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Wiang kum kam : an ancient lost city

Located in appealing geographical region approximately 5 kilometres south of Chiang Mai along the Ping River, Wiang Kum Kam is an historic city dating lower back to the eighth-century Haripunchai Kingdom. Later on it served because the capital of the then Lanna Kingdom for a quick even as till Chiang Mai was chosen to replace it in 1296.

Expect to see many thrilling objects and systems consisting of stone capsules with Mon inscriptions, Buddhist sculptures and structure, earthenware and pottery. Taking a horse-drawn carriage is a famous manner to enjoy the ruins although some site visitors prefer to take their time to appreciate this large website on foot or via rented bicycle.

Historians claim flooding turned into the cause King Mengrai made the decision to shift the Lanna capital to a brand new place just 10 years later. What is now Chiang Mai Old City became installed in 1296? Although King Mengrai had deserted his former capital, it remained inhabited for some other three hundred years or extra.

Some of the closing temples have been constructed in the course of this latter length. After it turned into deserted, Wiang Kum Kam lay lost and forgotten underneath silt and undergrowth till the mid-Eighties while archaeologists attached to the Thai National Fine Arts Department started excavations.

In the beyond four hundred years, Wiang Kum Kam become capital of the Lanna Kingdom, covered via mud and flood water, abandoned and left to the sands of time. Today, you can discover its partially reconstructed temples, courtyards, homes, and brick stays; a trifling 10 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While there was a big reconstruction at Wat Phra Chao Ong Dam, there are nonetheless lots lacking and the site is a banquet for the imagination. While there has been considerable reconstruction at Wat Phra Chao Ong Dam, there's nevertheless a lot lacking and the website online is a ceremonial dinner for the creativeness.

Before Chiang Mai, there was Wiang Kum Kam

While a few tours promote it Wiang Kum Kam “the original Chiang Mai,” a more correct description would be “the motive King Mengrai built Chiang Mai.” Wiang Kum Kam becomes a thriving agreement long earlier than King Mengrai declared it to be the new capital of the Lanna Kingdom in 1291. With fertile land, flourishing rice fields, a proximity to the Ping River, and a strategic position for trade with the southern countries, it appeared the obvious choice.

Wiang Kum Kam reign because the coronary heart of the Lanna Kingdom most effective lasted for six years.

By April 1296, King Mengrai had built a brand new capital on the opposite bank of the Ping River, which he named Chiang Mai. Translating to “new city,” Chiang Mai become constructed on a higher floor and used a huge pond to get hold of the excess of flood water.

For the following 250 years, these cities coexisted peacefully beneath Lanna and Burmese reigns. Then, in some unspecified time in the future among 1558-1594, the Ping River changed guidelines and Wiang Kum Kam changed into buried under a rooftop of mud and sludge.

Rediscovering Wiang Kum Kam

Lanna legends have been placed to relaxation in 1984, when archaeologists determiaroundhe remains of a historical town approximately 7 kilometres from the downtown Chiang Mai, Thailand. Extensive research and excavation proved that it became, in fact, the historical metropolis of Wiang Kum Kam.

Today, greater than 20 archaeological websites had been in part restored around the vicinity. The most intact are Wat Chedi Liem and Wat Chang Kam, even though I for my part enjoy the homes that depart a chunk extra to the imagination Wiang Kum Kam become built internal a moat and traces of this are nevertheless extant.

The most important metropolis site is oblong in shape and almost a kilometre throughout on its longest aspect. Around forty sets of ruins have been exposed so far with most people in the moat. Some of the ruined temples, statues and chedis are properly preserved. One of the highlights at Wiang Kum Kam is Wat Chedi Liam Temple and that is still in use these days and has resident priests. The following is a guide to the primary temples at Wiang Kum Kam and additionally consists of data about commencing times and getting here.


Liam derives its name from a totally intact and multi-stage chedi constructed to resemble the Hariphunchai fashion. Alcoves at the chedi facets Zonta website Buddha statues. The temple dates from the 2 months 1288 and is the most effective present day one at Wiang Kum Kam used for Buddhist religious ceremonies. These take place in the viharn (foremost chapel) and are carried out via the temple’s personal clergymen.

