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Published: Nov 04, 2018 | 34 Views

Travel photography for social media: a beginners guide

Photography comes complimentary with travel for many. Travelling means a lot for many people and the most common reason is that it opens up the mind and it widens the perspective of an individual. Hence, there are some people who want to capture these moments in their camera.

Nowadays people all over the world are trying to capture different pictures while travelling for a lot of purpose. Many of them put picture on social media while some of them have their own blog and websites.

Social media is nowadays a big platform for people to show their piece of art as a picture of any place. They get followed by different audience in order to appreciate their work and also to earn some money through their passion. Some travel photographers take advantage of these opportunities to earn some money as well as continue their passion.

We are going to discuss about some of the must know things a travel photographer should know in order to start his own journey of travel photography on social media. Photography if a never ending learning process and different skills are learnt with time and dedication.

Know your camera

This is the most important thing a photographer should care about. The quality and specifications of your camera describes the types of picture you are gonna be taking. ‘A great saucepan doesn't make you a great chef’, just like that a super costly camera will not help you to become the best photographer until or unless you work on your skills with any equipment you have.

People are nowadays taking pictures with their mobile phone also, this is also a new trend people are following in order to make people comfortable with their pictures and gain attention.

The only important thing is to know your camera and also know the limitations of your camera. It doesn't matter if you have a DSLR, a point-and-shoot, mobile or a mirror less camera, the only important thing is to know the perfect working of your camera and to learn all the functions it can do, menu buttons, focus etc.

The main aim is to feel comfortable with your camera and to know its best function as well as the limitation which gives you an idea if your camera works the best in day, night etc.

Understand Social Media Platforms

In case of using the social media you really need to know your platform. There are different genres of photography that people indulge in. Some of the genres are Adventure loving outdoor photographer, street photographer, architecture photographer, Marriage photographer, destination photographer etc.

Social Medias are preferred accordingly, different channels supports different genres of photographers. For travel photography, the main channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. You can start a business profile on instagram or facebook for your pictures. You can start earning money after a certain set of audience are collected.

Engage with your audience

The audience are not always entertained by the pictures at randomly clicked. Sometimes you have to present your work in such a way that people do get interested in it.

Use the perfect hashtags, descriptions and other including factors to attract more audience. Use hashtags for photography till the limit, tag some travel photography pages so that they can give you a shout-out, Create new stories every day, ask questions and throw some challenges at your audience.

This indulgence will make the audience to get connected to your profile easily; hence they may follow your channel. Be regular with your posts, enough delay can really make you lose some followers.

There are some aspects which you have to maintain when clicking a picture. Some of the basics and must use concepts are to be known and use by the photographers.


The way your photos look on the social media platforms decides the fate of your future business. The composition in photo here refers to the perfect placement of the frame of the picture.

You can get the idea by the ‘rule of thirds’, which is the division of screen into 9 parts and placing the contents perfectly. The given picture is the perfect example of this rule. The photos become more soothing to viewers eyes, aligns with the frame and has its own sense of satisfaction.

This slight feature can be found in our iPhone or any professional camera and also it can create a lot of difference in the picture to attract more viewers. Choose the right subject

Assume you are a wedding photographer, what would you always aim for? The bride and groom obviously. The same concept goes to Travel Photographers. Always while travelling and clicking pictures, focus for the background or any element which describes the place and not something which could be found anywhere.

For example, a picture of a random street in Dubai vs. a picture of a random street in Dubai with Burj Khalifa in the background makes a lot of difference in terms of photography as well as travelling.

Just experiment with the best and always try to depict a story in your picture. A bird sitting on a wire vs. a bird feeding her babies has a whole lot of meanings when clicked in a picture. The story could be related by the viewers and can make them love your art particularly.

Pattern & Textures

The best way to make your picture more attractive is to give it a different look. These can be achieved by focusing on the patterns and textures which you can find in your surroundings. Like the reflection from skyscrapers glass windows, series of pillars, brick work in any building, any wall etc.

Try not to include any distracting element in your picture apart from something you are focusing on. The focus should be on the texture you want to give to your picture.


The most important of all the factors is the lighting. Lighting can genuinely make or break your pictures. The knowledge of lighting in any picture is very vast that there are some books written on these subjects.

The basic thing to know is that early mornings and evenings are the best time to click a picture. Too much sun and too much dark can break the intensity of any image. At early morning and evening time, the sun spreads an indirect light which gives the perfect contrast and lighting in images.


The images are not meant to be clicked only from the eye level. You can try different angle and have to be very careful while choosing the perfect angle. Different angles can make a lot of difference in any picture. Different focus and elements can be achieved by using angles.

The basic thing is to attract more and more followers and this could be achieved only by posting quality content to them along with some strategies. The strategies includes a little bit of marketing, being open to the audience.

You can also increase your followers by writing a decent bio which describes the main reason for the channel to be liked and adored. Keep a watch on the feedback and always reply to your audience positively.

You can also start a blog or website for your photographs which you can link with your social media sites. Just keep in mind the difference between Blog and Website. Basically, website portrays your work and a blog portrays your personality.

Learn Post Processing

Post processing is an important thing to learn for photographers. Post processing really can make a big difference in the quality of picture. There are many software and applications depending upon your camera or phones.

It gives you an opportunity to remove the unwanted things and focus more on the content by balancing the colour, contrast etc. Adobe photo editor is the best software to use and apply if aspiring to be a professional photographer.

Some Tips

· Focus on the content which represents the destination.

· Make the picture look different and equally expressive as compared to others.

· Don’t switch between different cameras.

· Make your own style and pattern for your channel and continue it.

· Make a website or blog to represent your work and gain some audience from that channel too.

· Publicize your page everywhere you can like quora, facebook and other such websites.

· Follow other travel photographers to get some new idea and learn some new skills.

· Get used to your camera; you should know every functions and limitations of your camera.

The thing an individual notices at any destination is different from any other individual; everyone has their own point of view different from other. Travelling is a dream work for most of the people and if by any chance you are travelling, then you have an opportunity to capture the moments you experienced and show to people all over the globe to motivate them to travel and follow your channel for the peace of eyesight.

The last and final tip is to practice and practice. Take feedback from your near and dears and apply the changes necessary. Show it to the world what you experience.



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Ankit Kumar

This world is meant to be explored and i am being ready to do it.
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