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Why you should visit prague in december

From Copenhagen to Bremen to Bruges, we decided there has been not anything greater romantic than exploring cobblestone streets and Christmas Markets together inside the snow, strolling in hand in hand both because it’s disgustingly cute and also to avoid slipping on ice and falling (we are each extremely clumsy). So while it came time to determine wherein we desired to tour to for Christmas this 12 months, it becomes a no-brainer.

Prague is one of the most lovely cities in Europe, with the brought bonus of being price range-friendly AND having Christmas Markets that stay open after New Years. Jeremy’s teaching timetable way that we won’t even make it to Europe until Christmas Eve, so having Christmas Markets which can be nevertheless open in January is HUGE. All we desired for Christmas this year changed into a mug of gluhwein and a bunch of Christmas Market cheer. And like, any/all sugar-laden Christmas Market treats. 1 of each.

We’ll be celebrating New Years inside the Czech Republic this 12 months and we are SO excited to visit Prague in January! We’ll arrive simply in time for my birthday at the 7th. Mark that down for your calendar, humans. We’ve compiled this very lengthy and very specified manual to the great things to do in Prague in December and January. Whether you’re travelling for romance or celebrating together with your #1, aka yourself, we hope this listing gets you as excited to visit Prague inside the wintry weather as we're.

The snow-covered architecture belongs in a fairy tale
Prague is well-known for its ancient homes protected in pink roof tiles – in winter, the crimson peeking out from below the blanket of snow is especially spellbinding. For the great winter perspectives of the town, strive the Prague Castle viewpoint or head to the Letná Beer Garden. There’s no outdoor beer consuming in iciness, but you can nevertheless get admission to the region for a remarkable open view over the Vltava River. If you can brave the windy bloodless, the Petřín Lookout Tower additionally offer stunning perspectives after a snowfall.

The crowds are smaller
Winter is off-season in Prague (except for the time around Christmas), this means that fewer travellers. Photos opportunities are far better while you can have Charles Bridge and the grounds of Prague Castle broadly speaking to yourself. Lines to enter the castle or to access popular points of interest are also tons shorter in wintry weather, and also you don’t have to wait as long to get a table at popular eating places including Bellevue.

Prague’s streets are much less crowded in winter
Prague’s streets are less crowded in winter the suitable time to strive Czech food
Czech delicacies are higher acceptable for winter than for the summer months – dishes have a tendency to be heavy on meat and stews, at the same time as maximum conventional food begin with a warming soup. Potatoes are often served with gravy or red meat fat, and dumplings are a commonplace aspect dish. Winter is a first-rate time to attempt the popular zelňačka (cabbage soup) or guláš, a heavy stew made with meats and onion.

Accommodation is cheaper
Apart from the length between Christmas and New Year when locations to live are extra high-priced, in wintry weather accommodation in the metropolis tends to be cheap. Expect to pay approximately 1/2 the rate of the excessive season if you visit from November to February.

Old Town is a wintry weather wonderland
There’s no better time to discover Old Town than winter. The Tyn church is lit up, the streets are draped in Christmas lighting and the 14th century Old Town Hall and astronomical clock take on an eerie appearance because the iciness nights roll in.

It’s svařák season
Svařák or mulled wine is a famous subculture inside the Czech Republic all through the autumn and iciness months. In Prague, mulled wine is bought everywhere, from farmer’s markets (which maintain to operate at some point of the less warm months) via to festivals to Christmas markets. Served as warm as espresso and made with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon amongst different spices, it’s a famous on-the-pass drink while exploring Prague’s wintry weather markets.

Christmas markets are anywhere
Prague’s Christmas markets are a number of high-quality in Europe – only a short walk via even one of them will show you why. The biggest market takes place inside the Old Town Square, alongside some other huge marketplace placed simply minutes away, on Wenceslas Square. Here, traffic can locate wooden toys, arts and crafts, handmade soaps and all kinds of Christmas presents for cherished ones again domestic. There also are smaller Christmas markets on Kapa Island, out of doors the Palladium shopping centre and in front of the fortress.

Prague Christmas marketplace
In the summer season, companies from throughout Europe – specifically Germany and England -come over to the town to drink, birthday party and be merry. The numbers are smaller in wintry weather and your home windows might be closed, so you have a higher threat to revel in the magic of Prague in a calmer placing.

The fog lends an air of mystery
There are few matters more magical than seeing Gothic structure enveloped in a gentle blanket of fog, and the climate is at most atmospheric in winter. An early morning or late night time stroll on Charles Bridge or the cobblestone streets of the city turns into pretty a revel in while the fog is out.

Things to do in Prague in Winter

Christmas Markets in Prague
Visiting Europe in iciness has the brought bonus that Christmas is within the air. From early December until January 6th Prague’s squares top off with suitable Christmas market stalls promoting Christmas decorations, gifts, souvenirs and deliciously warming food and drink. You’ll discover a number of the first-class Prague Christmas markets on the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square, Peace Square and at Prague Castle.

Photograph the Beautiful City
The high-quality picture spots in Prague are even greater stunning in wintry weather, and if you may manipulate an early morning it is definitely really worth it.

