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Top 7 beaches in prague

Get ready with your swimsuit, sunscreen and sporty spirit to enjoy at the top beaches of Prague. These beautiful spots are the places where the white shimmering sandy shores meet the crystal clear blue water of the lakes.

While Prague’s architectural beauty, rich culture and a vibrant nightlife give relaxation to your eyes and body, the natural beaches with sandy shores and lush green grasses soothe your soul.

Stroll around the city of Prague and get awestruck by the beauty of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, and Břevnov Monastery. Chill at Coffee houses, restaurants and cafes and get some best beer of the world at the bars of Prague.

But if you want to relax and refresh the beaches of Prague like Žluté lázně, Koupaliště Džbán, Smichov Beach, etc. are the perfect spots.

Žluté lázně

Žluté lázně is a natural area in the heart of the city on the right bank of the Vltava River, which offers grassy and sand beaches, and even a dance floor for spending some quality time with friends and family. This place offers a number of adventurous sports courts, a wide range of fun attractions, and refreshments.

You can hire a boat or catamaran, scooter and roller skates as well as bicycle for fun to ride on specially made paths. For those who love outdoor sports, Žluté lázně beach offers table tennis, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis and much more.

If you love swimming don’t worry about the sanitary and hygienic service of Prague as this city officially allows you to swim in the Vltava. Sip a martini while enjoying sun basking to make it most amazing beach experience in Prague.

Address: Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, 140 00 Praha 4-Podolí

Timings: 9 AM to 2 AM

Entry fee: Free entry but if you visit between 9AM and 5PM, you need to buy a voucher which can be utilised for drinks, renting sports equipment and other services on the premises of the complex.

Koupaliště Džbán

Located near the natural reservoir Divoká Šárka in Prague 6, this serene and quiet beach is a perfect spot for swimming, sun basking and relax with family. Divoká Šárka is the second largest reservoir in Prague with lush green grassy banks and crystal clear water.

The park offers boats and sports equipment like balls, frisbees for rent and is well equipped with showers, cabanas, toilet, beach volleyball court and parking.

Swim at the furnished paid beach, or the free beach area right next to it. There is also a zone especially separated for nudists on the shore. In 2016, visitors were forbidden to bring dogs to the beach. This is an unfortunately news for dog lovers.

Address: Praha 6 – Vokovice

Timings: 8 AM to 9 PM

Entry Fee: CZK 90 for adult and CZK 60 for child. Fee post 5 PM is CZK 60. Sun loungers’ rent is CZK 70 for the entire day.

Hostivařská přehrada

Get away from the crowded tourist spots to rejuvenate at one of the top beaches of Prague i.e Hostivarska Prehrada. This one is located on the shore of Prague's largest reservoir surrounded with a spectacular forest area.

You can enjoy a water slide, boat ride, table tennis, volleyball , football and much more. There is a wooden pier for sunbathing and a separate isolated sandy beach for the nudists.

This beach also offers children’s playground, fast food tents for to satisfy hunger, a beach bar, a restaurant and is well equipped with a toilet, showers, locker rooms and parking. Rent a boat for a peaceful ride on the lake.

Address: K Jezeru, Praha 10 – Hostivař

Timings: 9 AM to 8 PM

Entry fee: CZK 90 for an adult and CZK 60 for a child. After 4PM, Prices reduced to CZK 50 and 30 respectively for an adult and a child.

Koupaliště Šeberák

Located on the outskirts of the Prague, Koupaliště Šeberák is a beautiful pond with a sandy- grassy beach and picturesque view. This one has wooden benches and a fireplace for a memorable picnic with family and friends which will leave an everlasting effect on your mind.

You can sit, relax, enjoy sunbathing or play sports here. Savour some delicious food and sip refreshing drinks from fast food tents or a restaurant. Hire a catamaran or boat to enjoy a ride.

This place is well-equipped with showers, cloakrooms, washrooms. There is a free beach for the nudists in the eastern part of the lake.

Address: Praha 4, ulice K Šeberáku

Timings: Mon-Thurs from 10 AM to 10 PM and Fri-Sat from 10 AM to Midnight.

Entry fee: CZK 80 for an adult. Hire Sunbathers separately for CZK 50 per day

Koupaliště Motol

Known as “the village in the middle of the city” by residents of Prague, Koupaliště Motol is a mesmerising beach perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.

It has a shallow pond with a sandy bottom and crystal clear water. Surrounded with trees, this pond is a green and comfortable spot to enjoy. There is no doubt why “Motol” is considered as the cleanest body of water in Prague.

Rent sports equipments or a parasol, play volleyball or table tennis or savour tasty fast foods. For visitors and tourists, this beach provides separate cabanas, showers and also a nudist beach.

Address: Zahradníčkova ulice, Praha 5;

Opening hours: Every day from 09:30 AM to 08:00 PM

Entry Fee: CZK 70 for an adult and EEK 50 for the children / students / pensioners.

Smichov Beach (Smichovska Plaz)

Relax on your deckchair and sip a refreshing cool cocktail at Smichov Beach while looking at the unique architecture of the vibrant city of Prague. This artificial beach is created with 700 tones of imported sand and can accommodate upto 500 visitors. Cherish the view of Vysehrad and Podskali while sitting under the umbrella.

It offers facilities for playing games and sports like volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Get entertained by the live music shows, dance shows and such entertainment events which are hosted on Smichov Beach.

There are thematic evenings focused, for example, on mediterranean cuisine.

Address: Smichov, Praha 1

Timings: 10AM to 10PM

Entry Fee: CZK 50 for an adult, free for small kids

Jezero Lhota (Lhota lake) beach

Jezero Lhota is one of the most beautiful and unique beaches near or in Prague. Although the city has around seven sandy beaches, this one is a different as it is surrounded by the lush pine forests.

The lake surrounded with these forests looks adorable and a perfect place to swim. Take a dip, rent a parasol or canoe to ride in the crystal clear water on this sandy lake and soak in the scenic beauty. Must savour the tasty langos and fried cheese at the food stalls here.

Jezero Lhota, a 45-minutes drive from Prague, is a must-visit beach before you leave the city. Find a separate beach for the nudists.

Address: 277 14 Lhota, Czech Republic

Timings: 6 AM to 9 PM

Entry Fee: CZK 60 for an adult and CZK 40 for a child. Fee is reduced after 5 PM

Things To Carry To The Beach

Sunscreen- Carry the sunscreen that suits you to avoid sunburn.

Water Bottles- Carry your own water bottle in case you don’t find one on the beach.

Umbrella- Sunlight can be pretty harsh for your young ones on the beach, so carry an umbrella.

Towels- You will need towel to dry yourself off after swimming or shower.

Flip-flops - These are the best foot wears to wear on hot sandy beaches.

Sunglasses- The radiation of sun can hurt your eyes, so carry a pair of sunglasses.

Clothes- Keep an extra pair of clothes, so you don’t return with wet body.

Balls and Frisbee- Bring you volleyball, football, tennis ball and frisbees to play with your friends and family.

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