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Dos and dont's in bali

Bali unravels a honeymoon destination for the new couples. What could be a better place than a paradise for lovebirds to express their love in abundant natural beauty, long-stretched white beaches and thick cool forests with lots of shopping options into the it.

No website can do justice to the beauty of Bali unless you plan a trip to enjoy its beauty. Bali has everything in it. Any age of a people right from newly married to express their love or a solo traveler or even a sporty person can enjoy. Worth mentioning are its gorgeous sea beaches, its calm weather its beautiful culture, eye-catching architecture and excellent adventure opportunities. You cannot forget to mention the nice and pleasant Balinese people. Before visiting Bali,don’t forget to exchange your currency to Indonesian Rupiah.

Bali is an island in Indonesia located at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Island in the Indian Ocean A home to many of the core species of marine. People believe it as an ‘Island of the Gods’. What to see in Bali is a question that pops up in the minds of people when they plan a vacation to this beautiful corner of the earth. So Bali will never upset your vacation. You just need to explore on your wheel or feet. Some of the things that Bali has held in it for you:

Things you can do in Bali:

• Visiting Ulun Danu Temple:

So if you are a religious person how can you afford to miss a visit to this temple at the edge of Baratan Lake in Bedugul in Bali. The goddess of the lake is believed to stay here at this beautiful building. This temple was constructed in the year 1633. People offer their praying to this temple because of the importance of the Lake Baratan, which was the main source of irrigation in this place.

• Tanah Lot temple

An iconic temple perched on top of a huge rock, and surrounded by the sea. It is claimed to be the work done by the Dang Hyang Nirartha in the 16th century. The people of Bali believe that the temple is protected by sea snakes from evil spirits.

• Kintamani and Mount Batur:

If you are a nature lover, witness the still active Mount Batur volcano. It is just a visitor destination. The Batur caldera lake surrounds the area. The lush green grass and blue colored lake serve as mesmerizing for the tourist.

• Tegallalang rice terraces :

Bali Destinations list has the Tegallalang rice terraces in its very first place. The best thing about this place is to witness the subak which involves traditional irrigation system in the eighth century. A perfect place for painters and nature lovers to enjoy this place.

• Ubud Art Market:

You can find the beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts and many more. The traders of this market belong to the nearby village. Do bargain in such a market.

• Klungkung Royal Palace:

The Palace itself is a perfect place to praise the wonderful architecture of Bali in the 17th century. A place to witness the history of Bali and fall of its kingdom. It still doesn't fail you to glorify the beautiful architecture and charming gardens.

Apart from the ancient attractions, there are many other unique things that Bali will provide you which are jotted down as under:

Escape to Spa:

Bali also comes with a number of options to treat yourself either indoor or a mystique outdoor spa. How can you miss a spa, when you are in Bali. Enjoy the cheapest and orchestrated spa by an expert hand. Relax yourself shutting your eyes and enjoy the dimmed lighting and much more.

A perfect destination for a sporty person. He would love to play with sizzling and gushing waves when he would be on a surfboard. It is a wonderful experience to feel free when water carries him with the surfboard itself. Bali has been drawing the attention of the adventurous youth since the 1930s. Kuta beach is one of the most popular destinations to try your luck on board against the waves of the Indian Ocean.
• Ambling on Beach with your partner: Holding each other's hand in the twilight is the most amazing quality time that Bali provides to its visitors. You can even enjoy a romantic evening with world-class dishes with your loved one.
Sunset Cruise: What can be more fascinating than a refreshing cruise ride on blue and clear water Bali? It offers its visitors with a happening experience to witness the most beautiful sunsets of one's life with a delicious dinner and refreshing cocktails.

  • Submarine:

If you are not so daring to do diving activities than make a plan to explore a submarine. A 45-minute ride in a vessel will take you to the most amazing underwater world. A tropical marine fauna, major fish species, and delicate corals can be seen.
Design your own fragrance: You would be guided through the various processes to take home your own special made aroma as a token or a memorable gift by Bali.
A number of water sports:

Bali can be placed for extraordinary amazing adventures water sports. Right from rolling donut or a jet skiing, if want to dare to ride on the waves and many more. Do plan a day to enjoy some of them with a proper instructor.

  • Swim in the sky
    The 18-meter long infinity pool at the Munduk Moding Plantation will help you to reach out of the sky.
    A stay in a tree house

Bali also offers its visitors to stay a day in a tree house. This unique and beautiful tree house is the latest addition to their travel destinations. Looking out you can witness the beauty of nature.
Dining in the caves

What can be more fascinating to hide from the world with your loved ones? Bali provides you a dine out in the caves.
Playing with Lions and orangutans at Bali Safari and Marine Park

A new adventure where you are with 60 species of wild animals around. The uniqueness of this is the night safari. You must enjoy and completely be safe in the cage as you would ask to spend 20 minutes through the African Savannah. To witness this wonderful experience.

Transportation for Bali:Bali provides a number of the transportation facility to explore for its travelers with a range of comfort and price which you want to pay. To be on your safe side do avail blue marked taxi. They are honest and won't charge you much.

• An effort to learn some of the basic phrases in Bahasa Indonesia, such as greeting a "hello", or "morning" and "night", and the most unique phrase "thank you" must be taken.

• Balinese workers are very low paid.They don't receive a high salary. If they are able to provide you with a good service whether in a cafe, bar or tour a nice way to thank them is by giving them any extra tips

“Don'ts” In Bali

Bali has laid down certain rules which are to be followed by everyone strictly. When you plan a trip to this beautiful island never forget these rules. List of things which you cannot do in Bali are:

  • Don't use Drug : Bali strictly prohibits the use or taking drugs with you. So do not try to use the drug when you are in Bali. At times you may be offered Drugs in Bali. Just say “No, Thank You” in a very polite manner.
  • Never touch head of Balinese:The Balinese believe that the soul of a person resides in their head. You are not allowed to touch a person or child’s head as they considered it as sacred.
  • Say no to clothes which are a bit exposing:Wearing a sarong and a sash without shoes and covering up your shoulder is must when you enter into any Hindu temple.Bali people strongly follows Hindu traditions as their domain. They limit swimsuits only to beaches. How much hot it is taking off t-shirts while you are in street is prohibited.
  • Don’t point finger:Pointing a finger to Bali is always taken in a disrespectful manner.
  • Don’t use certain colour of flags:When you are in a beach never show red and yellow flags. They are a sign of whether you are able to swim or not under water.
  • No smoking:Bali prohibits smoking in restaurants, hotels, temples and tourist attraction. Don't smoke in any public areas.
  • Don’t hire a vehicle which is not insured :Hiring a vehicle is always an option availed by many of the visitors. Do make sure that you have a insurance for such vehicles. Or else it would result to pay a heavy buck for any damage caused to the vehicle.
  • Say no to tap water:To be on your own safe side it is advisable not to drink tap water in Bali. The water is not properly treated and it would definitely result in falling sick. Never risk your life.
  • No use of left hand while handing:Handing something with the left hand is considered as rude in Bali. Try not to hand anything with your left hand.
    Each and every country comes with certain things or beliefs of their own. Besides these rule, it is an amazing place to hang around. No matter how old you are, but this city will always make you feel like a young girl out on her first date just after her marriage in the midst of nature. At least once in a lifetime, a visit to Bali is a must. It has much to offer to its visitor.

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