Charles Bridge
I took one for the crew here and were given up at 6.30am braving underneath freezing temperatures to take a few fabulous images of Prague whilst it turned into blissfully quiet and blanketed with a mild dusting of snow. There were still several humans like me snapping pics on the well-known Charles Bridge, however, typically you'll have a breakup 2nd to take a few photographs without absolutely everyone in it. Annoyingly simply as I had the bridge to myself my phone determined to die (see preceding caution approximately having a portable charger with you) and by the point I had plugged it into the charger I had agency once more! Ah well, you couldn't have it all.

After crossing Charles Bridge, I walked along the riverside to Letná Park wherein you can climb as much as a perspective which overlooks the metropolis, and all the bridges in Prague. There became no-one round once I went up there, and the clean snow crunched beautifully below my ft. Anywhere I can go and get a while on my own in a hectic metropolis like Prague receives my vote!

Address: Karlův most, 110 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Prague Castle
I didn’t arise right here while it turned into snowy as I went to Letná Park rather, but the perspectives from outdoor the castle walls are notable. Prague citadel is the most important citadel complicated in Europe, and I learned from my Eating Prague Tour Guide that the fortress is lit at night way to the Rolling Stones who coughed up the coins for the spotlights. You can also clutch an espresso from the Starbucks to heat you up, or simply use their handy terrace to take a few pix.

Everyone talks about the clock tower in Prague, however, alas it turned into being renovated when I become in town so I missed the spectacle. You can nonetheless climb up the clock tower positioned in the Old Town Hall for views of the Town Hall rectangular and the relaxation of the metropolis. I went up for sunset, which wasn’t remarkable on that particular day, but if you get fortunate it'll be thoughts-blowing!

Address: 119 08 Prague 1, Czechia

Opening Hours: 5:00 to midnight. Places where tickets are required are open from 9:00 to 18:00.

Entry Fee: CZK 140

Take a Prague Tour
Walking tours of Prague maintain during the year, and as long as you wrap up the heat it's far well-really worth exploring Prague on foot. You can arrange on foot excursions with Prague City Tourism for three hundred CZK or you can attempt a Prague loose strolling tour or maybe a Ghost Tour! I had an excursion of the Old Town Hall arranged by means of Prague City Tourism which become fascinating; you can pass and take a go searching at no cost, however, the paid excursion takes you to different regions which include the cellars downstairs.

There isn't any terrible time to visit Prague. Each season has its very own charms, and there are lots of factors to do in Prague in the course of the yr. Prague can get very cold in wintry weather, but the snow brings a mystical white blanket to the city. I didn’t mean to go to Prague in iciness, I went in the middle of March, but this yr the weather become mainly brutal, and I determined myself in Prague with sub-0 temperatures and snow. Here are some tips for what to do in Prague in wintry weather, and why you must go to Prague at some point of the iciness!

Winter Weather in Prague
Winter in Prague commonly lasts from December to February, with January generally being the coldest month. Temperatures regularly dip underneath freezing, and in January the common daytime temperature hovers at around 0°C, with the nighttime temperatures a whole lot chillier. I visited Prague in March, and although I missed the -15°C temperatures delivered on with the aid of unseasonably cold climate, it did drop to around -7°C, with a sour wind. While this could no longer sound appealing, while the snow fell, Prague has become even more magical. Snowfall is reasonably commonplace in the course of the iciness, however hardly ever impacts day to day life in Prague too much.

What to Wear in Prague in Winter?
Layers, and plenty of them! I turned into wearing a pair of tights below my jeans, a t-shirt, three skinny cardigans, a thick woolly jumper, and a coat with a headband, hat and gloves and I nonetheless felt cold at instances! On your Prague packing list, you may want an excellent windproof wintry weather coat, and I also suggest some thermal layers to preserve you properly insulated. Comfortable strolling footwear or boots are also important, particularly if it does snow, as areas can get very slippery underfoot.

Something else to bear in mind is that during sub-0 temperatures, telephone and camera batteries die very quickly, so take a portable charger or spare batteries with you so that you don’t omit out on beautiful snowy photos!

Eat All the Czech Food You Can
I cherished Czech meals! Traditional dishes like red meat in a creamy vegetable sauce, or goulash with dumplings are made for the cold weather, and I loved sampling as a lot of Czech delicacies as I may want to. I took an Eating Prague Food Tour with Eating Europe which also took me to exceptional areas of the metropolis I hadn’t seen before.

When it's far bloodless out of doors, there may be not anything better than warming yourself up in a pleasant warm bar or eating place and taking part in a drink or a chew to devour. Seasonal specialities include zelňačka that is sauerkraut cabbage soup (a conventional hangover remedy on New Year’s day!) and svařák mulled wine, served piping warm with spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to heat you up.

Another popular destination is Cesky Krumlov, a fairytale city in South Bohemia, which has been fantastically restored to its former glory, and looks similar to it might have completed numerous hundred years ago. The snow-topped roofs on this pretty town add an additional magical contact. Many humans endorse taking a Cesky Krumlov day ride from Prague but spend the night there and you received it be upset!

There are also masses of day journeys from Prague you can take to discover, such as the Kutna Hora and the bone chapel, or a ride to Karlštejn Castle (December most effective).

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A crazy travel blogger who loves to share happiness by framing the beauty of nature and it's charming secret ;)
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