The ruins of Wat Chang Kham or, Wat Kan Thom are mostly brick walls with carvings and engraved tiles with characters relationship againaroundhe ones in depleting to six hundred years ago. The remaining ruins are inaccurate condition and the Fine Arts Department say the viharn and exercises built in the course of the sixteenth century.

The centrepiece at Wiang Kum Kam is Wat Chedi Liam (or Temple with an Angular-based totally Chedi). Widely depicted in postcards, the temple capabilities a Burmese-style pavilion (restored in 1908 with the aid of a Burmese dealer) and a five-tiered chedi set on a rectangular base – the signature style of the early Lanna length. Each corner of the chedi is guarded by means of an outward-going through lion, an architectural function this is particular to the Haripunchai fashion (these days’s Lamphun).

Other critical systems encompass Wat Chang Kham, containing the spirit house of King Mengrai (founding father of the Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai kingdoms) and the Cultural and Local Wisdom Learning Centre which well-knownshows Lanna items and traditional Lanna-fashion houses.

It’s an awesome concept to drop by Wiang Kum Kam Information Centre, in which excavated earthenware pottery and artifacts are displayed in the exhibit rooms. A go-to Wiang Kum Kam is a need for humans interested by neighbourhood tradition and who wish to benefit insights into the Lanna state of 7 centuries in the past. Records imply Wiang Kum Kam was founded by way of King Mengrai within the mid-1280s. Wiang Kum Kam is close to the Ping River and became susceptible to flooding.

Wat That Noi

Wat That Noi and Wat Chang Kham are near collectively. Little remains of That Noi apart from the bottom of the viharn and a few steps leading as much as it.

Wat E Kang

The chedi is more intact than the viharn and is eight-sided with three stages and a bell form on top. Some of the lower elements of the guide pillars of the viharn are nonetheless standing. Kang is the word inside the northern Thai Kham Muang dialect for the species of monkey which used to roam the temple in the course of its long years of abandonment.

Wat Nan Chang

Wat Nan Chang these days consists of bases and coffee walls believed to be around 500 years old. Archaeologists say this temple was constructed on the pinnacle of an older one and faces what's now a dried up route of the River Ping.

Wat Phaya Mengrai

Wat Phaya Mengrai is ruined but, surrounded by using bushes, a peaceful vicinity to try and imagine the former grandeur of Wiang Kum Kam. The temple is named after the founder of the metropolis, King Mengrai.

Wat Phra Chao Ong Dam

Wat Phra Chao Ong Dam is near Wat Phaya Mengrai and is in a similar situation. The base of what changed into once a chedi is quite a chunk better than the one at its neighbour.

Wat Pu Pia

In an affordable condition, the ruins of Wat Pu Pia feature a few stucco pics and a properly-preserved chedi.

Wat That Khao

The status of Way That Khao are on the whole the bottom of the primary chapel and a mound which was the temple’s former chedi. Low-lying partitions and the bottoms of the help posts for the chapel roof were cleared of debris Tram (1-10 Persons) four hundred Horse Carriage (2-3 Persons) 250 Bahts.

  • Address: ​Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand
  • Timing: 8AM–6PM


Due to the truth, Wiang Kum Kam is spread over a reasonably huge region on foot isn't the quality preference for getting around. Bicycles are available for lease at the records centre and the correct alternative for those who need to mix sightseeing with a few light exercises. Guided tram (trolley bus) organization excursions are the second method of having around at the same time as horse drawn carriage excursions are a lovely third preference.

The Underground City of Wiang Kum Kam is not included in gold leaf like the stupa at Doi Suthep, nor is it impressively ornate like so among the temples in the antique walled portion of Chiang Mai, however, it does offer an authentic glimpse into the original Lanna culture from which Chiang Mai advanced. It is tremendous to stand at the brink of excavation pits and look throughout to the brand new homes that surround them.

Given that Thais are relatively superstitious, particularly with admire to ancestors and ghosts, I couldn’t assist however surprise how they feel approximately dwelling in houses constructed upon an ancient metropolis buried ten feet beneath their ft.

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A crazy travel blogger who loves to share happiness by framing the beauty of nature and it's charming secret ;)
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