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Minakshi Pandey
Published: Sep 22, 2018 | 53 Views

Discovering mae hong son loop by motorbike

What's that quintessential excursion you're biting the dust to check off your basin list? One of those excursions that are the ideal method to encounter a specific goal… For the individuals who have known about it, motorbiking the Mae Hong Son Loop in northern Thailand is unquestionably one of them.

While a large portion of Thailand might flood with vacationers, northern Thailand still has a lot of pockets where you can lose sight (and sound) of them and their basins of vodka and red bull, and the Mae Hong Son Loop is the best approach to do it.

Where you can see neighborhood life in the wide open of Thailand, in the same way as other goals used to be. Furthermore, obviously, what better approach to encounter the Land of Smiles than on a speeding motorbike or bike close by local people? (Reply: There's no better way).

Here's all that you have to think about motorbiking the Mae Hong Son Loop

What is the Mae Hong Son Loop?

The Mae Hong Son Loop is an acclaimed motorbike course through the North of Thailand. It's one street that circles through the region north of Chiang Mai and is ideal for a different day motorbike experience.

You'll drive past lovely rice fields, through timberlands, over slopes and mountains, and right amidst crowds of steers and water bison. Nearby individuals wave as you pass their little towns, and you'll see things that a couple of voyagers in Thailand do.

While Mae Hong Son and Pai are viewed as "touristy", they're still genuinely little and at any rate, a long way from the bundle visit gather voyages through Chiang Mai.

The drive is extremely a standout amongst the most delightful on the planet, and there's in no way like motorbiking through inconceivable nature for quite a long time. Remain in each spot over a night to investigate the encompassing regions and you certainly won't perceive some other sightseers.

Trek Summary

Trek length: 5 days

Visiting spots: Chiang Mai, Pai, Soppong, Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son, Khun Yuam, Namtok Mae Surin, Mae Chaem, Doi Inthanon

What amount did it cost: MYR 550

At a Glance

Day one – Chiang Mai to Pai. Landing in Chiang Mai. chartered a cruiser in Tha Phae access, at that time rode from Chiang Mai to Pai, wherever I remained at Pai Walking Street house. visited Wat Phra That Mae Yen for evenfall, before heading back and pay no matter is left of my night at Pai Walking Street. Medium-term in Pai.

Day Two – In and Around Pai. itinerant around Pai, visiting completely different functions of enthusiasm for the territory, for instance, Yunnan Cultural Village, Pai ravine and Memorial Bridge. to boot ceased by acknowledging must-try, for instance, occasional infatuated and Love Strawberry Pai. Medium-term in Pai.

Day three – Pai to Mae Hong Son. Registration from the house at a young hour toward the start of the day, and proceeded to Mae Hong Son, with short stops at Kiew Lom perspective, Soppong and Pang Mapha. Bypassed to Pha Sua cascade and Pang Ung lake before landing in Mae Hong Son, wherever I remained at Boondee House. Later in the dark, I visited Wat Phra That DoI Kong letter for Crepuscule. Medium-term in Mae Hong Son.

Day four – Mae Hong Son to Mae Chaem. itinerant around Mae Hong Son, visiting completely different functions of enthusiasm for the city, for instance, the morning business and author Kham lake. Registration from the house and proceeded to Khun Yuam, with a go for holiday at Ban Huai sect Thao, a Tibeto-Burman language city in transit. From Khun Yuam, I rerouted to Namtok Mae Surin, before continuing to Mae Chaem, wherever I remained at Mae Chaem edifice. Medium-term in Mae Chaem.

Day five – Mae Chaem to DoI Inthanon to Chiang Mai. itinerant around Mae Chaem early within the previous day observing and continuing to DoI Inthanon. Later in the evening, I head down and visited some cascades within the territory, for instance, Wachirathan and Mae Ya, before returning to Chiang Mai to complete my circle.


