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How to reach tirthan valley

Tirthan Valley is a secluded nature’s treasure. Tirthan Valley is a land of spirituality and scenic beauty. It is situated in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 1600 m. It has got its name from the pristine Tirthan river, which flows beside Tirthan Valley.

Spend time in the lap of mother nature, try some adventurous activities like trekking, trout fishing, camping, etc. and know about the rituals of Tirthan Valley.

So, if you live in Delhi, which is a metropolitan city, you can easily travel to Tirthan Valley.

There are different modes of transport and routes to reach Tirthan Valley.

How To Reach Tirthan Valley By Road

Tirthan Valley is 550 km away from Delhi. To travel to Tirthan Valley, Chandigarh- Manali Highway is the best route. Just before the Pandoh Tunnel, turn off at Aut. From Aut, Tirthan Valley is 26 km away.

You can hire a cab or book a bus or drive by yourself.

Drive A Car:

If you are an expert at driving in the hilly area, nothing is better than travelling in your own car to Tirthan Valley. You won’t have to wait for buses, you will be able to travel conveniently for kilometres when buses are not available and you won’t have to spend too much on travelling as taxi drivers charge a lot.

Here is the route you can take to reach Tirthan Valley:

  • Delhi ( starting point)
  • Panipat
  • Karnal
  • Kurukshetra
  • Ambala, Punjab(188 KM)
  • Chandigarh
  • Roopnagar (282 KM)
  • Kiratpur
  • Bilaspur (371 KM)
  • Sundernagar
  • Mandi (440 KM)
  • Pandoh
  • Aut (481 KM)
  • Larji
  • Gushaini
  • Bathaad
  • Tirthan (511 KM)

There are some guidelines to follow before you are going to drive by yourself:

  • You don’t have to enter the tunnel in Aut and you should leave highway before the tunnel. Take the small road on the right just at the entrance of the tunnel.
  • There are two roads at Larji, one goes to Sainj Valley while the other one goes to Banjar. You have to take the road to Banjar.
  • On Banjar road, you have to take a U-turn to Tirthan Valley after the Khundan Bridge and leave Banjar road.

You can travel by another route via Shimla going through Jalori pass:

  • Delhi
  • Ambala, Punjab (188 km)
  • Kalka, Haryana
  • Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (370 km)
  • Narkanda (430 km)
  • Ani – Khanag
  • Jalori Pass (520 km)
  • Shoja (524 km)
  • Banjar (538 km)
  • Tirthan Valley(544 KM)

This is a longer route but it has more picturesque and beautiful views. As you reach Jalori pass, you will see spectacular spots and different species of birds. Don’t travel in winter(December-March) as Jalori pass is covered and blocked with snow.


Hiring a cab is a good option if you don’t want to keep walking or waiting for the bus. Once you reach Tirthan Valley, you will have your own transport to travel easily to places near Tirthan Valley also.

You can book one-way or round-trip packages.

Cab Rates: Depending upon the cab model and type of trip, it may vary from ₹ 8000- ₹ 20,000.


You can book Delhi-Manali Volvo and get down before Aut tunnel. You have to get on a local bus to Banjar there or you can hire a Taxi, which are easily available.

Bus Rates: The buses running from HPTDC offices, Janpath charge ₹ 400 - 500 each-Deluxe , ₹ 800- Sleeper, and ₹ 1000- Volvo.

Taxi Rates From Aut: Taxi charges around ₹ 1000.

Local Bus Rates From Aut: ₹ 50 per head.

Services Provided: Semi-sleeper, GPS, Charging Points.

Timings: DEPARTURE TIME-6 pm (Delhi),

ARRIVAL TIME - 6 am (Aut)

Road Conditions:

The highway is really good, you won’t feel any disturbance while travelling through the Chandigarh-Manali highway. After Aut, roads become narrow but they are still in good condition. Although there are some rough patches, still your enjoyment during journey won’t be lessened.

How To Reach Tirthan Valley By Air

You can reach Tirthan Valley by boarding a flight or by helicopter. You must look for the time when the weather conditions are calm and there is no rainy season.


1. Bhuntar-The nearest airport to Tirthan Valley is Bhuntar Airport, near Kullu-Manali. It is 48 km away from Tirthan Valley. Air India and Deccan Airways are the operators of the flights to this region. From the airport, a cab or taxi can easily be hired, which will take 1 hour to reach Tirthan Valley.

Flight Rates: Air India charges ₹ 6,700.

2. Chandigarh- One may also board a flight to Chandigarh from Delhi, if flights to Bhuntar are unavailable.

Flight Rates: Various Flight operators are available charging from ₹ 2000- ₹ 3000.

Flights are not so reliable as they are often cancelled.


The helicopter services are offered by Jagson Airlines. It can also be undertaken.

How To Reach Tirthan Valley By Train

The journey by a train to Tirthan Valley has its own amazing experiences for the travellers. The sound of the train, cold breezes, panoramic landscapes and green farms, can be enjoyed by a train’s journey.

There are three different stations where you can get down and board a taxi for Tirthan Valley.

  • Ambala- You can get down at Ambala station. You can hire a cab or take a bus to reach Tirthan Valley. It takes 8 hours by road from Ambala to Tirthan Valley. The distance between Ambala and Tirthan Valley is 295 km.

Train Fare(Delhi to Ambala): ₹170- 505

Cab Fares: Starting from ₹ 2344

  • Kiratpur- You can continue to the Railhead at Kiratpur, Punjab. You can hire a cab or take a bus to reach Tirthan Valley. It takes 7 hours by road from Kiratpur to Tirthan Valley. The distance between Kiratpur and Tirthan Valley is 190 km.

Train Fare(Delhi to Kiratpur): ₹ 170-535

Cab Fares: Starting from ₹ 4272

  • Chandigarh- You can travel to Chandigarh by Shatabdi train. From Chandigarh, you can book a cab. The distance between Chandigarh and Tirthan Valley is 263 km.

Train Fare(Delhi to Chandigarh): ₹ 648-860

Cab Fares: Starting from ₹ 960

Local Transport in Tirthan Valley

To travel within Tirthan Valley, you can hire a cab as they are easily available. You have to walk or hike to some places as there are no roads in the preserved area of the GHNP.

To travel in the areas nearby Tirthan Valley, local buses are available which charge a small amount of money.

I would prefer your own car for travelling as it is more convenient. But whether you travel by a car or bus or train, you will be going to enjoy the journey to Tirthan Valley a lot.

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