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Best places to visit in tirthan valley

Tirthan Valley is a treasury of nature’s pristine wealth. Tirthan Valley has got its name from Tirthan river, which flows near Kullu coming out of Himalayan glaciers. Tirthan Valley is known as “Hidden Secret of Himachal” as it is one of the uncommercialised and unspoiled places. It has an exceptional view of the lush green landscape, high altitude meadows and the wilderness.

Pack your bags and get ready for a mesmerizing and refreshing experience in secluded Tirthan Valley. Here is the list of breathtaking places to visit in Tirthan Valley.

Jalori Pass

Situated at an altitude of 3223m above the sea level, Jalori Pass is a must-visit place if you travel to Tirthan Valley. The view of clouds-kissed mountains, snow-capped Himalayan peaks and dense coniferous forests having oaks and Deodar trees, seems surreal. There are some dhabas offering you delicious foods on the way. There is Mahakali temple too. You may observe different species of birds like griffon vulture, which is the largest bird in the Indian Himalayas. Jalori Pass just leaves you feeling awestruck.

Best Time: Mid- April to Mid-June, September to November are pretty calm seasons to visit Jalori Pass.

How to Reach: You may hire a taxi from Jibhi or you can use your own mode of transport.

Prominent Features: Snow covered mountains, griffon vultures and meadows.

Serolsar Lake

You have to walk through the oak woods in the east of the Jalori Pass to discover the picturesque view of Serolsar Lake. There is a temple devoted to the goddess, Buddi Nagin, which is the mother of 60 Nag devtas of Himachal folktale. The devotees pour ghee in the lake to honour to the goddess. The reflection of the green Alpine forest and serene sky in the glistening water of the lake seems a wonderful panoramic view.

Best Time: All the seasons throughout the year.

How to Reach: You have to walk 6 km east from Jalori Pass.

Prominent Features: Temple of Buddi Nagin and the beautiful lake itself.

Raghupur Fort

Raghupur fort is 3 km away from Jalori Pass. Trekking uphill through the Alpine forest to reach the remains of Raghupur fort, is a lovely experience. The fort is almost ruined with only a few walls remaining. The history of the fort is unknown. You can camp there in the vast green meadows of the fort.

Best Time: You can visit Raghupur for any time but if you are going for camping, Spring and Autumn are the best times.

How to Reach: You need to trek 3 km west up the hill from Jalori Pass through the oak forest.

Prominent Features: The ruined Raghupur fort and view of Dhauladhar ranges.

Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi, the tallest citadel in the Himachal, is located in the Banjar Valley. This fort-tower was established 1500 years ago for the Himalayan King, Raja Dadhiya. Built with stone slabs and wooden beams, this architectural wonder depicts the combination of medieval art and advance building technology of that era. Once used to be a 15-storey building, now left with 10 storeys as the earthquake in 1905 caused it a huge damage.

Best Time: You can visit Chehni Kothi any time throughout the year.

How to Reach: You have to hike 1 km for 30 mins up a path, off from Jibhi-Banjar road. Climb up the staircase made by arranging wooden logs to reach the fortified-tower.

Prominent Features: Chehni Kothi itself and the temple in it.

Shringa Rishi Temple

To get the essence of spirituality, you should visit Shringa Rishi temple. This temple has a mystical aura, which will fill your mind with the sense of tranquility. This tower-temple is situated in Bagi, above the Plech, Sakiran and Banjar Valley of the Kullu at an altitude of 1937 m above the sea level. This place truly depicts the typical Himachali architecture.

The most powerful deity of Inner Seraj, named Rishyasringa, is considered to be sacred by local people. According to them, the deity protects them from evil and ill things. This is a place where the old sages are worshipped. It is believed that their prayers had brought about the birth of the god Rama.

Best Time: February to May and August to November. The place cannot be accessed for the rest of the year as it is covered with the snow.

How to Reach: You have to drive 4km up the side road on Highway 305, starting from Banjar town.

Prominent Features: Major rituals and Pujas are performed by a group of priests and locals in the month of May in Shringa Rishi temple.

