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Top romantic things to do in prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities of Europe. Every year thousands of couples arrive at Prague to have the unforgettable experience of their love life. Prague is being named as ‘Europe’s most romantic capital’.

To attract tourists, travel agency offers packages like ‘Romantic Prague’, which includes expensive ‘romantic hotels’, ‘romantic dinners’ at fancy restaurants and ‘romantic tours’ throughout various historical places and landscapes in Prague. Love cannot be judged by how much you have splurged but how much efforts you have put to do something for your lover.

Going to fairytale landscapes, roaming in the romantic streets, spending time in charming suites, enjoying candlelit dinners and listening to classical music are some of the things most lovers do here.

In this article, you will get to know about some top romantic things to do in Prague, which are different and definitely impress your beloved ones. These things won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Propose Your Beloved At A Rooftop Restaurant With Picturesque View

This is your special day and you don't want your beloved to get upset and say no to you. So, take him/ her to a roof-top cafe or restaurant in Prague that offers a splendid view.

It will cheer up the mood of your beloved. Take the ring out and ask her/ him to marry you in between the alluring vistas. Open a bottle of champagne and celebrate your great day.

There are plenty of roof-top restaurants and cafes offering spectacular views in Prague to save your day.

  • T-Anker Sun Terrace
  • Terrace At Prince
  • Restaurant Coda
  • Terrace At the Golden Well
  • Restaurace Villa Richter
  • Restaurant Zlatá Praha in hotel InterContinental
  • Restaurant Ginger & Fred in Dancing house
  • Duplex restaurant & Club
  • Restaurant Oblaca (Clouds), Tower Park
  • Cloud 9 Sky Bar, Hilton Prague hotel
  • Restaurant Zvonice, Jindřišská (Henry´s) Tower
  • Tower Lounge Bar, NH hotel
  • Restaurant Aureole, City Tower

Cost: NA

Location: These restaurants are located in Old Town Square, Lesser Town, near Prague’s Castle, Wenceslas Square, etc.

Take A Ride In Vintage Car

Your romantic trip to Prague is incomplete if you don't take a ride in a vintage car. Take a trip around the historical centre of Prague in an open-top classic vintage car driven by a chauffeur. Listen to the stories of different destination you place by him while embracing your lover in the back seat.

In winters, get cosy in a blanket and sip some beer while taking a tour of magical streets of Prague in a vintage car. Take a picture or more to remember this ride forever.

Cost: Starting from 80 €

Location: Old Town

Lock Your Love On The Bridge

Visit Mala Strana, Prague and discover the bridge over a small canal where you can lock your love. How? Take a lock and inscribe with the names of your and your lover and fasten it on the railings of the bridge. If no space is left there, you can travel to Naplavka and declare your love there.

Well, this "love lock" is not going to be there forever as more than 30 kg of locks are removed every week by a group, which aims to protect and restore the bridge.

Cost: No charges for this.

Location: Mala Strana, Naplavka, near the Lennon Wall and Charles Bridge.

Take A Cruise On Vltava River

Rent a private cruise on the mahogany boat and feel the romance in the air of Prague. This boat has a captain to sail it and offer you a complete privacy.

You can choose your own route or a guided one of Prague's monuments. Watch mesmerising views of Prague's hidden secrets, lesser-known river banks and canals.

The beauty of the Vltava river and city Prague is breathtaking in the night. You can also have a dinner date on a night cruise, which offers a four-course meal and a free glass of prosecco.

Enjoy this with the live music and picturesque views of Prague attractions like Charles Bridge, Rudolfinum, National Theatre, Vysehrad, and the Dancing House. This one is not a private one but you can still enjoy it while being lost in each other's company.


Private Cruise- 160 € for the whole boat with the captain

Dinner Cruise- Depending on the cruise you choose, the rates are 39€ to 119 € for adults and 26 € to 39€ for children.

Location: Dvořák Embankment, 110 00 Prague, Czechia

Buy Your Lover A Garnet Ring

Propose your beloved with the classic garnet ring. If you both are already a couple, you can buy her other pieces of locally made jewellery.

