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5 Days
Breath of the Wild
Goron city · Hateno Village · Kakariko Village · Rito Village · Forest of Spirits · Gerudo town · Hyrule Castle
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Once ruled by the goddess Hylia as an unnamed land in ancient times, it became established as the Kingdom of Hyrule by the descendants of her mortal incarnation, the sacred bloodline that would go on to become known as the Royal Family of Hyrule. At the northern center of Hyrule is seated Hyrule Castle, where the family reside, and a bustling town surrounded by a stonewall, populated mostly by the Hylians and a variety of shops. To the west of the kingdom can often be seen a desert, forests to the south and south-east and a mountain range to the east and north-east.

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Day 1: Free Divine Beast Vah-Ruta

After speaking with the Zora King in Zora's Domain to learn of their plight, and of the tragedy that befell their champion Mipha 100 years ago, your mission is clear - you must find a way into the Divine Beast with the help of Prince Sidon. It seems Shock Arrows are the key to powering the beast down, but you’ll need to find some first.

Day 2: Free Divine Beast Vah-Rudania

Speaking with the Goron Boss Bludo, you’ll learn that the Divine Beast has gone crazy as of late, making a mess of Death Mountain, driving the Goron workers down to the lower mines, and attacking the city. Bludo has been using a cannon to fight back but the Divine Beast keeps coming - and now he needs to find his assistant Yunobo who went to the nearby Abandoned North Mine to find painkillers to Bludo. That’s where you come in.

Day 3: Free Divine Beast Vah-Medoh

Upon speaking to the Rito Elder, Kaneli, you’ll learn that the Divine Beast has gone rogue, terrorizing the skies above Rito Village and shooting down anything that dares match its height. Several Rito have tried unsuccessfully to get near it, and now only a lone warrior named Temba seeks to continue the fight.

Day 4: Free Divine Beast Vah-Naboris

Speaking to the Gerudo Chief Riju, she’ll recognize who you are, even if you don’t hold the legendary blade. If you haven’t found it yet, she’ll mention it rests somewhere deep in the Lost Woods waiting for you - worth checking out when you get the chance.

Day 5: Free Hyrule From Ganon

We're finally here – Calamity Ganon himself. This grotesque incarnation of the demon god is vicious, but not without weaknesses. Keep your calm, and you'll end Ganon's 100 years of tyranny. Don't give up at this stage as you've come too far to fall at the last hurdle. You can do it! You can beat Breath of the Wild's last bossCalamity Ganon and Dark Beast Ganon.

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Hyrule field

When all was chaos, the goddesses descended and gave order and life to the world. They granted power equally to all who dwelt in the light, and then returned to the heavens. The lands where the goddesses descended came to be known as the Sacred Realm. For ages, the people lived at ease, content in mind and body..
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