Villages in Tirthan Valley

There are so many villages sprawling through the Tirthan Valley. Some of them are unexplored while others contain the historical or natural treasure, which is lost in the mists of time.

  • Gushaini- 20km away from the GHNP.
  • Rolla- Trek from Gushaini for 4-5 hours.
  • Batahad- 10km away from Gushaini
  • Galingcha- 3-4 km away from Batahad in Phalachan valley.
  • Mashiyar- Opposite to Galingcha, on the other side of the river in the Phalachan valley.
  • Pekhri- 9-10km from Gushaini
  • Jibhi- 8km away from Banjar town towards Jalori Pass
  • Bahu- 9km up the road off Highway 305, in the east side of Banjar Valley
  • Gada Gushaini- 15 km from Jibhi.

Magru Mahadev Temple, Chhatri

Magru Mahadev temple is located in Chhatri village, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. It is not exactly in Tirthan Valley, but a few kilometres away. This temple depicts the elegant combination of pagoda and mandap style architecture. The mythological stories and myths are engraved on the roofs and walls of the temple. The amount of details displayed in the temple looks stunning.

Best Time: Anytime!

How To Reach: Take a bus or drive to that place.

Prominent Features: Wooden temple’s architecture.

Shangarh Meadow

Shangarh Meadow is located in Sainj Valley which is 50km away from Tirthan Valley. You have to travel through the villages like Larji, Neuli of Sainj Valley. There is a temple called Shungchul Mahadev in Shangarh with small shrines built at different corners of the meadows. There are stone sculptures along with wooden carvings depicting mythological stories inside the temple.

Best Time: Summer season is good to visit but all seasons have their own rewards.

How to Reach: You can use your own means of transport or take a bus. But there is no direct bus, so you to change buses.

Prominent Features: Shungchul Mahadev temple, meadow.

Parashar lake

Parashar Lake is, a secluded beauty, usually overlooked by tourists who visit Tirthan Valley. Lake’s water looks quite magical and pristine. There is a 3-storey Pagoda style temple near the shore of the lake. Both lake and temple are honoured in the name of Rishi Parashar who used to meditate nearby the lake. The Pagoda style temple was established by the king Bansen in the 14th century. There is an island floating on the lake whose depth is unknown till the date.

Best Time: March to June and September to December. The lake looks breathtaking in winters when the whole ground and mountains are covered with the snow.

How to Reach: It is 6 hours drive from Tirthan Valley travelling through the Larji, Aut and Bajaura villages.

Prominent Features: Pagoda temple and the island floating on the lake.

Choi Waterfall, Nagini

Start hiking from Nagini, for some time along the directions given. There will the sounds of water falling, which will grow louder as you keep on walking towards it. Suddenly, you will discover a beautiful waterfall, Choi, which will leave you awestruck. The sound of gushing water will soothe your mind. Dip your feet in cold water or stand below the waterfall to feel every drop of it. Choi waterfall will be a refreshing experience for you definitely.

Best Time: Anytime throughout the year except when it is raining cats and dogs.

How to Reach: Drive to the village Nagini in Tirthan. Choi waterfall is 30 mins hike from Nagini.

Prominent Features: Choi waterfall surrounded with dense forests and huge mountains.

Raju’s Guest House in Gushaini

Raju’s Guest House is a place where you can stay as well as relish the beauty. You will be mesmerized by the rustic guest house covered with the vines and the fruit orchards. It looks like a house from the fairytales. The wife of the owner will serve you with delicious food, which you won’t get to taste anywhere else. Morel mushroom pulao, trout fish and post dana chutney are some of the mouth-watering dishes you can savour there.

Best Time: Spring and Autumn's time are the best seasons to visit.

How To Reach: You can drive to Gushaini from Jalori Pass.

Prominent Features: Wooden guest house covered in fruit orchards.

I hope you will like these destinations which are away from cliche places and crowd. Some of them are away from Tirthan Valley but they are time-worthy as you won’t get to experience that beauty anywhere else.

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