Coming from mines near the city of Turnov in the Czech Republic, the ruby gems are a perfect gift to give to your lover as a memento of your love. The best place to purchase them is Cesky Granat Turnov.

Make sure you get a valid certificate of origin and its authenticity and not to get cheated by the jewellers. Most of the shops in the historic centre of Prague sell Bohemian crystal, which is another genuine Czech product.

Cost: 85 € to 350 €

Location: Starometske nam 17, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic

Take A Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

You are riding on a horse-drawn carriage with your partner. doesn't it seem like an old movie scene or a fairytale? Make your dream come true of this ride in Prague. Take the hand of your lady and welcome her in the carriage.

This seems a little cheesy but everything is fair in love and war after all. Relax and enjoy a 20-minute ride through Old Town from St. Nicholas Church. Well, add a pinch of modernism and you can go for a double date as each carriage can seat four people.

Cost: 30 € - 80 €

Location: Stare Mesto, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic

Escape With Your Lover To Shooter's Island

Take a break from the crowded places of the city and escape to this romantic place, called Shooter's Island, hidden under the Legion Bridge.

Stroll around on the small beach present at the northern point of the island, lay together under the shade of mature trees with the aura of old-time atmosphere and enjoy the exceptional views of the city, which you won't get anywhere else.

The chirping of birds and quacking of ducks will be like the lullaby to your ears. Rent a swan boat to sail across the Vltava river or watch the sunset together- Shooter's Island is a romantic place to spend a memorable day with your lover.

Occasionally, this place enchants visitors with the celebrations, concerts, open-air festivals, and various other cultural events are held here.

Cost: No charges applied.

Location: From the southern side of the Legion bridge you can descend to the island by a monumental staircase. Island is connected with the Smetana Embankment as a small-scale seasonal ferry of Prague 4 stops on the right side of the island

Enjoy The Romantic Hot Air Balloon Flight

Love is in the air of Prague. If you want to have a totally different experience, try hot air balloon flight to have most romantic moments up in the sky in privacy.

This is something everyone wants to try at least once in a lifetime. Watch the sunset or sunrise and kiss your lover in the air. 60-80 minutes in the sky with your partner will be felt like forever.

The view of Prague city from such a height will be awe-inspiring. Capture your memories in the pictures for the reliving those moments every time you will look at those snaps. On-board guidance will be provided by English speaking pilot.

Cost: 300 €- 600€

Location: K Červenému dvoru 26, 130 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Treat Your Lover With A Surprise Dinner

Doing something romantic cliche is not a bad or boring thing, especially if you are doing it for the first time for your lover. What's better than planning a surprise dinner in Prague?

Giving expensive gifts and doing fancy things is not always necessary to impress your lady/ man unless you have money growing on a tree.

You can book a dinner table in a restaurant for two of you and they will decorate it especially for you both. You can ask them for including additional things like a bouquet of her/his favourite flowers or a special delightful present to gift him/ her.

Cost: € 150 is the average price of the surprise dinner.

Location: Anywhere in Prague.

Recite Poem To Your Lover From The Poetic Cemetery Of Vyšehrad

If your lover is an avid reader of poems and this is something that can impress him/her, then take the hand of your beloved and walk to the poetic cemetery of Vyšehrad. Don't bathe in cold sweat when you read "cemetery" word cause this doesn't seem romantic at all.

But this is a beautiful historic place for a touch of romance. Vyšehrad Cemetery is a significant cemetery in Prague with over 600 writers, scientists, poets, artists, composers, actors, doctors, politicians buried here. In monumental tomb Slavín, nation’s most famous personages are laid to rest.

It is located adjacent to the Church of Sts Peter and Paul, slightly further south of the city and is less visited by tourists. Head to the historic fort and castle of Vyšehrad an hour before dusk for an amazing view of the sunset over the river and Prague Castle.

Enjoy a romantic stroll alongside the walls of the fort and recite lines of love to your partner written the graves of some of the Czech Republic’s greatest artists and poets.

Cost: No charges applied.

Location: K Rotundě, Vyšehrad, Praha 2, Czechia

Try your own ways to show your love to your lover or find out some new romantic things to do in Prague.

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