one has all the reasons to organize and collect their photo directory with such locations and culture.

Also you have the feature of saving another post as bookmark. So why not bookmark the brunches you plan on eating next, dream cities to visit in, most awaited concerts and every small next doings.

4. Engagement

If you are using Instagram just as a social app, you might be following people you know actually in real life. But if you are using it as a travel guide, you get most vivid experience one can have. During your visit to a brand new city, lock in a few people in the city you are visiting that share similar interests, be it food, shopping art, or adventure. You would be surprised how willing strangers are to respond to your advice/suggestions or inquiries.

Today’s world is very much abstract. Meeting new people, visiting new places is out of doubt now. People need engagement with others while they are enroute to their most awaited journeys every day and all being done by a very simple yet powerful application.

5. Instagram contest

Leverage the desire in people for a free vacation by hosting giveaways collaboration with other influencer. Shout out on the other hand is another way to captivate people in the world of Instagram. Usually these contests ask their participants to tag their friends and compete against one another. The more followers you have, the more privilege you have.

All the leading brands are choosing social media as their best source of marketing and we can never imagine the delight of the travel industry which is free of all the hard work they used to do versus the advantage they get these days. Simply amazing!

Instagram can be believed to be one of the most trending apps of all time. Hashtags, memes, trends, posts, feeds, stories and the list is never ending. You might as well find a brand new trend just right now.

6. Features

There is a lot to discover in Instagram. Starting with everyday stories, one can really define their whole day in merely pictures. The feel to it is given by the app itself. Most beautiful are posting the time lapse videos or slow motion videos of the moving clouds or landscapes. And there is no match to the variety of filters this app provides to its users.

Direct message your friends or even a group through Instagram’s cool DM feature where they have now introduced video calling which is yet another effective way of shooting fire in number of users.

Another very meaningful feature of Instagram is the experiment with texts one can do in a feed or story. The fonts, formats and everything else is so satisfying that anyone can become a short term poet in a snap of finger.

And the list goes on.

The travel industry has rightly recognized the potential of Instagram as a promotional platform and hence, has grabbed its wonders in every way possible. It has given a meaning even to those stories for which there was no underlying need. The exotic places, very active and creative people, most influencing brands, great content, best layout and design is what making Instagram worth every penny it is today.

With an average of million follower’s growth per year and surpassing the every aspect in coming years, Instagram is the most effective social media platform to use. It’s highly unlikely that the “Instagrammable” aspect will fade away any time soon, it is only going to grow as the world is a fast changing place and is determined to change everyone with it.

As far as travel and photography is concerned, travellers are increasing with an enormous rate and the photography comes complimentary with travelling as mentioned before. So, making name out of passion is an approach today's generations are following. Hence, Instagram is the best platform an individual can use as an opportunity to excel in the stream.



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Ankit Kumar

This world is meant to be explored and i am being ready to do it.
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