A passage in Chiang Mai

  • Arrive at Chiang Mai International air terminal by flight (AirAsia) – RM120 (one way)
  • Relocation breathing space
  • Note: From the air terminal, you can take a plane terminal transport to Chiang Mai downtown territory, just costs 40 baht for every individual anyway recollect it just leaves when full.
  • Since there weren't adequate people for the air terminal transport, I cleared out the air terminal to get a red songthaew to the downtown territory
  • Ride a red songthaew to Chiang Mai downtown region – 30 baht
  • Hop off at Tha Phae Gate

Preparing for the Mae Hong Son circle

  • At Tha Phae entryway, I went to a Pop Rental shop adjacent and leased a cruiser – 150 baht for each day. Leasing for 5 days (add up to cost – 650 baht). Pop Rental is very entrenched here, and despite the fact that there are less expensive rentals around (like 99 baht for every day shoddy!), I'd pick dependability over cost quickly
  • Required web for the outing so I rode to the closest DTAC focus to purchase a sim card and information plan (3GB information, substantial for 30 days) – 499 baht
  • Before beginning the bike circle, chose to refuel at a close-by corner store – 100 baht

Chiang Mai to Pai

  • Ride from Chiang Mai to Pai. Removed interstate 107 from Chiang Mai traveling north, at that point traveled westbound to Pai by means of roadway 1095
  • The voyage from Chiang Mai to Pai is around 130 km long and takes roughly 3 hours in the event that you ride relentless; anyway it accepting me longer as I was getting a charge out of the sights and ceased at each open door I could. On the off chance that you don't have a craving for going relentless, there are a lot of bistros while in transit to make your stop.
  • Utilizing this course, you will cross an aggregate of 762 bends while in transit to Pai. The street is in great condition all through, yet don't be enticed to hammer on the throttle as there are a couple of potholes littered around places where you wouldn't dare hoping anymore

In and Around Pai

  • Land in Pai
  • Registration to Pai Walking Street Guesthouse – 244 baht for every night. Remaining for 2 evenings (add up to cost – 488 baht). Extremely loved the area, it's directly before Pai Walking Street. Consumed the fan space, not a smart thought particularly in the event that you circumvent the time I went, as the room can get intolerably hot in the evenings.
  • Ride to Wat Phra That Mae Yen to watch the dusk (under 15 minutes). Stopped my bike at the parking area and strolled up a few stairs to the best. It is anything but an exceptionally troublesome trip, just takes around 5-10 minutes to get to the best.
  • Stroll around in Pai Walking Street Supper at different food stalls – Pad Thai (50 baht) and cha yen (30 baht)
  • Second supper at Fine Rice restaurant – Pineapple broiled rice with minced pork (150 baht)
  • Come back to the guesthouse to get some rest


Touring around Pai

  • Ride to Santichon town, around 5 km far from Pai. Refuel at a close-by service station in transit – 100 baht
  • Photograph stop at Yhun Lai perspective. Paid the affirmation – 20 baht (comprehensive of free tea)
  • Photograph stop at Yunnan social town. Affirmation was free however there's no movement there because of low season
  • Photograph stop at Pai River, close Pai Nai Fun Resort
  • A brisk photograph stop at Wat Pa Kham before proceeding on

Sightseeing around Pai (continued)

  • Ride to Pai canon, regarding 8 km from Pai
  • Stopover at occasional crazy on the approach – Iced caffe latte (60 baht) & strawberry cheesecake (80 baht)
  • Photo stop at Pai canon. Admission is free. use caution wherever you step and don’t fall because of the methods area unit quite slender with sheer drops on either aspect
  • Ride from Pai canon to Memorial Bridge, another 1km away
  • Stop at Pai Memorial Bridge
  • Stopover at Love Strawberry Pai for a few refreshments – Strawberry smoothie (75 baht)
  • Explored the Pai rural area by bike. a touch unplanned, however, it had been fun wandering without aim around the stunning rural area for pretty much 3 hours.

