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Bangkok- etiquette, custom , culture and a guide to business

Bangkok -Etiquette, Customs, Culture & Business Guide

Thailand, “the land of Smiles”- known for its huge coastline with beaches lined up in many different areas. The country's capital Bangkok is surrounded by the Chao Phraya River. Its diversity lies something for each visitor to fall in love with the city. The month of November and December makes Bangkok the most pleasant time to visit. The city welcomes you to plan your itineraries in a slight cool climate to make you feel more comfortable. A culturally diverse city, Bangkok has a variety of things to offer to each of its visitors each time. Roll your sleeve and take a pick into.

Though Bangkok is known for its nightlife, you must know something about their culture or etiquette, or its customs followed by them. When you plan a trip to such a beautiful place how can you miss to learn something about such a place? Thai people have been known for their simplicity and their habit of not forgetting ever to carry a simple smile always on their face. Here is something for you to know:

Its etiquette, culture & customs

Thailand unravels a beautiful country with an outstandingly rich in cultural heritage, a country filled with friendly, accepting people. Thus with no surprise, it is a popular destination for outlanders.

Familiarizing oneself with Thai’s culture can make your trip more memorable and building a good relationship with them.

Face culture:

Thai's culture tend to follow face practice. They will welcome you with a smile. Never forget to make you look better with an extraordinary smile which acts as an asset to your entire attire.

Tenderness in public:

Thai people are the best known to offer you your reasonable amount of personal space. Touching is something practiced between close friends, or between family members. Thus any act of touching should be avoided when you are in public. While giving something to others it is advised to use your right hand.

“Wai” culture:

On your arrival at this beautiful destination, you will be welcome by them in their own style. They will press their palm together at chest or nose level with bowing their head slightly. Do make an effort to do the same.

Respect for elders:

Thai considers elderly people as an important section of the society. So when you are in Thailand do show them proper respect. Bangkok treats Buddhist monk with great respect. They considered them as a protector.

A Small Token:

Thai people believe in hospitality. When you are invited to someone’s place, they ask you to go with a small token or a bouquet of flowers. Lilies or carnations are to be avoided as they associate with funerals

Practicing of feet low and head high:

Thai's consider head as high and holy and feet are generally considered low and dirt. Thus don't ever touch the head of any Thai's nor raise your feet above anyone. Do remove your shoes before you step inside a Thai person home.

Visit a temple:

So are you a religious person? You can't ever afford to miss the majestic temple around the city. They will recommend you to go covered when you are in temples. Wearing a sleeveless top, short skirts, shorts, and flip flops you might not be allowed to enter into temples.

Do go with all your documents:

Either while on motion or on your feet you must carry ID at all times. At any time you may be checked by the police and if you are unable to produce them, you might be arrested. They don't even mercy even if you are a visitor.

A Guide to business culture

Bangkok is known best for its market. A perfect place to reward for your plans to blossom. Knowing their cultures will en route your business to each and everyone's fingerprint in Bangkok.

Certain rules to your attire:

Thai’s believes that an office is a place where you should look smart. Dressing smart is key to earn the hearts of the people. They ask men to wear colored suits. Women should somewhat avoid any appealing dress. People do have the habit of judging you on your attire. Polishing your shoes is a must.

Holding a meeting:

A meeting is a perfect event to discuss all your plans. One month advance in communicating is a must. Thai people are always on time. Avoid being late.Be sited on your own place: The culture of hierarchical is strictly followed in Bangkok. Until and unless you are offered your seat, remain standing for a while.

Addressing a Thai:

Thai’s are best known for being polite while interacting between each other. They tend to address foreign visitors by their very first name. It is advisable to address Thai with ‘Khun'. Titles play a very important role in their culture.

Option for rental accommodation:

Thailand has its own rule which limits a foreigner to buy property in Thailand. If you want to get your office on time opt for a rental accommodation which is easily available.

Your stay during your business tour:

Depending on the budget of the visitors, Bangkok comes up with all range of hotels. One can find luxurious hotels or simple cheap hotels with all amenities and facilities equipped in it. You are mostly recommended to stay in Sathorn, Siam, and Sukhumvit as you won't face any chaos traffic during your meetings. Where to stay in Bangkok has never been a problem for its visitors. At every nook and corner of the city, you will find hotels of your choice.

String along Bangkok:

Bangkok has been known for its traffic problem.While getting around on your business trip hiring a metered taxi is more recommendable than going for a renting a vehicle.

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