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6 Days
Skiing in Auli
haridwar · auli
A week long skiing trip

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Uttarakhand being an ideal place for adventure seekers, have tourists and snow skaters from all across the globe. The people and tourists not only come here to seek fun, but also the real game and sport that happens right in the ranges of Himalayas, in Uttarakhand. Auli being an important destination for snow ski in India gathers tourists from various places and has been popularly known as Auli Bugyal in Gharwali, which means “The Meadows”. Auli is considered amongst the best skiing destinations in India. Auli is a skiing destination with the slopes at an altitude of 2500 to 3000 meters, in the Chamoli district of Himalayas. Skiing done at the Himalayan range brings you to the most exhilarating course done in India. Uttrakhand region provides you some of the immense opportunities for snow skiing at the Himalayan ranges. Ice skiing or snow skiing is done at the topmost ranges of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Enjoyed by a majority of the people - this is one of the most demanded and adventurous sports. People from different regions and also from across the globe come here just to take an ode of it. Enjoy an experience of the best of the snow skiing at Auli, Uttrakhand, in those snow-covered ranges of the Himalayas. The best ski travel and tour packages are available in Uttrakhand with some amazing offers just for you. The companies are undertaken and recognized by the Government of Uttarakhand so that they can promote Uttarakhand and its tourism in a better way, thus by allowing the tourists and the excursionists to make the most out of their trip.

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Day 1: Arrive In Auli

  • Arrive at Haridwar and enjoy 7-8 hours’ drive through scenic Garhwal Himalayas to reach our skiing destination in Auli
  • Reach Auli and freshen yourself up at our perfectly located guest house

Day 2: Commence Basic Training

  • Enjoy an early morning fresh breakfast and set out to explore the beauty of Auli
  • Get indulged in Skiing with the basic training sessions to start with. You will be introduced to our professional instructors who will guide you to stand, slip, slide and adjust
  • You will fall but falling will help you understand the techniques and the essence of success. The whole experience will leave you mesmerized with an altogether different enthusiasm and spirit
  • After an entire day of an eventful session, you can tuck yourself into a fruitful sleep

Day 3: Learn To Stand

  • Start your day with an early breakfast and the thought of falling less and making progress.
  • Receive instructions from our qualified instructors and imbibe their suggestions. Start off by balancing yourself on the skis. Once you are able to stand, learn to apply breaks on your own
  • Even though the first few rounds will be about crash landing and falling – with more and more sessions you will recover and curb better results than before
  • Upon completion of arduous day, call it the end and get a warm sleep

Day 4: Skiing Lessons – Runs And Turns

  • Start off the day with heavy breakfast and begin your journey towards perfection
  • Put your day into practise and learn to move forward on a gentle slope. Perfect your parallel turns and snow plough turns which is specifically braking and turning skiing technique
  • This is done by bringing together the front tips of the and pushing the tails wide apart, with the knees rolled inwards slightly. Speed is reduced and the skier can be stopped completely by applying pressure against the snow with the edges of the skis
  • After the end of the exciting training session, return back to the resort and enjoy the peaceful sleep

Day 5: Conquer Advanced Slopes

  • The final call to the training – A perfect chance to showcase your skills at an advance slope
  • The instructor will take you to the higher and advanced slope and help you to slide gain a lot of speed while sliding on it
  • Your instructor will accompany you during an entire session. Upon completion, you will be honoured with a certificate of appreciation
  • Enjoy your victory with a delectable food

Day 6: Return To Haridwar

  • This morning after breakfast, you will plan your way back to Haridwar
  • Cherish the memories of your freshly carved skiing skills that would last for a lifetime

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