Back in Pai

  • Back to the guesthouse for a speedy shower before taking off once more
  • Very late looking for keepsakes in Pai Walking Street
  • Supper at Duang eatery – Khao soi (40 baht) and frosted espresso (20 baht)
  • Come back to the guesthouse to rest for the following day


Pai to Mae Hong Son

  • Ride from Pai to Mae Hong Son (by means of interstate 1095). The adventure from Pai to Mae Hong Son is around 107km and should take about 2 hours if there are no makeshift routes
  • Photograph stop at Kiew Lom perspective in transit. From up here, you get a little taste of things to come throughout the following 1,864 bends to Mae Hong Son.
  • Stopover in Soppong to refuel – 80 baht. The primary fascination here is Tham Lod give in, however, I chose to give it a go as I wasn't excessively enthusiastic about observing it
  • Fast photograph stop at Pang Ma Pha perspective. Certainly justified regardless of a stop for the view, in addition to there are sustenance slows down and bathrooms on the off chance that you require a break.
  • Gone by Susa cascade and Tham Pla surrender in transit from Pang Mapha to Mae Hong Son. Both are awesome for a shortstop yet remember you need to pay affirmation charges to enter

Reroute to Pha Sua cascade and Pang Ung lake

  • Stopover at Chang Thai bistro (found just before the swing into Pha Sua cascade and Pang Ung lake, while in transit to Mae Hong Son). It's an extremely pleasant place to simply sit back, unwind, appreciate the view and some espresso – Iced latte (55 baht)
  • Took a reroute to Pha Sua and Pang Ung. The street goes north and far from Mae Hong Son, so an arrival excursion will be essential. The bypass is around 26 km from the swing into Pang Ung lake, 52 km for the arrival trip
  • Photograph stop at Pha Sua cascade. Confirmation is free. To achieve the cascade, you have to stroll down the way for around 5 minutes. Felt somewhat baffled as the cascade wasn't in its prime, yet it's normal when going amid the hot season
  • Photograph stop at Pang Ung lake, a nearly picture-consummate lake. The climate is cooler here, because of its area in the good countries. In case you're fortunate, you may even have the capacity to spot dark swans swimming apathetically around the lake. Meandered around for very nearly an hour prior backtracking to Mae Hong Son

In and Around Mae Hong Son

  • Touch base in Mae Hong Son
  • Registration to Boondee House – 488 Thai monetary unit for each night (remaining for one night). The workers at the gathering could not speak nor comprehend English, thus it took American state a short while to impart to them what I required. In spite of this, the area I got was very pleasant, thus I felt the price and therefore the before issue I had was legitimized
  • Ride to Wat Phra That Interior Kong letter (under ten minutes). No further charges. awing views of Mae Hong Son from the most effective and that I even found out a way to witness a twofold rainbow! Remained till the time of day before heading down another time
  • Photograph stroll around author Kham lake. there is not any night showcase but attributable to low season


Touring Around Mae Hong Son

  • Breakfast at the Mae Hong Son morning market adjacent – Congee (35 baht)
  • Photograph operations at Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang sanctuaries, situated close Jong Kham lake. Not required to pay any extra charges
  • Come back to the guesthouse to pack up and checkout


In and Around Mae Chaem

  • Investigated Mae Chaem by bike. Visited the Mae Chaem showcase and the encompassing field
  • Breakfast at Mae Chaem showcase – Thai chicken rice and espresso (45 baht)
  • Refuel at an adjacent service station – 90 baht
  • Come back to lodging to pack up and checkout

In and Around Doi Inthanon

  • Photograph stop at Naphamethanidon and Naphapholphumisiri pagoda in transit down. Paid the confirmation – 40 baht
  • A ride from Doi Inthanon summit towards Chom Tong (by means of roadway 1009)
  • Photograph stop at Wachirathan cascade
  • Leave Doi Inthanon national stop and completed a brisk stopover at Mae Klang sanctuary, since it was en route

Reroute to Mae Ya Waterfall and back to Chiang Mai

  • Touch base in Chom Tong. Took a bypass to Mae Ya cascade, around 14 km from Chom Tong
  • Photograph stop at Mae Ya cascade, Wasn't required to pay any extra charges
  • Ride back to Chiang Mai (by means of roadway 108) to finish the last 60 km of my Mae Hong Son bike circle
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